Why Jeremy Renner could temporarily be disabled following his accident: An Analysis

'Hawkeye' star Jeremy Renner sustained severe injuries in a snow tractor accident. (Image via people)

Jeremy Renner, most notably known for his roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Bourne franchise, sustained a horrifying injury at his Lake Tahoe home.

While the actor is thankfully home from hospital, there's a lot that went down. In this article, we will analyze his injury and what it means for him.

Could Jeremy Renner Be Temporarily Disabled After His Accident?

Renner, 52, was crushed by his own snow tractor beside a mountain road in the vicinity of his Lake Tahoe home. From there, he was flown to a Reno hospital while in critical condition. Since then, Renner has tweeted and assured his fans that he's doing alright.

The accident took place when Jeremy Renner was towing a family-driven vehicle out of over three feet of snow. Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam said that when Renner stepped out of his snow tractor to talk to his family member, the vehicle began to roll. Before he knew it, the seven-ton vehicle was over him.

Balaam said:

"In an effort to stop it, Mr. Renner attempts to climb back into the driver's seat. It's at this point that Mr. Renner is run over."

Renner's publicist said that he suffered severe blunt chest trauma and sustained orthopedic injuries. He remained in the intensive care unit after his surgery.

Per 911 call logs, Renner reported difficulty breathing in the right side of his chest. He was then described as 'collapsed'. He has since had two surgeries and will require more on his legs.

Jeremy Renner broke 30 bones in his freak accident. (Image via Koimoi)
Jeremy Renner broke 30 bones in his freak accident. (Image via Koimoi)

In the long term, if Renner's recovery takes a significant amount of time, it could also cause him to miss out on potential roles and opportunities. In the highly competitive film industry, there's always a risk of being replaced by another actor if production is delayed for too long.

However, if Renner's fractures are relatively minor, he may be able to recover quickly with proper medical treatment and physical therapy. In this case, the impact on his career will likely be minimal.

It's important to note that Renner has not yet made any statements about the extent of his injuries or his expected recovery time. So it's currently unclear how this accident will impact his career in the long run.

We're elated that Jeremy Renner has made a seemingly rapid start to recovery, considering the severity of his injury.

It's clear that his fractures, if severe, could lead to temporary disability, which could have a significant impact on his career as an actor and musician. It remains to be seen how Renner will handle this injury and how it will affect his future projects.

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