What Is the Diet and Workout Routine Peter Facinelli Did to Lose Weight?

Before and after images of Peter Facinelli's weight loss (Image via Instagram)
Before and after images of Peter Facinelli's weight loss (Image via Instagram)

Peter Facinelli, better known as "Dr. Carlisle Cullen", rose to international fame with the Twilight movie series for his portrayal of the kindly vampire character. After more than two decades in Hollywood, Facinelli is no stranger to staying in shape.

The actor, though, gained a lot of weight in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he followed that up by admirably losing more than 30 pounds through training and changing hsi eating habits. Read on to know more.

We all know that losing weight is all about our diet (calorie intake and burn) as well as workout. If you follow a calorie-deficit diet and workout consistently - you'll see results in the form of weight loss. That, however, is easier said than done.

Working out or incorporating exercise into your routine is the easier part than restricting your diet or sticking to a healthy food routine. That's due to many factors. One of the significant ones is that we don't always have time to prepare healthy meals. So we prefer something quick that can give us an instant energy boost.

It is this very habit Facinelli identified and worked on removing to lose weight and become the sex symbol he currently is. Let's learn more about his weight-loss journey:

Peter Facinelli's Diet

Facinelli changed the way he ate after gaining 30 pounds during the pandemic. He achieved that by practising mindful eating.

The actor believes that the unconscious habit of grabbing a snack is the root cause of unhealthy eating. Hypnotherapy techniques helped him become more aware of what he was doing, which helped control his sub-conscious urges of having an unhealthy food.

Facinelli follows a simple healthy diet. He loves his coconut water, turkey burgers and other lean proteins.

For his protein intake, he makes a yummy milkshake with peanut butter, bananas, almond milk and twoscoops of protein powder. The actor says that's better than even ice cream.

Facinelli also has his 2 am indulgences. He willed himself to have an apple with peanut butter and a glass of water when those cravings hit.

Peter Facinelli's Workout

Although it's not known which specific routine he followed to lose weight, Facinelli has said that he likes doing various outdoor activities to stay fit. He loves getting fresh air through activities like riding a bike or roller-blading. He says that being outside takes his mind off things.

Facinelli is all about switching up his workout routine. In his words, he views exercise as more of a chore than a hobby. He recommends forcing yourself to do some exercise every day - which could be 20 push-ups or anything else. Once you miss a single workout, it's easier for you to make that into a habit.


Along with the principle of mindful eating, Peter Facinelli also practised many stress-relieving techniques to avoid eating junk food when he was stressed. One of his favorite techniques was to calm down by breathing in for five seconds and breathing out for as many seconds.

Facinelli also used the technique of visualization to realize his goals of a fit body. Whenever he felt he was straying off track, he would look at pictures of people having the kind of body he was aspiring to. That motivated him to stay on track for his weight-loss goals.

You too can succeed in your weight loss or fitness endeavor by strengthening your mind like Peter Facinelli and figuring out your own ways to change your food habits.

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