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115/5 (10)
Malmohus won by 36 runs.
Right then, this has been Raghav and myself (Rishab) for the moment. More T10 action coming your way as finals day has just begun. We have a lot more coming through on Super Saturday so do stay tuned to catch it all! Have a great weekend folks!
Malmohus are through to the FINAL with a dominant performance against Evergreen here. They were down and out and came back brilliantly with the bat in those final couple of overs to completely turn this game on its head. They had a terrific finish and carried the momentum into their bowling innings as well. They kept picking wickets and bundled Evergreen out, not giving them any chance to get back into the contest. This has been an excellent response from them under pressure and they will go into that final with immense confidence. 

Evergreen were unbeaten so far and one bad performance has cost them a place in the final. They conceded too many with the ball in those final overs which dented their momentum, which was evident in their chase as well. They never got going and kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Their top order failed to fire, exposing the middle order that wasn't tested at all. 

A disappointing end for Evergreen then and they were outplayed in this game alright. Malmohus, on the other hand, have made a brilliant come back in the tournament and look pretty solid to lift the trophy as well. It all seems to be coming together at the right time for them now!
Done and dusted then! Malmohus have put up a terrific performance and seal their spot in the final as they became the first finalists with a dominant game. Well done with both bat and ball and a disappointing end for Evergreen!
9.1 Dheeraj Malhotra to Awais Naeem, OUT! ALL OVER! Full outside off, angles away and Awais has a wild swing across the line, only for the ball to fly towards deep third man off the leading edge. Catching practice for the fielder and that brings the curtains down on this contest. Malmohus beat Evergreen by 36 runs!
A decent over from Ashish Rajput and this should put even a slight chance for Evergreen out now. Just three runs off the over and this is terrific bowling at the death. Malmohus on their way to the big final and they just have formalities to wrap up now! 
79 /9 score
cricket bat icon Muhammad Qadeer *
3 (7)
cricket bat icon Awais Naeem
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Ashish Rajput
0 /3
8.6 Ashish Rajput to Muhammad Qadeer, goes hard at a length delivery outside off but fails to connect again. No run!
8.5 Ashish Rajput to Awais Naeem, LEADING EDGE! Full outside off, Awais swings across the line only for the leading edge to fall shy of short third man as the batters cross over.
8.4 Ashish Rajput to Muhammad Qadeer, full at the stumps, Qadeer clears his front leg and drags it across the line to long on for one.
8.4 Ashish Rajput to Muhammad Qadeer, WIDE! Loses his line this time and Rajput has to reload.
8.3 Ashish Rajput to Muhammad Qadeer, AND AGAIN! Qadeer is just not able to put bat on ball this over. He goes hard once again only to connect with thin air.
8.2 Ashish Rajput to Muhammad Qadeer, full outside off, Qadeer swings hard but fails to connect.
8.1 Ashish Rajput to Muhammad Qadeer, very full outside off, dips in late as Qadeer goes after it but fails to connect.
Ashish Rajput comes into the attack
76 /9 score
cricket bat icon Muhammad Qadeer *
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Awais Naeem
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Dheeraj Malhotra
1 /13
7.6 Dheeraj Malhotra to Muhammad Qadeer, LEADING EDGE! Full outside off, Qadeer swings across the line with gay abandon but the leading edge balloons over backward point and into the outfield for a single.
7.5 Dheeraj Malhotra to Awais Naeem, full on off stump, Awais drills it down the ground for a single towards long off's left.
Awais Naeem, RHB, is the last man out for Evergreen!
7.4 Dheeraj Malhotra to S Sarwar, OUT! MAGNIFICENT GRAB! Swung across the line again and Sarwar has nailed this one. Deep mid-wicket runs in though and puts in a one-handed dive before plucking it inches off the turf! Jeez, that's a spectacular take alright!
Shahid Sarwar c P Behera b Dheeraj Malhotra 21 (11b, 2x4, 1x6)
Well, some drama in this chase and Evergreen are still fighting! 
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