Ronnie Coleman Pushes His Biceps To New Limits In Latest Instagram Video

Ronny Coleman is still crushing it in the gym at 58.

Ronnie 'The Greatest' Coleman hasn't disappeared from the spotlight quite yet. The 58-year-old is still very much in the limelight. His fans across the world are happy to see him on his feet and still crushing it in the gym and pumping iron, like he used to back in the day.

Coleman is no stranger to abnormally heavy weights. The record-breaking eight-time Mr. Olympia winner would frequently squat and deadlift over 800 pounds. As such, his joints have deteriorated with time. Yet, Coleman is pushing past his limits and injuries even today.

In his latest Instagram video, Ronnie Coleman can be seen doing a variation of tricep pushdowns. You can watch the video here:

Why is Ronny Coleman using the underhand grip?

As you can see, Coleman is doing a variation of the cable tricep pushdown. Instead of a conventional overhead grip, Coleman has opted to sport the rather unconventional and downright uncomfortable underhand grip. It's a good thing Coleman doesn't care about comfort, because if he did he wouldn't be lifting at his age.

The underhand grip can offer a myriad of benefits and jazz up your arm workout. No, it isn't just a pretentious alternate version of a regular grip, designed to make you feel like you're doing something new; it actually works.

The underhand grip employs the forearm more effectively, engaging the entire lower half of the arm in the movement. Apart from that, it also recruits the biceps in the pull/push motion. That's evident from the video, where you can see Coleman's bicep veins popping out of his sleeve. In a heartfelt message to fans, Coleman expressed his passion for bodybuilding and how he does it for himself and not for vanity or fame.

It goes to show just how appreciative Coleman is of his platform and the opportunity he has been given to inspire millions around the globe with his personality and physique.

Frankly, the world needs more genuine, transparent bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman. We need old-school guys like him who couldn't care less about social media metrics and are instead focused on the set of weights in front of them.

This heavy-hitter attitude is sadly a thing of the past and seems to be of a bygone era. However, a silver lining is that Coleman continues to influence today's youth as well, with his never-say-die attitude and unending love for bodybuilding.


Ronnie Coleman has and will continue to inspire the next generation of elite bodybuilders across the globe. His reach is far and wide, and his personality as well as his iconic physique has immortalized him in the bodybuilding fraternity.

At 58, he has outperforming several 28-year-olds, and that isn't easy given the luxuries most bodybuilders have today, which he never had when he was coming up.

Coleman is the embodiment of hard work, and he's toiling in the gym, working his triceps to exhaustion when he could be enjoying his life in retirement. He really is one to look up to, as his passion for bodybuilding is unmatched and so is his work ethic.

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