Hugh Jackman Reveals His Diet and Workout Regimen for Becoming Wolverine 

Here is what Hugh Jackman ate in preparation for his role as wolverine! (Image via
Here is what Hugh Jackman ate in preparation for his role as wolverine! (Image via

The man made of adamantium himself, Wolverine, is back in the limelight. Yes, Hugh Jackman is returning in the highly anticipated Ryan Reynolds-starrer Deadpool 3.

What that means for his character, especially after the events that transpired in James Mangold's 2017 flick Logan, is not yet known. What we do know, though, is that Jackman is going to leave no stone unturned in his preparation for his role as the smug and slick mutant.

Jackman boasted a ridiculous physique for the role, and it only seems to have gotten better and better with each subsequent film. In fact, he has set the bar for modern-age Marvel stars to live up to.

He has gone to incredible lengths to depict a faithful on-screen adaption, depriving himself of water for three days to look leaner on camera. That's some dedication. The 53-year-old star has revealed his insane diet and workout routine that helped him embody the role of Wolverine. Let's take a look at that:

Hugh Jackman's Diet and Workout Routine For Wolverine

David Kinsbury, Hugh Jackman's consultant on all things fitness, opened up about his client's extensive prep for his role. Jackman's meals were divided into four parts through the course of the day, allowing him to eat periodically. As expected, the diet was thoroughly balanced, yet abundant in mostly protein, allowing Jackman to pack on as much muscle mass as he can.

For breakfast, Jackman ate a serving of oatmeal and eggs. He followed that up at lunch with some meat, broccoli, spinach, and brown rice. Jackman made sure to include superfoods like avocados throughout his diet, his third meal consisting of it greatly. For the rest of the day, Jackman routinely took supplements like creatine, to aid in his training process.

Now that the foundation had been laid out in the kitchen, it was time to go the extra mile in the gym, after all you cannot have one without the other. For his training regimen, Jackman's trainer adopted the progressive overload method to allow his client to get stronger and build more muscle at the same time.

For those unaware, progressive overload is essentially the practice of increasing the intensity of the exercise being performed, whether it be by increasing the reps, sets, or weights, or decreasing the rest time. Any advancements in the aforementioned categories would denote strength gained.

Hugh Jackman's trainer designed his routine around this training principle so that Jackman would be able to keep pushing himself past his limits as his body would work extra hard to adapt to the changing conditions, like heavier weights and more reps.


Deadpool 3 hits the theatres on September 6, 2024. That's a long time from now, giving Hugh Jackman ample time to train and get into peak shape.

There's no doubt that even at 53, Jackman will strive to push himself further and further, a testament to his commitment to his craft as an actor. We will know if the training was worth it when we see him and Reynolds pair up for the film.

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