Fact Check: Does Too Much Ab Work Have a Negative Effect on Your Body?

Your abs, as much as the rest of your body, require a break (Image via Pexels/Web Daytona)
Your abs, as much as the rest of your body, require a break (Image via Pexels/Web Daytona)

Every gym has a group of folks who do ab work on a daily basis. Is it, however, a good idea to do too much ab work every day? Conventional wisdom says that the more muscle you use, the better it gets, but new-age trainers reckon that is not the case.

It's clear that's a source of contention among fitness professionals. While you may believe that the only thing that has happened when you work out your abs is that your core grows stronger, there's a lot more to it than that.

Read on to find out how too much ab work affects your body. You will get to know if too much ab work is right for you, as well as how to work out your abs safely and successfully.

How does too much ab work affect your body?

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of too much ab work:


1) Improves muscular endurance

The front and corners of your torso are made up of four different muscles called abs. The deepest layer of core muscles is the transverse abdominis. It encircles your body and supports your spine.

The ever-elusive 'six pack' is the rectus abdominis, which runs from your pelvic bone to your upper ribs.

On the sides of your torso, external obliques go from your hips to your ribs. Internal obliques are located beneath external obliques.

As frequency and volume are two crucial components in growing muscle strength and endurance, doing ab workouts every day can help you enhance your endurance in all four abdominal muscles.

2) Boosts athletic performance

A selected population may profit from daily ab workout, or at the very least, be able to practice abs every day without fear of damage. If it provides them with an edge over the competition, advanced or elite sportsmen may benefit from performing abs every day (or practically every day).

A six-day training frequency would only be adequate for a low-resistance workout. Any form of resistance or power training would necessitate at least one, if not two, day of rest before repeating the programme to ensure appropriate recovery.

3) Good choice for postpartum surgery recovery

Those who are recovering from delivery or any form of surgery might also benefit from daily ab workout.

Anyone who has fully recovered from any sort of surgery or is starting to recover from back surgery, cesarean birth, or any other back problem could do abs every day to heal their pain, improve their posture and increase their stamina for athletic activities.

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, make sure to discuss your options with your general practitioner, physical therapist or obstetrician.

4) Stronger pelvis muscles

There are many abdominal workouts that target the pelvic floor muscles. Trainers who believe that performing abs every day is a good idea think that exercises such as bridge position, plank, leg press, leg lifts and others help to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

5) Eases out back pain

The evidence is clear: a strong core can help avoid back injuries and minimise back discomfort. In fact, core training may be more beneficial in relieving lower back pain than typical physical therapy.

Injury prevention can be aided by core stability exercises such as planks and rotational motions, especially for older folks and ones with little or no fitness experience.


Now that you know ab workouts are a great choice, be mindful of the below mentioned pointers too about the ill effects of too much ab work:

1) Muscle imbalance

The idea is simple: if you work one muscle daily or too much while neglecting the others, the one that undergoes training would, of course, look better than the others. That can lead to an imbalance. Your physique may not appear to be linear, which can detract from the overall impression.

2) Neck pain

If you do things incorrectly, you should expect to be hurt. That is most noticeable when performing ab crunches. The main reason is that you are not correctly supporting your neck.

If you do it on a regular basis, you risk exacerbating the condition. To avoid neck damage or pain, consult your trainer about the proper manner to support your neck.

3) Muscles might get overtrained

The four muscles that make up the abdomen area are all quite small. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when training them. If you simply exercise one muscle group, you run the risk of overtraining, which can result in muscular spasms and injury.

Final verdict

It isn't always true that more is better. Most individuals shouldn't be doing ab workoust more than six times per week, in general.

Your abs, much like the rest of your body, require a break. You're not providing your body a fair time to rebuild from the training you put it through unless you take at least one rest day every week.

Beginners, as well as intermediate exercisers, should limit themselves to up to three abwork per week.

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