Match Abandoned
An unfortunate end to what was turning out to be a formidable comeback for Bangladesh Austria. Vienna Danube lost their skipper early in the game, but then set the stage on fire in the powerplay. But what came after that was not predicted by anyone. At 55/1 in the fourth over, Vienna Danube were all set for a blazing total, but Bangladesh Austria had other ideas. In a span of 3 overs from having lost just 1 wicket, Vienna Danube went to having lost 8. Runs had dried up, and none of the new batters seemed interesting in staying out to score. It was havoc all around, and Bangladesh Vienna were having a gala time. At the end of the 8th over they needed just 1 wicket to wrap the innings up, but just after the 9th over the rain gods decided to pull up in favour of Vienna Danube, coming in heavy from the skies to abandon the remaining game. What looked like a thriller had to be cut short, but mind you, there is a lot of cricket more to come in the ECS. That's all from this fixture, but do join us next time. I have been Ankit Sharma, along with Karthik Raj, as we bid you farewell! 
Update: The game has been abandoned seeing that the weather has not improved. The next game although could happen in about 40 minutes time. So do switch tabs for that game. 
The umpires after being quite adamant on finishing the first innings have been forced to take the fielders out of the field as it is pouring down quite heavily for the players to continue. Stay tuned as we bring you the updates. 
9.1 Rahat Shahid to Soleimankhel Habibullah, short delivery, Habibullah backs away and cuts it to deep point for a boundary!
Rahat Shahid back into the attack for the final over. 
Habibullah and Shinwari have managed to survive 6 balls and have also managed to pick up a few runs that could use prove to be handy at the end. Meanwhile it has started raining quite heavily so we could be in for a short delay. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1 0 1 1 4 Bowler: Tauqir Asif Score: 78/10
8.6 Tauqir Asif to Samali Shinwari, four runs to end the over!!
8.5 Tauqir Asif to Soleimankhel Habibullah, short delivery, Habibullah clears the front leg and skies it to square-leg where the fielder drops the catch! Single taken
8.4 Tauqir Asif to Samali Shinwari, short on the leg-side, Samali nudges it to square-leg for a quick single.
8.3 Tauqir Asif to Samali Shinwari, length delivery outside-off, Samali looks to punch but he misses it.
8.2 Tauqir Asif to Soleimankhel Habibullah, short on the leg-side, Habibullah pushes it behind square for a single
8.1 Tauqir Asif to Soleimankhel Habibullah, short delivery, Habibullah backs away and looks to carve but he misses it.
Tauqir Asif, back into the attack. 
Another wicket falls and now Bangladesh Austria are just a wicket away from ending the innings. An exceptional comeback with the ball, this. Can Vienna Danube see off the 10 overs or will the tumble down. 
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 0 1 1w 1 W 0 Bowler: Iqbal Hossain Score: 71/10
7.6 Iqbal Hossain to Samali Shinwari, full and down leg, Samali gets a leading edge to backward point for a single. 
Samali Shinwari, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
7.5 Iqbal Hossain to Abdul Rahman, full on the stumps, Abdul swings and misses it completely. The stumps have been knocked back.
7.4 Iqbal Hossain to Soleimankhel Habibullah, full on the stumps, Habibullah comes down and miscues it front of long-on for a single.
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