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How Has Becoming Fitter Changed Your Life: 25 Stimulating Reddit Responses

Anubhav Jain
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The Very Best of What Reddit Has to Say!

In my previous post, I had very briefly touched upon the positive effect that my physical vitality has had on my mental agility. I thought it would be engaging and inspiring to learn what the Reddit community has to say about how becoming physically fitter has changed their everyday life.

Without further ado, here's a collation of 25 of the best responses that I handpicked:

I could go on forever about the positive influence fitness has had on my life. Since I decided to get into better shape I quit smoking, and drinking. However, most importantly I used to have crippling anxiety, I thought I would never be a functioning part of society again. It kept me in most nights and weekends, made me socially awkward and uncomfortable in most situations where I had never previously been. The gym changed all of that, I feel so much better about myself as a person, and more confident than ever before.

I treat myself with more respect. Every week where I make 5 or 6 sessions I feel pride that I had the discipline to push myself and make a better version of me. I've never had this before, always had a fairly low self esteem, but going to the gym boosts me and gives me a sense of worth.

As weird as it sounds, I "enjoy" food more now ! Also, I feel i'm much more organized and "in control" of my life.

My high level of fitness was able to help me get an Air Force ROTC scholarship, so I can get an education and pursue my dreams

I can have a scoop of ice cream, or a small piece of cake, instead of the whole pint or cake, and still feel satisfied. 

Lost weight for a crush

Crush notices me after not seeing me for a few years


Flirts with me

I fuck it up

the end

It's my first line of defense. Rejected by a girl? Lift some shit. Bad job interview? Lift some shit. Feel kinda depressed and don't know why? Lift some shit.

Huge self-esteem and confidence boosts since I started three years ago (22 now).

Now that I'm muscular, people automatically treat me with more respect than they did before. This is probably because they might feel a slight intimidation from me or the more likely reason is because of the Halo Effect. When people see you're in shape, they must assume that you have a lot of attractive personality traits because they already know you must be dedicated and disciplined. I've noticed that people strike up conversations with me with much greater frequency than before and conversations go a lot smoother, although I think this has more to do with my increased confidence.

Female- 25 - Starting - 220 pounds, 5'8", Current 145 pounds.

Yes - more stares from opposite sex. No one talked to me when I was bigger. 

Sadly, yes. People treat me with more respect. I feel there are jobs I have had that I would never have gotten, or even have gotten an interview for if I was still 220 pounds. People can just be plain rude when you're fat. 

Overall, completely worth it. When I was heavy I was incredibly depressed and just not happy at all.  It took me 4 years to do it all, because I screwed up so much, but I would never trade the experience for anything in the world, because I've learned so much.

Looking aesthetically pleasing equated to being more successful at work. People tend to like/trust people who appear to take care of themselves. When I was fat, work was ok. Now that I look better, I seem to perform better at work. It could be the confidence. But I have noticed that it's easier to screw up and get out of a jam now. 

The bigger thing for me, though, I was stuck in a dead end retail job, and when I realized how I could change my body, I figured I could apply it to other parts of my life as well. Now I'm in engineering school.

I feel as though I've gotten into better positions in my job because of how I look combined with speaking loudly and clearly. Again, simple confidence. People like it.

I am more productive, less tired throughout the day, and I no longer use binge-eating as a way of comforting myself (but I still indulge). I am far more confident in bed, I just don't worry about my body as much and feel more free.

The attention from the opposite sex is nice. Wearing a tight T-shirt post work out to Uni classes and noticing the girl next to you looking at the veins in your forearms / biceps is really really rewarding. 

Life is different now. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is easier when you're fit. Things you don't think about. Driving long distances is easier. Walking my dog is easier. Even things you dont' think about like hanging up washing or making the bed are easier.

A lot more attention from guys now, imo (I'm female). Pretty nice to go from pretty much nothing in high school to a lot more of that kind of interaction in college. 

Other girls my age at the gym will also approach me and ask me for advice and training tips, which is kind of cool, too. I like the idea that they can feel more comfortable with what they're doing simply by seeing me.

Lost 70 pounds over 2 years simply through diet and exercise.

Sex appeal went up. Was hit on all the time.

Felt great shopping for clothes.

Wore a bikini for the first time in my life. The feeling of Sun on your stomach and back is indescribable....

Everyone's talking about materialistic things but for me the biggest change was within me. My mind is so clear and sharp. I sleep better and just have a better outlook on life. I used to just get fucked up every day and on weekends be half dead but now all that's changed. 

For me, it treats my depression. Study after study has shown that exercise is at least as or more effective for treating depression than pharmaceutical antidepressants.

Last year it became apparent that I have a problem with alcohol. Having a regular fitness routine gives me a way to help deal with urges and learn some self-discipline for once. Wouldn't trade it for a moment, I'm one month away from a year sober.

The gym became my sanctuary and my outlet for relieving stress. I fell in love with working out and when I walk in there I forget about everything that's going on in my life and just focus on the workout. 

I'm a lot more zen. Getting all that pent up frustration out either in the gym or during a long run is good for the soul

Here are the big things:

  • I didn't have shirts sneaking up my body when I sat down anymore.
  • I have better circulation, both of oxygen and blood.
  • A bit NSFW, but the better circulation did wonders for my sex life, wink wink, nudge nudge.
  • I felt more confident in social interactions with strangers, particularly the opposite sex.
  • I find that I actually have more respect for overweight people when I see them making an effort to lose that weight.
  • Various little aches and pains that I had felt all over my body disappeared.
  • I can actually scratch any spot on my back now.

I'm the guy people ask to carry stuff now

Lifting gave me confidence I knew existed for myself, but now I really feel it and exude it. Like another poster mentioned, I apply the positive to all the parts of my life now. There isn't much I don't think can't be accomplished with some determination. Transforming your body takes a certain strength of character. And yes, DEFINITELY got more looks from men, that NEVER used to happen.

Probably in every common sense way you could imagine. I got sick less often, laid a lot, made more friends, got better grades, stood up for myself, better job, got free drinks at bars, got other free things generally offered to me, better discounts at stores, clothing was easier to find, friend circle went from alcoholics and stoners to achievers, people complimented me more often, etc.

Of course this is all correlational, but it helps motivate me to think causation.

I get little boys calling me Captain America at amusement parks and their embarrassed mommies saying something like, "yeah he sort of does look like him."

I've made it.