How to grow taller


Want to grow taller? Want to be fitter as well? For boys above 21 years of age and girls above 18 years, there is little hope of growing any taller however you can still read on as these exercises can help you become much fitter nevertheless.

With young children leading very mechanical lives, especially in bustling metros, here are a few exercises, which neither consumes much time nor space, while benefiting your height growth.

1) Hopping on one leg- This is one of the simplest exercises ever and can be done anywhere, while watching TV at home, while playing in the park or even in school during recess. Just hop on your left leg eight times with your hands up pointing towards the sky, and then repeat the same for your right leg.

This simple exercise helps in brain development and produces growth hormones, while it also strengthens the calf muscles.

2) Cat stretch- This is a basic, straightforward stretch wherein you first lie down on your stomach, lift your neck and shoulders with your palm and stretch your legs with the toes pointing towards the ground while arching your back. This activity helps to open up your spine, strengthen your shoulder, palms, chest, back, stresses on the stomach and stretches hamstrings. It is good for circulation.

3) Pull-ups- This exercise is the most beneficial land exercise for gaining height as well as building biceps and broadening chests. First, hang onto a rod and then pull yourself up until the chest touches the rod. Do this for about 10 repetitions and gradually go on increasing depending upon your body capacity.

4) Swimming- Recommended by doctors and physical trainers worldwide, swimming is the best exercise for growing taller. Whether it is freestyle, back-stroke, breast-stoke or even butterfly, there is no better work out than swimming.

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