Top Benefits of using Massage Guns

massage guns (Image by Freepik on Freepik)
massage guns (Image by Freepik on Freepik)

Massage guns have gained quite a reputation worldwide for their easy-to-use system and effectiveness. They play an important role in recovery from soreness in the body, especially in the lives of sportspersons.

In today's hectic workload, massage guns come in handy providing much-needed relief from muscle fatigue and improving our overall performance in a very short amount of time.

These guns provide massage therapy by providing pressure and vibrations to the muscle groups repetitively, which in turn helps with relaxation. These guns come with a wide range of customizations in which one can alter the speed and intensity of vibrations.

In this article, we will discuss more about massage guns, their benefits, and how to use them properly.

What are the potential benefits of Massage Guns?

The benefits of massage gun (Image by Freepik on Freepik)
The benefits of massage gun (Image by Freepik on Freepik)

Massage guns basically target soft tissues and provide steady vibrations to the spot. This has various benefits for the body. When applied appropriately it can help increase blood circulation, enhance performance, and improve recovery.

Better Blood Circulation

Due to the steady vibrations passed on to the muscle groups it is believed that these guns can improve blood circulation. While at present there is no such research that can confirm this but many athletes as well as trainers believe that providing massage with these can actually improve overall blood flow.

Reduction in Muscle Tension

Massage guns can reduce muscle tension in the body by providing high intensity vibrations into the sensory pathways which are responsible for all sorts of sensations.

Less Soreness in the body

After an intense workout it is a common phenomenon to experience DOMS which is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, using a massage gun can help reduce it significantly.

When we exercise there is a build-up of lactic acid in our muscles. Massage can force this lactic acid to be released causing relief to the muscles.

Better Performance in Sports

Massage guns are believed to increase muscle mass and strength. In addition to this, they can improve the endurance of your muscles and increase the range of motion of the individual too.

Prevents Injury

Using massage guns regularly can increase the flexibility of the individual which in turn increases the speed of recovery and warm-ups. In fact, these tools can come in handy for warm-ups before your workout.

Are there any risks involved with massage guns?

What are the risks of it? (Image on Freepik by Freepik)
What are the risks of it? (Image on Freepik by Freepik)

As beneficial as they are there are some downsides to them too. If you are not careful enough it might get risky for you to use these massage guns. They are generally safe to use, however, using them improperly can cause trouble and may cause injuries.

For example, if you are applying a massage gun to an injury due to some sprain, using this on the injured spot may worsen it. Thus, before using these accessories it is better to know about how these are to be used. Understanding the massage gun is important for the most effective use of it.

Consult a massage therapist to learn how to use a massage gun safely. Further, make sure you know the settings and use them appropriately based on your needs of the body. You should not apply it to your neck or the area above it as it may cause injuries. Moreover, make sure that you keep moving the gun from one place to another in order to avoid excess pressure on any muscle.

Massage guns (Image by Freepik)
Massage guns (Image by Freepik)

These guns are quite handy and come with a plethora of benefits but their usage should be done carefully in order to avoid any sorts of injuries. With the appropriate approach, massage guns can be a great addition to your recovery routine.

Edited by S Chowdhury