Josh Peck Weight Loss Transformation: How Did He Lose 100 Pounds Weight?

Josh Peck's transformation (Image via Daily Mail)

Josh Peck, author, YouTuber, and star of the hit Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh, has undergone a transformation to beat all transformations. Those who've grown him with his shenanigans on TV, are well aware of his out-of-shape teenage years, when he struggled with his weight and eating habits.

Peck, who wrote his memoirs, titled Happy People Are Annoying, lost a sensational 100 pounds by making small changes to his lifestyle. In this article, we will take a look at how he accomplished that.

Josh Peck's Weight Loss and Transformation

The nickelodeon star's weight climbed to a whopping 300 pounds as a teenager, which was when he decided it was time for a change.

Josh Peck was a guest on powerlifter Mark Bell's YouTube talk show, where he unraveled the secrets behind his transformation, and the difficulties he faced in his journey.

"I just made small changes on a regular basis."

Josh Peck's physical health was so bad that he wasn't able to do a single push-up or pull-up and had to be assisted by his trainer for both exercises. He said:

"It became I could do one from my knees, then eventually one from my toes. Same with pull-ups, with a resistance band that gave me about 100 pounds of help. Inevitably, it was just grit. And that's what made me fall in love with really basic, hard, bodyweight workouts, because I was like 'this was an impossibility for me, and now I feel so proud.' I feel like a lot of the world can't do a strict pull-up, so every time my chin goes above the bar, I'm like 'yes, this one's for 15-year-old Josh!'"

Josh Peck also shared his views on nutrition and dieting during the talk show. His views seem to have changed over the years, and it's possible that his transformation and work at the gym informed his opinions on nutrition and dieting. He said that his approach to dieting and nutrition was too extreme at first. He found himself cutting out sugars and carbs altogether, as they were bad for him.

However, as he grew and learnt more about the subject, he found himself performing at his best when he found a middle-ground, or in other words, a more moderate approach to food and dieting. Essentially, he cut back on things he thought were unhealthy but didn't completely eliminate them from his diet, as he liked to consume them. He said:

"I was slowly starting to make those smart choices. I'm eyeballing calories every day ... I need 2,500 calories to sustain life, and then if I can work out and burn an extra 500, I'm playing with 3,000, and if I can come in at a deficit, I'm in good shape."


Josh Peck has indeed come such a long way since his days as a whacky, comedic, and chubby brother on Drake and Josh.

To see him thriving both physically and mentally is impressive, and he deserves every bit of success for what he has endured in the gym. His desire to change his health for the better has inspired countless more to do the same. In doing so, he has discovered a new, lifelong passion for keeping himself fit and healthy.

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