Gujarat Giants Vs Telugu Titans 02 December 2023

Gujarat Giants
Telugu Titans
GUJARAT GIANTS won the match
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Gujarat Giants 38 - 32 Telugu Titans

A terrific second-half comeback from the Gujarat Giants sees them land the first blow in PKL 10 in front of their home fans. How did they make the comeback, you ask? Sonu Jaglan is the answer. Substituted in with the Giants staring at an all out, he picked up a 5-point raid in the first raid of the second half, swinging the game in favor of the Giants! He didn't relent post that point, and finished with 11 raid points without even getting tackled once!

The Titans couldn't fully recover from that blow early in the second half. While Hamid Nader's Super Tackle briefly brought them within touching distance of the Giants, they couldn't quite retain their composure in a crucial Super Tackle situation, with Sonu making the most of the mistake and taking the Giants' lead beyond doubt.

Both teams' defenses made plenty of mistakes, although it was the Titans' that looked more glaring because it was Pawan making a lot of them and getting sent to the mat. In fact, he spent nearly half the game on the bench, despite Rajnish's best efforts to revive him. A big portion of that time spent on the bench was in the second half, and that was the difference as the Giants ran riot in the 2nd 20 minutes.

A lot to unpack from this game for both teams as they look to configure their best Starting 7s in these opening games of the season. A quality contest to the 10th edition of PKL, but that's not all we have for you today.

It's almost always a doubleheader in Pro Kabaddi, and up next, U Mumba take on the UP Yoddhas. Click here to switch to the complete coverage of that match. Until next time, this is Shreyas signing off!
2nd Half, 40'
Gujarat Giants 38 - 32 Telugu Titans

Pawan gets to his Super 10 with a bonus point, and Sonu is faced with a Do-or-Die raid, but he deploys the kick against the left corner to escape with a point. He's been simply unplayable today! Pawan content to put in an empty raid in the last raid of the match, and the final whistle blows!

Gujarat Giants win the opening contest of PKL 10.
2nd Half, 39'
Gujarat Giants 37 - 31 Telugu Titans

The Giants simply need to kill time here and that's what they do. The Titans need to do just the opposite of that, and Pawan will be glad Fazel rushed in with an advanced tackle to gift him a point. 6 points is the difference and the Titans will aim to keep the margin of defeat, if any, to within 7 points!
2nd Half, 38'
Gujarat Giants 37 - 30 Telugu Titans

Sanjeevi makes the error, and Sonu gets two points. He gets his Super 10, and it's only taken him 12 raids. He hasn't been tackled once. The Titans are down to one and Sourav Gulia gets his first tackle point to condemn them to an all-out. 7-point lead for the Giants now, and that could well be that!
3 minutes, 20 seconds left on the clock. 3 points separate the teams. Gujarat Giants will go into a do-or-die raid with the Titans having a Super Tackle opportunity. This raid could well change the outcome of this match. Timeout called and both teams' coaches have a word with their players.
2nd Half, 36'
Gujarat Giants 32 - 29 Telugu Titans

Pawan finally gets Fazel! He's too swift for Fazel and the defense does well to stay away. Lead down to two for Gujarat, but ohh, Sandeep Dhull gifts a point back, and Pawan isn't happy at all. 

Pawan later gets tackled, but there was also a self-out so the 3-point difference remains. Still 3 on the mat for the Titans. Gujarat need to manage the game from this point, need to kill the clock!
2nd Half, 34'
Gujarat Giants 30 - 27 Telugu Titans

That's a crunching Super Tackle from Hamid Nader! It brings the Titans right back into this and guess what, Pawan Sehrawat is back on the mat. Lead down to three for Gujarat and they still have the Super Tackle on, three on the mat.
2nd Half, 33'
Gujarat Giants 30 - 25 Telugu Titans

Ohh, just when you think the Giants had their man, the referees award a self-out and a bonus+point to the Titans! Fazel reviews, this could be a pivotal moment in the game! Review Unsuccessful! The Titans are still in this.
2nd Half, 32'
Gujarat Giants 30 - 23 Telugu Titans

The Titans are playing on the Super Tackle here and promptly it's a Do-or-Die raid, but Sonu manages to get a point. The right corner comes around to tackle him, but he evades the challenge, and even though he doesn't get the touch, his pace forces Shankar Gadai into a mistake. Robin, the Titans substitute gets a bonus point, but Rakesh gets a touch point to reduce the Titans to one.
2nd Half, 30'
Gujarat Giants 28 - 22 Telugu Titans

Sonu has been electric and the Titans can't get near him. Sanjeevi to put in the final raid before the timeout, and Nabibakhsh's ankle hold has him flat on the mat. It's a 6-point lead for the Giants as we have the second time-out of the match! Can the Titans turn this around? They're down to three.
2nd Half, 28'
Gujarat Giants 26 - 20 Telugu Titans

The Gujarat Giants are peaking in this second half, and Pawan Sehrawat is sent back to the bench where he joins Rajnish. A weak ankle hold attempt from Nabibakhsh, but the right chain is on to Pawan in a flash to dash him off court. 

A do-or-die raid for Gujarat and a 1v4 situation is tough even for someone as skilled as Rakesh, runs right into the right corner and is easily tackled by the right chain of Shankar Gadai and Sanjeevi S, the Titans substitute who has made an impact since coming on.
2nd Half, 26'
Gujarat Giants 25 - 19 Telugu Titans

Ohh, huge tackle from the Titans right cover to stop the flow of points for Gujarat. Could this bring some momentum toward the Titans? Pawan has been kept quiet with the threat of Fazel, while at the other end, Sonu keeps his good game going, adds to his tally, he's already up to 7 points in three raids.

Down the other end, Rajnish attempts a risky ploy by settling for a bonus point in the Do-or-Die raid. It's given, but ohh wait, the decision is reversed! 6-point lead now for the Giants.
2nd Half, 23'
Gujarat Giants 22 - 18 Telugu Titans

First all-out of the season and it goes to the Gujarat Giants! Pawan Sehrawat first to go as Rakesh targets him in a 1v2 situation, and Gujarat promptly ensure the all-out happens.
Suddenly, it's the Telugu Titans who are down to two men. Kabaddi, you absolute beauty!
2nd Half, 21'
Gujarat Giants 18 - 16 Telugu Titans

Well, they've thrown Sonu Jaglan in, and he's done something special here! The referees are counting and it's a humungous raid! It's a 5-point raid from Sonu Jaglan and the crowd bellows in admiration. The tackle comes in from Sandeep Dhull and the rest of the defense is quick to support him, but he's a tall man, Sonu Jaglan, and he uses his free arm to get his fingertips just over the line.

The Titans challenge the decision, saying it's less than 5 points. Replays showing that it's very close. Review Unsuccessful! The on-field verdict stands! It's a 5-point raid!
The Gujarat Giants to raid first in the second half, and they only have two men on the mat, and one of them is Fazel. All three of their raiders are off court. How will they approach this?
Gujarat Giants 13 - 16 Telugu Titans

The Titans have been the better side in the first 20 minutes, and they have a 3-point lead to show for it. It could've been more, but Fazel Atrachali led by example, helping his team execute two Super Tackles and avoiding the all-out. Pawan Sehrawat has led from the front with 6 raid points, but also impressive was Rajnish, who picked up 4 points, and more importantly, wasn't even tackled once. 

Rakesh and Rohit looked sharp for the Giants, but couldn't match the output of the Titans, and were surprised by tackles coming in from the Telugu raiders in the 'in' positions. Eventually, the two Super Tackles brought them back to the game, but they'll have to do well to avoid an all-out at the start of the second half.
1st Half, 20'
Gujarat Giants 13 - 16 Telugu Titans

Rookie error from Rohit Gulia as he loses his balance, enters the lobby without a touch late in the half. That provides the Titans with an opening that Rajnish takes with aplomb with a hefty hand touch on the right corner, who has been a sitting duck. 

Ohh, Mohammad Nabibakhsh falls to a chain tackle and the Titans on the up late in the half! Only two men on the mat for Gujarat and Pawan chooses not to go too deep in the final raid of the half, retreating with an empty raid.
1st Half, 18'
Gujarat Giants 13 - 13 Telugu Titans

Good call from the referees there. Shankar Gadai in the right corner enters the lobby before touching the defender, but the rest of the Titans manage to tackle Rakesh. A point each is awarded. 

Ohh, it's another Super Tackle for the Giants! Fazel Atrachali has had the number of Pawan Sehrawat so far, and that continues with a brilliantly timed ankle hold. Ohh, a quick touch point brings the scores level. Good mini-comeback this from Gujarat
1st Half, 16'
Gujarat Giants 9 - 12 Telugu Titans

The Iranians deliver for the Giants! Gujarat had their backs to the wall, but Nabibakhsh and Fazel pull Pawan back and pick up two points for the the Super Tackle. More importantly, Rakesh is revived as a result. 
1st Half, 14'
Gujarat Giants 7 - 12 Telugu Titans

Another tackle point for the Titans and it's their two raiders combine! Rajnish with the double ankle hold and Pawan races across from the right-in to throw Rohit Gulia off the mat. Pawan then goes across and neatly executes an escape in a 1v4 situation in a Do-or-Die raid! Oh, Pawan with another ankle hold and reduces the Giants to two! It's a Pawan show so far!
1st Half, 12'
Gujarat Giants 7 - 9 Telugu Titans

Pawan Sehrawat in a 1v4 situation and he smartly puts in an empty raid. Onus on Gujarat to pick up the raid points here, Rohit Gulia does just that and evades a late challenge from Parvesh Bhainswal.
Parteek Dahiya is on as a substitute for the Gujarat Giants, replacing Arkam Shaikh. He puts in an empty raid first up.
1st Half, 10'
Gujarat Giants 6 - 9 Telugu Titans

First tackle point for the Titans and it's Sandeep Dhull! Gets a big fish as well, it's Rakesh who's sent back to the bench. Pawan follows up with a terrific running hand touch on the right corner. And on that note, the first timeout is called as we reach the halfway point of the first half. 3-point lead for the Titans.
1st Half, 8'
Gujarat Giants 6 - 6 Telugu Titans

This is breathless stuff. The game quiets down a bit as both teams put in a few empty raids as Rakesh is sent in during a Do-or-Die raid, and he escapes from the dash from the right corner. However, Rajnish shows his quality at the other end and revives Pawan with a ferocious kick in the Titans' do-or-die raid.
1st Half, 6'
Gujarat Giants 5 - 5 Telugu Titans

Pawan Sehrawat is tackled, and who else but Fazel! The crowd roars as Pawan is sent back to the bench, but Rajnish has made a solid start to the game too. He's quick to bring about a revival. He will be crucial to the Titans' chances this season.
1st Half, 4'
Gujarat Giants 4 - 3 Telugu Titans

Rajnish opens his account with a touch point before Rakesh pulls one back for his side. Pawan then sees Sourav Gulia's dash coming from a mile and easily escapes. Rohit Gulia pegs one back with a toe touch. This is going neck and neck.
1st Half, 2'
Gujarat Giants 2 -  1 Telugu Titans

Pawan Sehrawat off the mark straightaway, picks up a bonus point under Fazel Atrachali's nose. He then follows it up with a well-executed escape against Sourav Gulia. Oh, but Pawan with an unnecessary advance tackle to gift Rohit Gulia a point. Fast start to this game!
It's the Telugu Titans who will raid first, Pawan Sehrawat first up. PKL 10 all set to begin!
The teams have completed their warmups and enter the mat, the Titans enter first, followed by the home team Gujarat Giants to a packed house in Ahmedabad. 
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Team News

Here are the first starting lineups of the season for both these teams:

Gujarat Giants: Fazel Atrachali (C), Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Sombir, Sourav Gulia, Rohit Gulia, Rakesh Sangroya, and Arkam Shaikh.

Telugu Titans: Pawan Sehrawat (C), Rajnish Dalal, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sandeep Dhull, Hamid Nader, Ajit Pawar, and Omkar More.

Parteek Dahiya on the bench for the Gujarat Giants is the biggest surprise considering he was the Giants' top scorer last season. Whether he comes on as an impact sub later in the game, it remains to be seen.
Preview (2/2)

The Gujarat Giants, led by Fazel Atrachali, are set to take on the Telugu Titans, helmed by Pawan 'Hi-Flyer' Sehrawat, in the opening fixture of PKL 10 at The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad. 

It's the Giants' home leg first up, and they'll want to start their season on a winning note after finishing a disappointing 8th last time out, missing out on playoffs qualification by four points. They've bolstered their side quite a bit, adding the Iranian duo of Fazel Atrachali and Mohammad Nabibakhsh, also roping in Rohit Gulia from the Patna Pirates.

Meanwhile, last season's wooden spoon holders Telugu Titans released a whole host of players to free up their budget, focussing it on securing Pawan Sehrawat, and entrusting in him and Parvesh Bhainswal, the responsibility of leading a relatively young side back to the top half of the points table.

The match is set to start at 08:00 PM. The lineups will be out soon. Until then, prepare yourself for the upcoming contest by consuming Sportskeeda's pre-match content.
Preview (1/2)

Close to nine and a half years ago, India witnessed a sporting revolution that converted a beloved yet unglamorous sport into one of the most watched, followed, and anticipated sporting leagues. 

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) enters its landmark tenth season, and over the next three months, twelve teams will compete with each other in close to 140 matches to vie for the PKL title, enthralling fans with the fabulous kabaddi on display. 

In the first season, the highest-paid player was Rakesh Kumar, who the Patna Pirates shelled out ₹12 Lakhs to sign. The fact that the Titans led a three-way bidding war to sign Pawan Sehrawat for ₹2.60 Crores shows how much the game has grown.

It's only fitting that the first match of the season involves arguably the PKL's biggest superstar, the Indian captain Pawan Sehrawat, and the most popular non-Indian kabaddi player, the Iranian skipper Fazel Atrachali.
The Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad
Match Start Time
Sat, 02/Dec/2023 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans
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