Jimmy Kimmel shares the diet secret that helped him lose 25 pounds

Here's the secret behind Jimmy Kimmel's insane transformation!

The famed late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel, has a myriad of things to do even when he's not on air. Juggling between being the biggest late-night show host in the land to presenting the Oscars and being an all-around great dad can be quite the commitment and, obviously, hectic. As such, staying in shape can be quite a chore.

Turns out, Jimmy doesn't follow any extravagant diets or obnoxious workout routines and instead just monitors his diet. The 54-year-old recently revealed the reason behind his sensational 25-pound weight loss journey, and with this article, we will examine the same.

Jimmy Kimmel's Impressive Transformation

Jimmy had an epiphany in 2008 when he welcomed Dr. Oz to his late-night show. Dr. Oz expressed his concern regarding Kimmel's physique. "You're a young man," he said while referring to Jimmy being out of shape. This prompted Jimmy to wake up, realizing that he would have to take ownership of his health since he did not, under any circumstances, want Dr. Oz or anyone else to care about his health more than he did.

For the next eight weeks, Jimmy Kimmel laid the foundations of his weight loss. He consumed two protein shakes and a small dinner. Then, he restricted himself to a sizeable yet well-portioned 2,000-calorie diet. The results came in fast, as Jimmy dropped a whopping 25 pounds.

Next, he stumbled across a dieting style popularized by Beyoncé and other celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch. This diet, the 5:2 diet, was growing in popularity by the minute.

Essentially, the diet calls for two things. For five days a week, you are permitted to eat whatever you like, whenever you like, and in as much quantity as you like. For the remaining two days, however, one must limit themselves to just 500 calories.

Kimmel was intrigued and decided to give it a go. He chose Mondays and Tuesdays as his deficit days, perhaps to get it out of the way so that he could enjoy the rest of his week in peace. As for his staples, Kimmel chose some low-calorie foods like pickles, oatmeal, egg whites, coffee, apples, and peanut butter.

It goes without saying that this diet wouldn't work for everyone just because it worked for Jimmy Kimmel. 500 calories is hardly a meal's worth in today's times and would barely suffice with a modern diet in mind. However, it seems to float Jimmy's boat. The results? Kimmel has dropped to a healthier 182 pounds, 28 less than his starting weight.


At 54, Jimmy Kimmel realized the paramount importance of staying healthy. Whether it be for the sake of his family, or himself, or his love of food, a love he has proclaimed quite frequently, Jimmy Kimmel does his best to eat right and stay fit. While diets like this particular style of intermittent fasting can be risky if done incorrectly and without medical consultation, they have worked some miracles.

Before adopting such a diet, one should speak to a nutritionist or personal trainer. However, if it's all clear and you get on this diet, or something similar, it is essential to stay consistent and trust the process. Results do not present themselves overnight, and patience is the name of the game in such scenarios.

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