“Everyone Wants to Lose Weight Now” - Why Bodybuilding Legend Jay Cutler Favors 'Lean Bulk' over Bulking Diets

Jay Cutler shares his views on lean bulk. (Photo via Instagram/jaycutlerworld)
Jay Cutler on lean bulk (Photo via Instagram/jaycutlerworld)

A true mass monster and four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler has dedicated his life to bodybuilding and fitness. He's happy to see that more and more people are concerned about weight loss.

The 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 Olympia winner is as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and is regarded by many as one of the greatest and most successful athletes in the sport. Since retiring in 2017, the legendary bodybuilder is still active in the bodybuilding industry.

He's also seen on the cover pages of several leading magazines, such as Muscular Development, Muscle and Fitness, and so on. Cutler is also active on social media and regularly shares his workout routine and views on health and fitness topics.

Cutler says about the growing trend of weight loss:

“Most of everyone wants to lose weight now. I always thought, man I can’t believe people come to me because they watched me transform into Mr. Olympia”.

Jay Cutler on Lean Diet and Bulking Diet

Jay Cutler recently shared a video on his YouTube channel, where he reflected on the differences between a lean diet and bulking diet, and also shared which one he prefers. In the video, the Massachusetts-based bodybuilder talked about the sacrifices he made to compete against his biggest rival, Ronnie Coleman.

Cutler also shared his preparation routine and said that his diet and training were that of a world-class athlete. He said that while competing in the Open class category, he used to eat 140 egg whites a day and believes that his diet helped him create one of the strongest physiques in the sport’s history.

You can watch the full video here.

Now, after retirement, the bodybuilder has switched to 20 egg whites a day but still hasn’t forgotten the significance of nutrition. According to Cutler, dieting played a significant role in his success as a bodybuilder and development of his physique.

In an episode of Jay Walking on Cutler’s YouTube channel, the legend said that nowadays most people are willing to lose weight instead of developing muscles. According to the bodybuilder, he feels people have changed from wanting to be bigger to desiring a lighter, leaner body weight.

Upon losing body fat and building muscles at the same time, Jay Cutler said,

“The biggest question that I get is overcoming challenges, setting goals, how to prioritize, how to stay motivated because they want to build muscle and they want to lose body fat at the same time, can you do this? Yes”.

He added that everyone’s body is different, so it's difficult to anyone because each person has a different preference and style of working out. Cutler believes athletes and people have now become scared to get bigger and are mostly focusing more on implementing leaner and lighter physiques.

“I think it is better now in today’s society, they want to be a lot leaner. They are scared to be bigger. I think big is kind of out. I’m not sure what you think”.

Nevertheless, the legendary bodybuilder believes that the Open class category outshines all the other divisions when it comes to popularity and excitement.

In the video, he also says that he gets a lot of requests for weight loss even though as Mr. Olympia, he was supposed to maintain as much muscle mass as possible.

“Go Chase the Lean Physique” - Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler believes that what you opt for depends on what fitness goal you have.

“What’s the goal though? Is it getting lean or bulking? I mean, everyone’s goal is different", says Cutler.

According to the bodybuilder, it's important to go for a lean physique and tone down muscles before adding additional training or food to develop a bigger body. He says:

"I am suggesting right now, go chase the lean physique. If I was to train someone, and they were bulky, I hate that word bulky, but if they had a little more body fat, I would tone them down more before I really started feeding them a lot of calories”.


Given the consistency and dedication he displayed throughout his bodybuilding career, it can be rightly said that Jay Cutler knows a lot about dieting and training. He believes that athletes should focus more on achieving a lean body before taking training and dieting to the next level.

Despite having retired from the sport, Jay Cutler hasn’t slowed down and works out rigorously. The legendary bodybuilder regularly shares his training routine on social media and has become an inspiration for upcoming and young bodybuilders.

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