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Fitbit Activity Tracker: Where to buy it online in India?

854   //    23 Jun 2016, 17:00 IST
Fitbit Activity Trackers
Fitbit Activity Trackers

Early examples of fitness wearables can be dated to the late 20th century. The initial models were quite primitive and could only track speed and distance of a run or a jog. A lot has changed since then, improvements in technology not only made these trackers smarter, but also smaller and quicker. The new group of activity trackers cannot only track how much you move but can also track your sleep and idle time. Some big names include Garmin, Fitbit, and Jawbone. Even the technology giant Apple entered this competitive market with its smartwatch. In this article, we will take a closer look at the offerings from Fitbit.

Fitbit has a wide product range, including wearables with and without display. The entry-level activity trackers will give you data on the amount of steps that you have taken along with your sleep time. Not only counting steps, these activity trackers will also give you insights on the number of calories burnt and thereby helping you manage your fitness goals easier.

You can either choose a much-popular wristband and a more traditional fitness tracker that easily fits in your pocket. The products with a display show your daily goals on the go, while the ones without a display will synchronise with the Fitbit app to display your results. Get the Fitbit Charge if you are looking for an everyday wearable that displays Caller ID.

Trivia: Wearables that detected athlete’s heart rate came out in 1981.

Long gone are the days when you had to strap a device to your chest to find the heart rate. Modern wrist wearables such as Fitbit Charge HR monitors heart rate out-of-the-box without the uncomfortable chest strap. The Charge HR does all the basic functions of an everyday tracker such as sleep monitoring. A workout is not the same as having a morning jog; Charge HR’s added features such as Exercise Mode and Smart Track allows for a precise tracking of these workouts.

Fitbit Charge HR
The Charge HR offers heart rate monitoring

The Surge is the next level in activity trackers. This performance tracker from Fitbit is top of the line and hosts additional features that make your fitness tracking a much more complete experience. The Surge has an OLED display that offers smart notifications. You get your regular data about sleep monitoring here, along with call and text notifications making you always connected.

Moreover, a heart rate monitor tracks heartbeat on the go. The Surge also treats us with a state of the art multi-sport mode, which gives you accurate metrics about either running, cycling or even intense workouts. It offers best-in-class battery life and GPS tracking, which should help you track your runs better.

Fitbit’s Blaze has most of the functionalities of the Surge. The Blaze tracks your heartbeat, has GPS tracking, smart notifications and offers 5-day battery life. The only downside – they are not water resistant.

All the wearables connect to the Fitbit app that is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The user interface is clean, gives you a deeper perspective on your workouts, allows you to log food data and set goals. You can connect to social media using the app and challenge friends and family to take your fitness to a completely new level.

Overall, an activity tracker helps you log data about your workouts; and more data helps you achieve your goals faster. Either you are a fitness enthusiast, a fitness freak or an athlete, Fitbit has a product for you. 

Bottom-line: Train smarter with Fitbit.

Where to buy? 

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