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4 Effective Skipping Exercises To Do To Lose Weight

  • Skipping Exercises to tone your entire body
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Modified 05 Feb 2019, 16:11 IST
The best way to get that toned body
The best way to get that toned body

Skipping is probably one of the best ways to lose weight and get that toned, ripped body. All you need is a jump rope and some open space. Skipping is more or less an all body workout and most effective in getting rid of that body fat. Skipping is a great cardio and High Intensity Training workout. It can burn upto 1300 calories in one hour. Why skipping is also such a great way to lose weight and get fit is because it is such a dynamic exercise. There are so many ways to skip and lose that weight. Which is exactly what this article aims to do, tell you about the best skipping exercises to lose that weight.

#1 Running in one spot

This is a great skipping exercise because you feel as though you are skipping and running at the same time.

Step 1: Hold the skipping and make sure that you are standing in front of the skipping rope .

Step 2: Use your wrists to rotate the skipping rope to enable yourself to jump.

Step 3: Instead of jumping straight and on both legs as the skipping rope comes down, jump on one leg first.

Step 4: The next time the skipping rope comes down after a rotation, jump on the other leg.


Step 5: Thus skipping like you are jogging, except love the rope.

This works out your entire core and abdominal area due to the skipping. The running in one spot skipping variation is also a great way improving one's concentration and balance.

#2 Double Unders

Double under are the toughest and most effective skipping workouts. In a double under in one rotation of your skipping rope, you should jump up twice

Step 1: Take the skipping and hold it right from the bottom.

Step 2: Make sure your legs are straight and as close together as possible.

Step 3: Stand ahead of the rope, thus when you rotate the skipping rope and it comes down, you jump over it.

Step 4: Keep repeating these simple jumps over the skipping rope.

Step 5: As you keep jumping start increasing the speed of the rotation of the skipping rope.

Step 6: This will then increase the speed of your skipping.

Step 7: As your momentum is built up, take the rope and rotate it extremely fast. Then jump extremely high. So that in one jump, you can rotate the skipping rope twice and it goes twice underneath you.

Step 8: Do 10 double unders.

Double unders work out one's speed, balance, stamina, core strength, tone the abs, exercise the upper body and tone the biceps and triceps. They also test your explosive power and strength. And are a great calisthenics workout.

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Published 25 Jan 2019, 14:38 IST
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