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Trentino Aquila 108/9 (10 ov)
Lonigo 103/5 (10 ov)
Trentino Aquila won by 5 runs.
Player of the match: Lovepreet Singh-II
What a shame for Lonigo to fall short in the end, where they were cruising at one point and they will certainly be disappointed with themselves having let this game go out of their hands. Sandeep Singh and Rohit Adia got in a good partnership going in the middle after they had a steady start but one that stand was broken, this game started taking it's turn and what seemed to be a modest total, proved to be difficult for them to get in the end, a sorry tale for them and you cannot do nothing but feel bad for them. 

Trentino, on the other hand, will be a very happy side for having defended that total from a point where it certainly looked like Lonigo would comfortably get home. It was Sadaqat Ali who changed the course of the game with the big wicket of Sandeep and from there on, they came back real strong and displayed some wonderful bowling at the death to come out on top. Two wickets for himself and Lovepreet as well, who backed up his good performance with the bat as well to produce an all-round match-winning effort for his side. 

A much-needed win for them as they haven't had a great campaign so far and this win will give them some sort of confidence having come from behind and defended a total that more often than not, gets chased with pretty much ease in this format of the game. As for Lonigo, they will have to look back at where they lost this game after being in a good position and what they can do better going forward to close out games that they ought to! 
What a turn-around this has been! Excellent over at the death from Gurpreet and he's won the game for his side! They defend the score in the end and Lonigo will certainly feel they have let an opportunity to win go by from where they were at one stage. So close and yet so far. Trentino winning by 5 runs in the end and this has been a thrilling encounter!
Over: 10 | Summary: 1 2 1 1 0 2 Bowler: Gurpreet Singh-III Score: 103/6
9.6 Gurpreet Singh to Sagheer Hussain , good length delivery angling in, Hussain swipes it towards deep square leg, only for a single. What a cracking bowling performance by Aquila!

Trentino Aquila beat Lonigo by 5 runs.
9.5 Gurpreet Singh to Sagheer Hussain , full delivery outside off-stump, cracking delivery and the batsman can't get underneath that it.

7 needed off the last ball!
9.4 Gurpreet Singh to Harmesh Lal , back of a length delivery on the leg-stump, Harmesh cuts it towards backward point, only for a single. Singles won't do it for Lonigo
9.3 Gurpreet Singh to Sagheer Hussain, good length delivery on the stumps, swiped towards mid-wicket, for another sharp single
9.2 Gurpreet Singh to Sagheer Hussain , nails the yorker which is flicked by Hussain, but a misfield at mid-wicket allows him to come back for a brace
9.1 Gurpreet Singh to Harmesh Lal , good length delivery on the stumps, Lal gives himself some room and tucks it towards mid-wicket, for a quick single
Lonigo have made a mess of this chase or what! This is going down the wire after all then and what a comeback this has been from Trentino. Great over at the death this and they have bowled well to crawl their way back into this game. Could go either way from here! 

12 more needed off the last over
Over: 9 | Summary: 1b 1 2 1W 0 1 Bowler: Ali Saqib Arshad Score: 96/6
8.6 Ali Saqib Arshad to Harmesh Lal , full delivery outside off-stump, driven firmly towards long-off, only for a single
8.5 Ali Saqib Arshad to Sagheer Hussain , back of a length delivery on top of the stumps, Hussain pulls it towards long-on, for a single
8.4 Ali Saqib Arshad to Bhavneet Singh, RUNOUT! Full delivery angling in, Bhavneet flicks it towards deep mid-wicket, rushes back for the second but he falls way short of his crease.
8.3 Ali Saqib Arshad to Bhavneet Singh, short of a length delivery angling in, Bhavneet rocks back and pulls it towards deep square leg, for a brace
8.2 Ali Saqib Arshad to Harmesh Lal , full toss on the stumps, Lal drives it down the ground, only for a single at long-off
8.1 Ali Saqib Arshad to Bhavneet Singh, back of a length delivery just over leg stump, the keeper makes a meal of it, to gift the batsmen a single
All the drama in this over! Boundaries, wides, dropped catch and then the wicket! This game is certainly not over yet and we might just have a twist in the tale here! Tension soaring in either camps and this is certainly going down the wire from the looks of it! 

19 more off 12 needed
Over: 8 | Summary: 6 0 1 1 1w W 1lb Bowler: Sadaqat Ali Score: 90/5
7.6 Sadaqat Ali to Bhavneet Singh, fullish delivery angling into pads, deflects off it, for a single towards square leg.
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