Exclusive With Billy Garnon: Tips on Fitness, How to Keep Yourself Motivated & His Views on YO-YO Test 
Fitness Entrepreneur, Billy Garnon is a well-known fitness instructor and he is the man behind jaw-dropping physiques of Bollywood superstars Ranveer Singh and John Abraham. In an exclusive interview with him, he points out how important it is to remain fit in this fast-paced world.

He also addresses to a common problem which every second person faces while starting off their fitness journey. That is "How To Keep Yourself Motivated?" and suggests what one should do to overcome this challenge.

Further, he also shares his experience of training Bollywood biggies Ranveer and John where he mentions the qualities of both. Then he rounds up with his views on the "YO-YO Test."

I bet that this video will give you that extra push to achieve your fitness objective!