Nick Walker's Hypertrophy-Inducing Back Workout Routine

Here is Nick Walker
Nick Walker's hypertrophy-inducing back routine

Nick Walker is an IFBB-certified American professional bodybuilder who competes in the open division. He earned his pro card in 20210, with a victory at the NPC North American Championships.

Walker, who has been dubbed 'The Mutant', took some time off in 2021 to restore his energy and work on his physique for the upcoming 2022 Olympia. The 28-year-old is on the younger side and is already making waves in the industry.

He has been pretty transparent about his off-season prep and can often be seen updating fans regarding his gym session, answering questions, and showcasing his intense workouts on YouTube and Instagram.

Recently, under the guidance of bodybuilding coach Dominick Brandon Mutascio, also known as Dom Supersliced's or just Dom's, Walker underwent a rigorous back workout routine that was uploaded on his YouTube channel. In this piece, we will take a look at his hypertrophy-inducing workout from start to finish.

Nick Walker's Hypertrophy-Inducing Back Workout

Single Arm Lat Pull-down

Walker kicks off his back workout with an intense set of single arm lat pull-downs. The primary objective of this exercise is to train the latissimus dorsi or the lats.

This exercise is a unilateral exercise that uses just one half of the back to pull down the weight. That can even help out any muscular imbalance one might have in their physique.

For this exercise, Walker prefers to work with a moderate weight and aim for high quality reps rather than going heavy.

“I didn’t want to go too heavy. Just wanted to focus more on the stretch and contraction,” he says.

Single Arm Seated Row

This exercise features next in Walker's routine. Like the previous one on the list, this one too uses just one arm at a time to pull the weight, forcing the body to balance its weaknesses and imbalance, resulting in a more proportionate physique.

Rack Pull

This exercise is a variation of the classic deadlift and one of The Mutant's most trusted exercises. It allows the lifter to recruit the same muscles as the deadlift without any of the nervous or physical tension caused by it.

It makes for a stellar addition to Walker's routine, as it allows him to go heavy and give his strength a run for its money. For this exercise, he maintains a rep range of six to eight for all sets.

Straight Arm Cable Pull-down

The straight-arm cable pull-down is one of the best back exercises for bodybuilders but is not performed much.

Like all the other workouts on this list, this one too predominantly targets the lats. For this exercise, Walker opts for a rope attachment and performs three working sets.

Close Grip Seated Row

This is the finisher in Nick Walker's insane back routine. The close grip in this exercise, further accentuated by the use of the D-bar attachment, allows for a tighter latissimus dorsi control, making it easier to target that set of muscles.

Nick Walker performs four to five sets of this exercise, with just 15 seconds of rest in between.


Nick Walker is a beast of a bodybuilder. His physique is the result of immense hard work and dedication over the years. He clearly puts a lot of work into his diet and prep, and that shows on stage.

Even though he's younger than some of his open division counterparts, Nick Walker certainly poses a massive threat. He can be expected to grace the stage at the 2022 Olympia, where he will vye for an incredible finish.

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