Mizoram Premier League to kick-off on October 24

The the final round of the first-ever Mizoram Premier League will kick-off on October 24, with eight teams from across the state set to play in the league. The fixtures of the first phase have been released by the MPL organisers.Dinthar FC, FC Kulikawn, Luangmual FC and Mizoram Police FC had qualified directly into the eight team MPL, while the teams of Aizawl FC, Reitlang FC, Chanmari FC and FC RS Annexe came through the eight team playoffs, which were held in July 2012.

The champions of the inaugural edition will receive Rs 500,000 (5 lakhs) in prize money with the league matches set to be played at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Mualpui and the Lammual Stadium, both artificial turf grounds based in Aizawl.


Round 124-Oct-2012: Chanmari FC โ€“ Luangmual FC25-Oct-2012: Reitlang FC โ€“ Aizawl FC26-Oct-2012: Mizoram Police FC โ€“ FC RS Annexe27-Oct-2012: FC Kulikawn โ€“ Dinthar FC

Round 231-Oct-2012: Reitlang FC โ€“ Mizoram Police FC01-Nov-2012: Luangmual FC โ€“ FC Kulikawn02-Nov-2012: Aizawl FC โ€“ Dinthar FC03-Nov-2012: Chanmari FC โ€“ FC RS Annexe

Round 307-Nov-2012: FC Kulikawn โ€“ Aizawl FC08-Nov-2012: Dinthar FC โ€“ FC RS Annexe09-Nov-2012: Reitlang FC โ€“ Chanmari FC10-Nov-2012: Mizoram Police FC โ€“ Luangmual FC

Round 414-Nov-2012: FC RS Annexe โ€“ Reitlang FC15-Nov-2012: Dinthar FC โ€“ Mizoram Police FC16-Nov-2012: FC Kulikawn โ€“ Chanmari FC17-Nov-2012: Aizawl FC โ€“ Luangmual FC

Round 528-Nov-2012: Mizoram Police FC โ€“ FC Kulikawn29-Nov-2012: Aizawl FC โ€“ Chanmari FC30-Nov-2012: Luangmual FC โ€“ FC RS Annexe01-Dec-2012: Reitlang FC โ€“ Dinthar FC

Round 605-Dec-2012: FC RS Annexe โ€“ Aizawl FC06-Dec-2012: Chanmari FC โ€“ Mizoram Police FC07-Dec-2012: Dinthar FC โ€“ Luangmual FC08-Dec-2012: FC Kulikawn โ€“ Reitlang FC

Round 712-Dec-2012: Chanmari FC โ€“ Dinthar FC13-Dec-2012: Luangmual FC โ€“ Reitlang FC14-Dec-2012: Aizawl FC โ€“ Mizoram Police FC15-Dec-2012: FC RS Annexe โ€“ FC Kulikawn

Edited by Staff Editor
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