The food ingredient that is secretly making you fat 

Gaurav Singh

It very important to know the ingredients of a packaged food. You might purchase something assuming it is harmless but in the long run it will be detrimental to your health and well-being. Next time, when you visit the grocery store, don’t just buy any packaged food blindly, you need to turn the packet and check the macros and more importantly the ingredients.

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The ingredient in question is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). It is a flavor enhancer which makes the food taste better. In other words, it boosts the taste buds in your mouth and deceives you into thinking that the food you eat tastes way better than it actually is.

It is commonly used in China and Thailand and some other countries as well. When you visit a Chinese or a Thai restaurant and the food tastes way better than you think, you may suspect and thank Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) for that.

What does Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) to your body?

We are going to refer to a study that was done on rats. Now, of course, we are humans, but it is indicative of what can happen to human beings over time as a result of prolonged intake of MSG. The study is available in the public domain and here's the link to the study. In the study, it was found that regular intake of MSG was directly linked to obesity, which a state of being overweight.

MSG was injected to rats with various ages, 16% of rats died before reaching infancy and of the survivors, 90% or more became noticeably obese.

Please note that there are many side effects of MSG, but in this article, we are primarily referring to the study. Because that acts as proof as to why MSG is harmful.

Before we move, you also need to know the alternative names of Monosodium Glutamate. Below is the list of alternative names for MSG.

1) Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

2) Hydrolyzed plant protein

3) Flavor enhancer

4) Yeast extract

5) Calcium or Sodium Caseinate

6) Authorized Yeast

7) Ajinomoto

Let's have a look at where you can find this harmful ingredient in a packaged food. We all know Oats are healthy, but what about Malasa Oats.

Malasa Oats are available in various flavors and below is an ingredient list of Masala Oats. Please note we have not disclosed the brand, only the ingredient list and we will it leave to you to find the culprits in the ingredient list


When you purchase Oats, the ingredient should look like the below picture. It has only one ingredient and no added flavors.


So, this is an eye-opener on something that can cause enormous health problems going forward. When you visit any fast food center and/or any buffet, control your appetite and think twice before you consume anything. Because you will never know what ingredients were used in preparing the food.

So, I hope that you will never make the mistake of not checking the ingredients. Oats was just one example. You can also check noddles, soup, sauce etc

Bonus- Here a list of additional ingredients that you must avoid:-

1) Maltodextrin

2) Aspartame

3) High Fructose Corn Syrup

4) Potassium Bromate

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Edited by Amar Anand


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