7 Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat

Best exercises to lose the excess arm fat. (Image by Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)
Best exercises to lose the excess arm fat. (Image by Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)
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When it comes to stubborn body fat, rarely is it found in the same fat pockets or body areas for some. This can be frustrating when you are trying to lose weight and hoping to shed excess fat. For many people, this includes concentrating on the arms, which can cause them to seek out ways to lose arm fat fast.

Exercises that specifically target your arms are an essential part of reducing arm fat, but won’t be enough on their own to help you reach your goals.

If you’re looking for ways to lose arm fat and tone up your upper body, here are seven of the best exercises you can use to start shedding unwanted fat today.

How to Lose Arm Fat with These 7 Best Exercises

#1 Bicep Curls

When it comes to arm workouts, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, biceps curls can burn fat in the arms. They don't, however, just burn arm fat, or even just fat. In reality, each set of curls will only burn a few calories, possibly as little as 5-10 calories.


How to do the bicep curls:

• Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand. Maintain a shoulder-width distance between your feet and a small bend in your knees with your elbows aligned with your waist.

• Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height while keeping your elbows tucked up, then hold for a second, squeezing your muscles.

• Slowly lower the curl, then repeat on the opposite side for the same amount of time.

#2 Rowing Machine

Rowing vigorously can improve aerobic capacity, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and burn a lot of calories, all of which will help you lose weight. The rowing motion works the muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back thoroughly.


How to use the rowing machine effectively:

• Sit up straight, engage your core, and secure your feet in the straps.

• Push back with your lower body first, then draw the handle towards your chest with your upper back.

• Extend your arms outside and let your lower body float back to the beginning point to relieve some of the tension.

#3 Tricep Press

With a tricep press, you can strengthen your arm muscles in the triceps (back of the upper arm) and biceps (front of the upper arm) & loose the arm fat.


How to do the tricep press:

• Hold a dumbbell in both hands and stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.

• To begin, raise the dumbbell to full extension with your palms facing the ceiling and elbows pointed forward.

• Bend your arms backwards, hinge your elbows, and hold the dumbbell behind your head. Don't forget to pinch your triceps as well.

• Slowly return to the starting position with the dumbbell and repeat as many times as necessary.

#4 Tricep Dips

The triceps dip is a fantastic bodyweight workout for increasing arm strength and losing the excess arm fat. This easy exercise can be done practically anywhere and comes in a variety of versions to suit your fitness level.


Here's how to do the tricep dip:

• Place your hands on the edge of a stable chair or weight bench & step with your hands on the edge close to your hips.

• Raise your torso by pressing your palms together, then move forward just far enough so that your back clears the chair's edge.

• Bend your elbows 45 to 90 degrees and lower yourself. Maintain control.

• Pull yourself up slowly until your arms are almost straight, then repeat.

#5 Arm Circles

This simple warmup gets your blood flowing and might help you tone your shoulders, triceps, and biceps. It is also one of the most underestimated forms of exercise and is quite effective when you want to loose the arm fat.


How to do the arm circles:

• Begin by standing shoulder-width apart.. Raise and stretch your arms till they are parallel to the ground.

• In a forward motion, circle your arms, making small, controlled circles with your hands.

• Increase the size of the circles gradually until you feel a stretch in your triceps.

• After 10 to 15 seconds, reverse the direction.

#6 Classic Push-ups

Push-ups are a traditional exercise for toning & reducing your arm fat, and there's a reason they're still popular today! A basic push-up is one of the finest ways to lose arm fat, and it's not just for the army. Pushups strengthen and build your muscles, especially your triceps, by using resistance, or your own body weight.


How to push-ups with the right form:

• On an exercise mat, get down on all fours with your gaze directed towards the floor.

• Stand with your hands shoulder width apart and your knees separated by a smaller distance.

• Lower your chest slowly to the floor, bending your elbows and maintaining your core engagement as you do so.

• Wait a moment, then push yourself back up to the starting position by using your elbows.

#7 Or Try Some Cardio

Cardio is a terrific approach to enhance your general fitness while also burning more calories, even if it isn't necessarily targeted at your arms.

It has been found to be an excellent approach to shed overall body weight while also improving lean body mass, which may contribute to reducing arm fat.



If you're looking to lose arm fat, you can cut back on extra calories by filling up on low-calorie, high-volume foods like fruits and vegetables.

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