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Hira CC Sabadell 133/4 (10 ov)
City Lions 134/3 (7.2 ov)
City Lions won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Amar Shakoor Jan
A high scoring game ending in quite an unlikely fashion in there! Fireworks all around the park, this game was a nightmare for the bowlers! Hira CC posted a competitive 133 with their star basher Heera's exploits and a little cameo from Bakhtiar down the order.
With a couple of breakthroughs early on, it all seemed an uphill task for the Lions until Ibrar ensured the Lion's roared through the innings and once the stage was set the momentum was carried forward by their skipper himself! The challenge in the head outweighed the challenge that was presented on the 22 yard with Heera's second over going smacked all around! 
Hira CC would be back for a game in an hour against the Royals. On that note, we have a ticket to buzz away as well. This is Piyush Zaware signing off in the esteemed company of Sooryanarayanan Sesha!
This was insane from the Lions! Winning with 16 balls to spare. Who better than the skipper Shakoor to do the job? Finishing off in style, quite the Mahi way there! Pressure what, Pressure! It's all done and dusted!
Over: 8 | Summary: 6 1w 6 Bowler: Mehmood Akhtar Score: 0/0
7.2 Mehmood Akhtar to Amar Shakoor Jan, SIX! Seals the game in style! What a knock from Amar Shakoor Jan! A captain's innings if there ever was one! Another freebie in the hitting zone of Shakoor and another slam over the mid-wicket fence! He can pack that mid-wicket boundary back home tonight! He absolutely loves that! Done in a canter by the Lions! They roar home with a massive 16 deliveries to spare!
7.1 Mehmood Akhtar to Amar Shakoor Jan, WIDE!
They are cruising to victory! Lions bossing them!
7.1 Mehmood Akhtar to Amar Shakoor Jan, SIX! And Akhtar is treated no differently! An absolute long hop and Shakoor as all the time in the world to heave it over his favoured mid-wicket fence
A dropped chance you really cannot drop in those there! Shakoor brings in his half century off 20 balls. Massive over this for the Lions! They have come all guns blazzing. In this clash of the captains, the Lions captain having the last laugh here! Hira CC in serious trouble now. 17 required off the last 3 overs!
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 6 6 6 1 1 Bowler: Shanawar Shahzad Score: 117/3
6.6 Shanawar Shahzad to Irfan Muhammad, FOUR! Massive over for the Lions! This was angling in and the length is all awry again! Irfan with a swing through square leg to pick up another boundary!
6.5 Shanawar Shahzad to Amar Shakoor Jan, 1 run
6.4 Shanawar Shahzad to Amar Shakoor Jan, SIX! Hat-trick of sixes to bring up a fifty for Shakoor! Change of angle reaps no dividends for Shahzad who once again bowls it in the slot and Shakoor does what he has done all over - clearing his front leg for a six over mid-wicket
6.3 Shanawar Shahzad to Amar Shakoor Jan, SIX! Back-to-back goes Shakoor! Poor from his compatriot though as he bowls another one in the slot and Shakoor clears his front leg again over mid-wicket for a humongous hit!
6.2 Shanawar Shahzad to Amar Shakoor Jan, SIX! The skipper on the charge! In the slot on middle and leg, clears his front leg and swings this over the cow corner fence
6.1 Shanawar Shahzad to Irfan Muhammad, driven off a half volley outside off towards the covers
It's all happening here at Fútbol Club Barcelona's home here! The gamble to bring Heera Lal back in the attack seemed to have backfired for Hira CC. 38 required off 24 now!
Over: 6 | Summary: 1lb 1 1 7nb 1w 1 4 4 Bowler: Heera Laal Score: 96/3
5.6 Heera Laal to Amar Shakoor Jan, FOUR!
5.5 Heera Laal to Amar Shakoor Jan, FOUR! 
5.4 Heera Laal to Irfan Muhammad, 1 run
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