What Is A Healthy Diet? 5 Best Tips For A Healthy Diet Plan

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Have fruits and vegetables over packed foods

A healthy diet is what the name says. It either maintains or improves the overall health of the body by providing your body with all the vital nutrients, vitamins and most importantly all the required calories.

Having a healthy diet on a regular basis is highly beneficial to everyone as it is key for both strength and cardiovascular activities. In addition, a healthy diet plays a crucial role in having a well-built body and a stellar abdomen.

However, the definition of a healthy diet is highly personal, and the intake amount varies from individual to individual depending on their lifestyle choices along with the amount of activity involved in their daily routine.

The reference intake amounts for men is around 2,500 calories and around 2,000 calories for women. One should strive to meet these goals every day. These limits are recommended for maintaining a healthy diet while not gaining or losing weight.

Nevertheless, do not fill up calories with just carbs and fats, ensure that there is enough variety in your daily diet that includes other vital components.

Let us look closer at the following diet tips that you could follow to ensure a healthier lifestyle. 

#1 Have around 300g of carbohydrates per day

Carbohydrates have to constitute around 45% to 65% of your daily calorie intake. Carbs are available in almost every food that you can pick up from the supermarket.

However, try to minimize the carbohydrate intake from packed food that contains added sugars and other items that are high in sugars. These are very calorie dense and are one of the primary driving factors for weight gain.

A healthier alternative would be to consume loads of fruits and vegetables. These are a great source of starch and fibre along with being less dense in calorie content.

Fill your diet with whole grains and whole wheat over alternatives as these are also very rich in the all-important fibre and carbohydrates.

An oatmeal breakfast (one cup) along with two slices of brown bread should give you around 90g of carbohydrates. Two cups of brown rice along with two roti for lunch and dinner will provide you with the remaining amount of carbs required for a balanced diet.

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