How Did Gigi Hadid’s Diet and Workout Routine Help Her Lose Weight?

Gigi Hadid's diet and workout regimen helps her tone up her body while remaining strong (Image via Instagram)
Gigi Hadid's diet and workout regimen helps her tone up her body while remaining strong (Image via Instagram)

Gigi Hadid has carved a big name for herself in the world of fashion and modeling. With a mind-boggling Instagram following of 74.9 million, Gigi Hadid is one of the most sought-after models in the industry. The Victoria's Secret model made her debut in 2014 and was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016.

Gigi Hadid maintains her astonishing physique through healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regimen that tones up her body and helps her stay in shape.

Gigi Hadid's Workout Routine

Hadid has always been an athletic person. As a child, she played volleyball and competed in horseback riding, even managing to qualify for the Junior Olympics.

When Gigi adopted modelling as a career, she had to slim down. She had a strong body but her legs were bulkier than she wanted, for which she worked with her trainer Rob Piela to slim them up. She also followed a strict diet regimen, regularly having lots of protein in order to lose fat while maintaining her strength.

Gigi Hadid's workout focuses on giving her a great cardio burn along with exercises that specifically target her core, butt, legs, and arms.

Hadid's workout includes full-body HIIT training, running, jumping rope, core exercises, etc. She also does boxing, which is a great cardio workout and helps to tone up without creating muscle.

Having abs like Gigi Hadid is like a dream come true - except, you have to work super hard for it! Perfectly chiselled abs require a combination of low body fat percentage and toning up your muscles through exercise. Gigi follows both the practices, first working up a sweat through cardio, then performing core exercises that specifically target abs.

Gigi usually does 10 minutes of cardio followed by crunches, boxing, planks, and leg raises. She follows this regimen 4-5 days a week. The plank is, of course, an unmissable exercise for those wanting toned abs like Gigi.

As a true fitness enthusiast should, Gigi mixes it up with different exercises and workouts. She occasionally goes for a run and performs other kinds of cardio workouts if boxing is inaccessible.

Gigi Hadid is known for being a yoga enthusiast and also does ballet-inspired exercises. Hadid is a fan of meditation, as it helps build mental and emotional strength and stamina. On the other hand, ballet-inspired exercises work on the entire body and help to strengthen up the core. They also promote flexibility.

Gigi Hadid's Diet

Gigi's personal motto when it comes to her diet is, "Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane".

The supermodel doesn't stick to any one particular diet and focuses on eating well-made whole foods, with lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, milk, and flour.

For breakfast, Gigi loves scrambled eggs and whole-grain toast that provide the perfect combination of healthy protein and fiber. She also has some orange juice and coffee with her breakfast.

Salads are Gigi's go-to food choice, and her favorite meal is a simple arugula salad that she can have everyday. For snacks, she includes healthy options like acai bowls, carrots and hummus, chocolate chips and guac. Dinner for Gigi would likely include sushi and a healthy drink or smoothie.

While Gigi maintains a strict diet regimen when it comes to staying fit, she loves her burgers and fries as well as her famous pasta with vodka sauce. In fact, burgers are such a weakness for Hadid that when she first lived in New York, she tried a new burger every week for a year to find her favorite burger in New York.

Gigi loves her pasta with vodka sauce, and the recipe was recently trending on Instagram. However, the important thing to remember is that though Gigi may indulge in an occasional burger or pasta, she rounds it off well by including lots of veggies, fruits, lean meat, and whole grains in her diet.

Hadid also understands that in order to sustain her diet, she has to enjoy her food and tries to find healthy recipes and restaurants that serve meals she would like.

Well known for her phenomenal career, Gigi has also put in a lot of hard work in managing Hashimoto's disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2016. An autoimmune disorder in which your immune system starts attacking your thyroid, Hashimoto's disease hinders the thyroid from making required hormones and leads to tiredness, joint and muscle pain, and weight gain.

Gigi is now well and fine, and has the condition under control. She had to work hard for it, but has managed it pretty well with her diet and exercise regimen.

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