Hajime! Anantpur Sports Academy collaborates with Judo Federation of India


Coach Kei, being introduced by organisers at the ASA

Focused eyes, huffing and puffing, strong thudding falls is what the Anantapur Sports Academy (ASA) has been hearing from the Judo hall for the past couple of days. The intensity has not dropped one bit even as the heat has picked up here.

The Judo Federation of India (JFI) and Rural Development Trust (RDT) have joined hands to strengthen the sport of Judo in Andhra Pradesh. As a development from this, the JFI can be very proud of its efforts in securing the services of Japanese 3rd Dan Black Belt Coach, Kei Teshigawara, to lead a 10-day training camp inaugurated on 20th May, 2015.

A total of 40 boys and 40 girls from all over the district of Anantapur have been thoroughly screened, selected and sent here for this 10-day camp. They are being put through the grind with a rigorous training routine developed by the lead coach. Coach Kei acknowledges the fact these that kids have already learnt the various skills of Judo, prior to his arrival, however he still feels that these kids need to further work on and strengthen their basics, emphasizing that “basics are most important.”

To strengthen the basics, Coach Kei conducts three training sessions throughout the day, each spanning two long and hard hours. He is supported by fellow local coaches, and the team leads an early morning session at 6am followed by a mid-day session at 11am and an evening session at 4pm.

Coach Kei has also been scouting for talented athletes within the ranks, and these select athletes undergo an extra hour of training in the evening. He is surprised to see the enthusiasm among these athletes even after taking part in these tiring and energy sapping training sessions.

Coach Kei overseeing his pupils, what he does best

Coach Kei patiently teaches two pupils proper Judo technique

Coach Kei has been working on teaching the kids the importance of balance, gripping, fluidity in stance and facing up to the opponent. The focus is on teaching the right gripping to ensure conservation of energy, fluidity in stance for strength in defensive and evasive action, facing up to the opponent to try and read his next move and balance to have the upper hand.

Moreover, Coach Kei has laid emphasis on three basic but highly important requirements to sustain oneself - a balanced and effective diet, adequate rest &dedication to training. A primary highlight that the coach makes along with this, is the fact that you may have all these three basic requirements ticked but the very essence of everything revolves around continually strengthening your basics, apart from being open and inviting to newer and advanced learning.

Coach Kei and Mr. Venugopal addressing students at the Anantpur Sports Academy.

On the whole, the Anantapur District Judo Association Vice President, Mr. Y.Venugopal, has been thrilled to have been given this opportunity to encourage and nurture students and Judo enthusiasts with this camp. “Judo has come a long way since the students initially started training on an open ground in the hot sand. With this camp, Anantapur has got a proper place to train kids at the Judo Academy with the efforts of RDT and the support of JFI.

“This will simultaneously fortify medal prospects (of the district) and ensure a better future with greater job opportunities for students,” he finished.

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