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Fresh Tropical 90/8 (10 ov)
Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Ravi Paul
Right then, that brings an end to our live coverage of yet another ECS game. Switch tabs and catch all the live updates as the action shifts to Portugal, with the Portugal T10 starting at 10:00pm IST. Stay tuned for Sportskeeda for the latest news as well as live commentaries of matches from all across the globe. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my co-commentator, Karthik Raj, bidding you adieu. Stay home and stay safe!
Bergamo United beat Fresh Tropical by 7 wickets

Bergamo United were always favourites after they got off to a solid start courtesy of a 15-ball 21 by Ahtasham Javaid and a 15-ball 26 by Rizwan Tahir. These contributions lay a solid foundation which eased the pressure on the middle order. However, the game seemed to turn on its head when Zahid Cheema sent both the openers packing in the same over itself. 

Wicket-keeper batsman Mubashir Ali came out all guns blazing as he smacked his way to a 10-ball 21, which helped to drag the required run-rate down to quite a simple one. Mubashar Hussain was a tad watchful as he held up one end and rotated strike, finishing unbeaten on 5 runs off 6 deliveries, while an unbeaten 2-ball 12 runs cameo by Sadat Ali took the game away completely from Fresh Tropical.

As for the bowlers, Amir Sharif was quite economical in his two overs, conceding just 17 runs while the others had abysmal economy rates of well over 10 RPO. Cheema was successful in picking a couple of wickets while skipper Muhammad Imran snared a wicket as well but ended up giving 19 runs in the only over that he bowled.

All-in-all a dominant performance by the Bergamo United as they restricted the Fresh Tropical to just 90 runs earlier in the match and then chased it down quite comfortably with 2 overs to spare and with 7 wickets in hand. 
8.1 Bilal Hamid to Mubashar Hussain, wide delivery down the leg-side and the keeper misses the ball too as it reaches the fence. That is it, Bergamo United seal a seven-wicket victory with 12 balls to spare.
The skipper begins well, firing in a few deliveries which are not picked by the batsman. However, a tossed up delivery is sent over the mid-wicket fence by Amin before the bowler makes a strong comeback and sends the off pole cartwheeling. Sadat Ali, the new batsman, walks in and muscles two huge maximums which kills the game.

Bergamo United need another 3 runs from 2 overs.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 0 6 W 6 6 Bowler: Muhammad Imran Score: 0/0
7.6 Muhammad Imran to Sadat Ali, one more maximum! Flighted delivery, Sadat goes down on one knee and slogs-sweeps it over deep mid-wicket for six runs.
7.5 Muhammad Imran to Sadat Ali, what a start!! Full outside-off, Sadat reaches out and powers it over long-on for a maximum.
7.4 Muhammad Imran to Mubashir Amin, full on the stumps, Amin misses the slog and sees his off pole knocked back.

Sadat Ali walks out to bat
7.3 Muhammad Imran to Mubashir Amin, slower delivery in the slot, Amin slogs it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.
7.2 Muhammad Imran to Mubashir Amin, full and angling away, Amin looks to go big but he misses it.
7.1 Muhammad Imran to Mubashar Hussain, slow and full, Hussain plays it to long-on for a single.
Some good bowling on display by Sharif there as he puts a halt on the flow of runs. However, Amin breaks the shackles as dances down the track and swings across the line, only to get the top edge that flies over the short third man fielder's head for a boundary. A single wraps up the over and Bergamo United are running away with this contest!

Bergamo United need another 22 runs from 3 overs.

Muhammad Imran brings himself into the attack
Over: 7 | Summary: 1lb 1 1 4 1 1 Bowler: Amir Sharif Score: 69/2
6.6 Amir Sharif to Mubashar Hussain, just short of being a yorker, Hussain drives it to the sweeper for a single.
6.5 Amir Sharif to Mubashir Amin, full outside-off, Amin moves across and powers it to long-on for a single.
6.4 Amir Sharif to Mubashir Amin, Amin comes down and top-edges the short delivery over short third-man for a boundary.
6.3 Amir Sharif to Mubashar Hussain, short of a length delivery, Hussain slaps it to extra cover for a single.
6.2 Amir Sharif to Mubashir Amin, short delivery and Amin top-edges it to square-leg for a single.
6.1 Amir Sharif to Mubashar Hussain, length delivery on the leg-side, Hussain misses the slog and gets struck on the pads. Leg-bye taken.
This pair is doing well to rotate strike and punish the poor deliveries away to the fence. A short ball on the body is pulled authoritatively over the square leg region for a huge maximum while the batsmen settle for singles to convert it into a big over. A few extras help as well as they collect 13 runs off that over. 

Bergamo United need another 31 runs from 4 overs.

Amir Sharif is re-intorudced into the attack
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