45/4 (5)
49/5 (4.2)
Belgium won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Waqas Raja
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What a win, what a win for Belgium! They have won this tie by 5 wickets and registered their fourth consecutive victory in European Cricket Championship 2021. The agony continues for Luxembourg as they are still stuck with only one point off their 4 games and sitting at rock bottom of the table.

Chasing 46 in 5 overs was never going to be a tough task for Belgium but some fine bowling by Luxembourg and a bit of reckless batting from the Belgian batsmen spiced up this tie. It was a complete rollercoaster of a run chase with the momentum shifting after the fall of every wicket or a boundary smacked. However, Belgium always ended on a high note towards the end of every over. 

15 runs were needed off the final couple of overs and 7 was required from the last one. Skipper Sheikh Sheraz finished off in style with a boundary and a maximum as Belgium moved three points clear at the top of the Group A table.
4.2 Aanand Pandey to Sheikh Sheraz, FOUR! BELGIUM CONTINUE THEIR UNBEATEN RUN! Length ball delivered in the slot on middle and offstump. Sheikh with his dancing shoes on shimmies down the track and clobbers the ball high and mighty, straight over the sightscreen for a MAXIMUM to take his team to the victory shores. A 5-over masala thriller comes to an end!
4.1 Aanand Pandey to Sheikh Sheraz, FOUR! TANTALIZING BOUNDARY! Short of good length ball bowled on the fifth stump line. Sheraz goes slashing at it but the ball kisses the outside edge and trickles down to the third man fence for a boundary as the fielder puts in a valiant effort but to no avail
Aanand Pandey will bowl the final over.

What an over from Dilshan here! Very unfortunate to go for a six through a leading edge. 7 runs are required from the final over and Belgium are almost there and shouldn't lose this tie.
39 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sheraz Sheikh
9 (4)
cricket bat icon Ali Raza *
6 (1)
cricket ball icon Mohd Dilshad
1 /8
3.6 Mohd Dilshad to Ali Raza, EDGED! SIX! BELGIUM WILL TAKE IT! Full-length delivery bowled on the stumps. Raza swings for the fences with his eyes closed. However, the ball takes the outside half of the bat and flies over the third man fence for an all-important MAXIMUM! Belgium will be breathing a little easy now!
Ali Raza, right-hand bat comes to the crease.
3.5 Mohd Dilshad to Saber Zakhil, CAUGHT! LUXEMBOURG HAVE ERUPTED! Overpitched ball bowled extremely wide off the tramlines. If left alone, that would have been a WIDE. However, Saber goes feeling for it and only manages to scuff the ball down the throat of wide long off where Pandey once again makes no mistake pouching that
3.4 Mohd Dilshad to Saber Zakhil, slower length ball bowled near the tramlines. Zakhil is flummoxed by the change in pace as he swishes at the ball an eternity before it actually reaches him 
3.3 Mohd Dilshad to Sheikh Sheraz, overpitched ball bowled on the fifth stump line. Sheraz gets behind it and munches the ball down to long off for a comfortable single 
3.2 Mohd Dilshad to Sheikh Sheraz, LOUD APPEAL! Yorker length ball tailing into the batter. Sheikh plays across the line, gets pinned on the boot but umpire reckons the batter had got little inside edge on it 
3.1 Mohd Dilshad to Saber Zakhil, back of length ball dug into the pitch wide outside off. Saber on the charge doesn't get enough on it and ends up toe-ending the ball down to long on for a single 
Mohammad Dilshan is into the attack.

That's the end of the third over. Belgium only need 15 more runs from here to win this match. This is a crucial over and Luxembourg have gone for Mohammad Dilshan. He needs to deliver a magical over here.
31 /4 score
cricket bat icon Saber Zakhil
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Sheraz Sheikh *
8 (2)
cricket ball icon Harpal Singh
2 /13
2.6 Harpal Singh to Sheikh Sheraz, FOUR! IMPORTANT BOUNDARY! Low fulltoss going down the leg. Sheraz sits low and brooms the ball firmly to the deep 45 fence for another boundary 
2.5 Harpal Singh to Sheikh Sheraz, FOUR! A flighted ball bowled on the stumps. Sheraz nearly yorks himself but still drills the ball powerfully down the ground beating the two fielders at long on and long off for a boundary 
Skipper, Sheikh Shehraz, right-handed bat, comes into the crease.
2.4 Harpal Singh to Omid Rahimi, CAUGHT! TWO IN TWO! Tossed up ball bowled down the leg. Omid walks across the stumps and clips the ball uppishly behind square where the fielder runs in from deep backward square leg and takes a screamer to send Rahimi packing on a golden duck. Hattrick ball coming up 
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