Easy home workouts to get a tight stomach

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Modified 05 Feb 2019
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The first thing we see in fitness gear advertisements, green tea advertisements and weight loss videos is a tight flat stomach. For that beach holiday you are planning you want a tight stomach, to wear that body con dress you aspire for a flat stomach.

It is well established from a strict vanity perspective that a flat stomach is one which is wanted and desired by all. This is also because it is the most obvious place where you can see your fat. As you sit down not only do you see that roll of flab but one can also feel it.

Apart from a vanity perspective, a strong core is one which not only leads to better posture, more endurance and greater fitness levels. It is beneficial to the entire body as the core is the fulcrum of our body.

Everyone does not have the time to enroll in a gym or attend a class, therefore these workouts are extremely easy to do, they require no equipment, they can be done quickly at home before you head to office or while studying.

Planks are some of the best core workouts
Planks are some of the best core workouts

#1 Downward dog To Plank

For beginners this is a great workout to start with because not only will it work your core it will give those periods of rest in between while still maintaining the consistency.

You start with a plank for 15 seconds. Make sure your entire behind, back and glutes, are parallel to the floor with your shoulders at the same height and look forward. After 15 seconds you go into the downward dog position for 5 seconds and stretch out your entire core.

And continue this for 1 minute. According to your strength and ability you can do 3-4 sets of these. This is a great start to your core workout.

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Published 05 Dec 2018
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