Seven Ways to Build Your Inner Strength

Inner strength is an component of mental well-being. (Pexels/Leon Ardho)
Inner strength is an component of mental well-being. (Pexels/Leon Ardho)

Inner strength refers to the emotional and mental resources that an individual can tap into to face what life throws at them. Inner strength allows individuals to survive and thrive in their environment.

Life is filled with ups and downs, and inner strength enables individuals to go through the lows and come out on top. Inner strength includes attitudes and repeated behaviors that help overcome various adversities.


What Does Inner Strength Consist of?

Inner strength consists of different attributes that let individuals to successfully adapt to change or bounce back from adversity. It includes emotional maturity, interpersonal skills, a balanced outlook on life, and resilience.

Emotional Maturity

Individuals who are capable of self-compassion and are able to express gratitude are more capable of regulating negative emotions when faced with adversity. Individuals who are trained to be more emphatetic and kind are far more resilient during setbacks that they encounter.

Interpersonal Skills

People often have to face problems alone, yet it does not mean they cannot seek help from others. Those who interact at a deeper level with others develop compassion, empathy, and humor. These skills provide the support to rely on during difficult times.

A Balanced Outlook on Life

How individuals interpret life and their circumstances is a part of their inner strength. Accepting that problems are a part of life and that being optimistic will help find a solution to them creates confidence in their abilities and determination to meet their goals. Such a mindset enables them to value every aspect of life rather than just focus on career, fame, or wealth.


We can easily fall into negative thought processes and lose hope and willpower to perservere through tough times. This is why emotional resilience is a big part of inner strength. Individuals with emotional resilience can endure difficult times with a positive approach. Resilience is also about making appropriate changes along the path while working toward our goals.

Ways to Build Inner Strength

No one is born with fully developed inner strength but has to build it step by step to live life with joy and purpose. Just as physical exercise builds muscular strength, mental practices such as mindfulness and NLP have been shown to build effective inner strength. Here are some ways to develop inner strength in daily life.

Build Self-Awareness

The process of building inner strength is long and ardous as it is a journey of personal growth. To build this strength, individuals have to start with introspection and find out what their motivations, values, goals, and limitations are.

Self-awareness allows individuals to understand where they are in life, where they want to end up, and how far away they are from their destination. In essence, it catalogs the resources that they currently have and what they will need to meet their goals.

Take Ownership of Choices

While we may not have a say in everything that happens to us, a lot of what happens to us is a direct result of the choices that we make. Everyone has a choice in choosing how they react to their circumstances and the decisions that they make.

Individuals who believe that their choices have a big role in determining their future are more adaptable to change than those who believe that their choices have little to no influence.

Develop Skills

As inner strength is a collection of various mental resources to adapt to adversity, developing the necessary skills will be of great benefit to you. Thus, not only will you meet challenges confidently but will also be ready to face them anytime they occur again.

Harness the Past

Everyone has faced situations which felt insurmountable at the time. Yet we have come past those conditions and emerged with experience and success. How was it possible then? Those looking to build inner strength should look at their own past and learn the tools that they had used.

They should recall situations where the odds were stacked against them and how they managed to beat those odds. This reinfocres that there is nothing that is impossible for them to overcome and that they have to believe in their resources.

Take Action

A large part of inner strength is about being proactive. This means taking the necessary steps to respond to challenges that might arise.

The ability to focus on what the results of action could be or how situations might change is a great habit to build inner strength. Indecision and loss of control should be avoided by taking sustainable, small actions.

Accept Changes and Challenges

Like a chess opponent, challenges can be defeated (Pexels Pixabay)
Like a chess opponent, challenges can be defeated (Pexels Pixabay)

Inner strength is built by accepting change as inevitable and adapting to the situation. If an individual is reluctant to adapt to change, they will be swept up by the change without an opportunity to overcome it.

Similarly, challenges are all around us and it is important to face these challenges with mental fortitude and inner strength.

Increase Self-Confidece

The core of inner strength is the self-confidence to thrive and grow in our lives. Low self-esteem impacts self-efficacy, which then leads to disinterest in applying one's skills and talents. It starts a vicious cycle of low attainment, poor realization of potential, and lack of adjustment.

By building confidence in themselves and their own abilities to overcome challenging situations, individuals build their inner strength.


Inner strength is important to live life by taking in the good times with the bad ones. In the post-pandemic era, resilience through inner strength is a vital skill to survive in the dynamic world that is throwing up challenges in terms of jobs, health, mental well-being, and social conditions.

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