"I want to put in more efforts" - Leichonbam Neha Devi promises to put in good show at Asian Games 2023

Leichonbam Neha Devi after winning a medal at the Khelo India Youth Games. (Picture Credits: Odisha Sports)
Leichonbam Neha Devi after winning a medal at the Khelo India Youth Games. (Picture Credits: Odisha Sports)

Leichonbam Neha Devi is one of India's brightest prospects in the sport of canoeing at the Asian Games 2023. Being paired with Kaveri for the 200m team canoeing event, she will definitely be on the prowl for a medal.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda, Neha Devi opened up on her journey and how she aims to make canoeing popular in the country with a medal win.

"This is not one of the popular sports and I just wanted to go a little further in this sport to spread awareness about it," said Neha Devi. "We have medals at Asian level. But it is difficult to get a World Championship medal. If we get a World Championship medal, then everyone will know about the game."

Having recently won the Asian Championship, Neha revealed how she broke down after getting a medal in her first international outing.

"I started crying a lot when I won the silver medal at the Asian Championship. Winning a medal in my first international tournament made me very happy," Neha revealed.

Neha Devi spoke about seeing her name in the Asian Games squad and thanked her family for all their support. She promises to put in more effort for a medal.

"I was very happy to see my name in the Asian Games 2023 squad. I want to thank my parents and my family. I am feeling very happy. I want to put in more efforts at Asian Games," Neha promised.

"I get tired quicker while practising" - Neha Devi laments loss of weights, wants to regain it before Asian Games 2023

Growing up, Neha's parents knew about the sport and supported her immensely in her field of choice. Neha divulged that they still talk to her regularly and keep giving her tips on how to improve.

"My parents knew about the sport. I have practiced a lot since I was a child. My parents supported me immensely in this field. They talk to me every day. They keep telling me how I can improve," Neha Devi remarked.

She also spoke about her recent loss of weight, which has led to her feeling fatigued quicker into her practice. She aims to regain some weight ahead of the Asian Games.

"I want to improve more. I want to practice more and be disciplined in terms of eating and sleeping," revealed Neha. "I want to improve my weight. My weight has decreased so I get tired quicker while practising. So I want to improve my weight and do more training."

Lastly, Neha Devi also thanked the Odisha government for their support, divulging that they provide everything that she asks them for, which has consequently allowed her to work even harder.

"Odisha government has supported me a lot. Whatever I have asked for, the Odisha government have provided it, which has enabled us to work even harder," informed Neha.

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