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The beginner’s guide to Bodybuilding


If you are one of those guys who stare at posters outside various gyms and wish even you could become like those hunks, this fool-proof program will get you bigger and stronger in just 10 weeks.

The program featured in this article is centered around a concept referred to as ‘linear periodization’ wherein you add weights every week and reduce the number of repetitions every couple of weeks.

The workout week consists of three sessions of one hour each for three days and resting every alternate day. As the weeks go by, your weights will increase while the number of repetitions will decrease once in every two to three weeks.

For instance in the first week, start of with two sets of ten reps. In the following week, increase the weights and then stick on to two sets but of eight reps each. Continue the same for the third week. However, in the fourth week, add on to the existing weights and maintain two sets but reduce the number of repetitions to five. This should be done throughout the course of 10 weeks.

The workouts:

Day 1 – Concentrate on strengthening the legs on the first day as a strong building requires a good foundation. The ideal leg exercises are squats with weights, good mornings, plunges, leg press for both the upper and lower thigh muscles and barbell step-ups. Skipping too will help.

Day 2 – Allow the legs to get relieved and shift focus on chest and lats. The exercises for these are bench press, inclined bench press, lat pull-down and dips. It is also permissible if you prefer to workout with dumbbells. Flies are also an effective exercise for the chest and lats.

Day 3 – On the last day of your workout week, pump up the biceps and shoulder muscles. Exercises for biceps need not have to be explained in detail as simple dumbbell lifts will suffice. Other exercises include barbell deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, bent-over rows and pull-ups.

Remember, train heavy but train smart!

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