The secret behind Kelly Ripa's fit body is consistency. This and more details about how she manages to stay fit even after all these years

Kelly Ripa has followed the same routine for over 13 years (Image via Instagram/Kelly Ripa)
Kelly Ripa has followed the same routine for over 13 years (Image via Instagram)

Fans of Live! with Kelly and Mark have always wondered how Kelly Ripa has been able to maintain her fit physique for all these years. Well, as it turns out, it is no longer a secret.

Kelly's long-term fitness trainer, Anna Kaiser, has revealed that the famous chat show host likes to work out for four to five days a week. At 53 years old, she still continues to work out with full rigor.

This just goes on to prove how dedicated Kelly Ripa is to her fitness and overall health. And the results of the same speak for themselves. Because she is at an age when most people have the tendency to run away from strenuous physical activity, she manages to work out for most days of the week.

What is Kelly Ripa's workout routine?

Kelly Ripa has been extremely consistent with her workouts after all these years (Image via Instagram)
Kelly Ripa has been extremely consistent with her workouts after all these years (Image via Instagram)

Kelly Ripa's workout routine comprises a combination of exercises that help her reach her fitness goals without causing excessive exhaustion. Speaking to POPSUGAR, Anna Kaiser, her long-term trainer and founder of Anna Kaiser Studios, said:

"I program the perfect combination of muscular endurance and power to make sure she continues to maintain/build muscle and get the right amount of heart-healthy cardio without hitting adrenal fatigue."

She also shared how she plans out the workouts beforehand based on how Kelly's week looks during that particular time.

"I program her workouts to complement the other activities in her week and bring more energy, vitality, and clarity to her days."

Kaiser then went into further detail and shared what Kelly Ripa's workout routine generally looks like on a regular day.

"Kelly's program alternates daily between sculpt, power, dance interval training, restorative yoga, and our signature step workout."

On day 1, Kelly Ripa usually engages in dancing and sculpting. This combination helps her improve her coordination while simultaneously helping her get a good workout.

On day 2, Ripa engages in Step, which involves the use of resistance bands that are attached to the ceiling. Additionally, she also uses a special Anna Kaiser Studios box. These two combined help her improve her agility and balance.

On day 3, she likes to engage in sculpture.

On Day 4, much like Day 1, the routine comprises a combination of sculpture and dance.

What does Kelly Ripa have to say about her fitness regime?

In a long chat with Cristina Cuomo for Anna Kaiser Studios, Kelly Ripa shares what she feels about her fitness regime. When asked what she finds most fulfilling when it comes to fitness, she says:

"It’s always been dance. The less I exercise, the better off I’ll be, because I don’t like to enter a room thinking that I’ve got a training session. The words “training session” sound like a punishment. But if I know I’m going to go dance, I’m just going to have fun. I get a workout without realizing it. I’m just going to have fun. I started exercising basically to manage my stress at work."

She also shared why she started working out in the first place.

"It was more the mental practice. It was my form of meditation, or my form of therapy without a doctor there. That endorphin rush, the energy and clarity I get from it—that’s why I started exercising. And as time went on, my strength and endurance improved, and I found that I was able to lift my own suitcase over my head and put it into the overhead compartment, and carry extraordinarily heavy things."

Talking about the importance of exercising in general, Ripa reveals how it ends up giving you strength and power that you did not know you needed.

Ripa has stuck with her current fitness trainer for over 13 years now. The reason behind this is that Kaiser constantly challenges her and pushes her to her limits.

Both Anna and Ripa have never shied away from showing their love and admiration for each other. A testament to the same are the innumerable social media posts dedicated to each other on their respective accounts.

Edited by Babylona Bora