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147/2 (10)
148/3 (9.3)
Malmohus won by 7 wickets
Right then, this has been Navjeevan and myself (Rishab) and we do need a breather after this thrilling contest. But hey, hang on! We've got plenty more action throughout the day coming your way so do stay tuned to catch it all. You certainly do not want to miss it out!
Well, this has got to be the game of the tournament so far! Malmohus believed and they eventually achieved as well. They were under pressure, they were down but what a magnificent fightback this has been from them. This has got to be one of the most amazing run-chases that we will ever see and they ended up doing it in grand style as well. They made sure to keep themselves in the hunt all the way through and Mallidi, along with Dheeraj gave them the dream finish. 

It wasn't going to be easy for Seaside with the conditions but they made matters worse for themselves with some poor bowling and all the extras cost them the game big time. You have got to feel they were unlucky alright but they certainly could have done fairly better with the ball. They had the runs but failed to defend them and with that, this is the end of the road for them in this edition of the ECS as well. 

Malmohus are going into the next game with immense confidence, which is a massive boost at this stage of the tournament. It will give them belief and they will definitely be on a high. They have pulled off something quite remarkable as a team in this game!
Done and dusted with that! Malmohus have scripted one of the most historical chases you will ever see/. Absolutely sensational and this has been an incredible chase under tremendous pressure. You have got to feel for Seaside though. What drama!
9.3 Anil Gadariya to Dheeraj Malhotra, WINNING RUNS, A FANTASTIC RUN-CHASE!! Full and outside off, Dheeraj drives it through the covers and dashes through for the winning run!!
Penalty, no-ball and when it goes wrong it just horribly goes wrong doesn't it? Oh dear Seaside! 
9.3 Anil Gadariya to Dheeraj Malhotra, NO-BALL CALLED FOR HEIGHT!! Full toss above the waist, Dheeraj pushes that down towards long-on and a poor throw allows them to scamper back for a couple. Scores are tired with free-hit coming up!!
9.2 Anil Gadariya to Sandeep Mallidi, full and bowled outside leg, Sandeep clips it behind square and takes a single
That should pretty much tell us where this game is going. The tables have turned and how! 
9.1 Anil Gadariya to Sandeep Mallidi, TRASHED!! Full and in the slot this one, Sandeep waits back and picks the bones out of this one as he dumps this over cow-corner for a maximum! Down to just 5 runs needed now off 5 balls!!
Anil Gadariya comes back into the attack
11 off 6 it is then. What drama!
Five penalty runs for slow over-rate! Last thing Seaside would want and this only makes it easier for Malmohus!
This is going right down the wire!
My word Malmohus have comeback into this contest and how! This has been a key partnership and this game can go anywhere from here. Malmohus have the momentum and will back themselves to go through. They keep the boundaries coming and this has been remarkable indeed. Can Seaside go to win this from here? 16 more off 6 needed!
134 /3 score
cricket bat icon Sandeep Mallidi
26 (10)
cricket bat icon Dheeraj Malhotra *
27 (7)
cricket ball icon Hussain Ashiq
0 /38
8.6 Ashiq Hussain to Dheeraj Malhotra, ANOTHER BOUNDARY!! Slower one on the stumps, Dheeraj waits back for it and flicks that away down towards long-leg and the ball races away to the ropes once again
8.5 Ashiq Hussain to Dheeraj Malhotra, SMACKED!! Full toss on the stumps, Dheeraj lunges forward and swats it towards deep square leg and finds the ropes on the bounce! 20 runs needed off 7 balls now!!
8.4 Ashiq Hussain to Sandeep Mallidi, very full on the stumps, Sandeep bunts it past the bowler for one
8.3 Ashiq Hussain to Sandeep Mallidi, full and outside off, Sandeep drives that away towards deep cover and gets a couple
8.2 Ashiq Hussain to Dheeraj Malhotra, full and angling in, Dheeraj swings and misses. The keeper makes a wild throw and batters steal a bye
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