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Gorkha 11 116/4 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura 85/6 (10 ov)
Gorkha 11 won by 31 runs.
Player of the match: Imran Khan Jr.
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator Bala. Do join the second match between the same two sides which should start in ten minutes' time. 
Zulfiqar Shah finishes with a massive six but Malo end up 31 runs short of the target. Their poor bowling performance was going to cost and it did as the 117-run target proved to be big to track down. Malo skipper Mian Mehmood got a few boundaries but Rahul Bhardwaj dismissed him and Zafar Ali pretty early on in the piece. Thereafter, Najam Shahzad and Amir Zaib came together for a 48-run partnership but it came off 28 balls which is pretty slow given the asking rate. In the end, the duo of Sripal Matta and Madhukar Thapa took two wickets apiece to finish the match in style. This victory has ensured that Gorkha 11 have gone three wins in a row. This will give them confidence going into the reverse fixture against the same Malo side which will start soon. On the other hand, Malo need to be a lot more disciplined with the ball as they gave away a massive 47 runs through extras.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1w 6 0 0 W W 6 Bowler: Madhukar Thapa Score: 0/0
9.6 Madhukar Thapa to Zulfiqur Shah, SIX! Length ball on the off-stump, gets down on one knee to get underneath it and smashes it with disgust over the mid-wicket fence
9.5 Madhukar Thapa to Jayesh Popat, OUT! Two in two for the skipper! Right in the blockhole from Thapa. Popat gets no bat on it and gets the woodwork disturbed
9.4 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Maisam, OUT! Timber! This was just waiting to happen. Swings wildly across the line of the ball and gets beaten with the ball hitting the top of off-stump
9.3 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Maisam, steps down the track and swings across the line, loses the shape completely and gets beaten
9.2 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Maisam, full ball fractionally outside off nipping away off the seam, beats the outside edge as he tries to hit it down the ground
9.1 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Maisam, SIX! Right in the slot angling in, it is in the hitting arc of the batsman and he swings it over the square leg boundary
9.1 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Maisam, angles this one into the right-hander but gets the line wrong, going down the leg-side
Five runs and two wickets of the penultimate over from Sripal Matta. Malo need an unlikely 45 runs off the last six balls.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1b 0 W W 4 0 Bowler: Sripal Matta Score: 0/0
8.6 Sripal Matta to Aamer Ikram, full outside off, goes across the line in a bid to go across the line but gets no connection
8.5 Sripal Matta to Aamer Ikram, FOUR! Drags this one down, easy pickings for the batsman. he opens up the shoulders and pulls it away fiercely to the mid-wicket fence
Najam Shahzad has to walk back now. Angling away from a short of length and Najam got a thick outside-edge to the man running in from deep point. Hat-trick ball coming up
8.4 Sripal Matta to Najam Shahzad, OUT! Short of a length delivery, slashes hard but gets the top edge. The fielder at sweeper cover runs in and completes the catch
Amir Zaib gone now!! Full and wide from Sripal and Amir miscued it to extra cover where Siraj Nipo took a simple catch.
8.3 Sripal Matta to Amir Zaib, OUT! Full outside off, goes hard and miscues it straight up in the air. The fielder at covers peddles back and takes the catch efficiently
8.2 Sripal Matta to Amir Zaib, full ball outside off angling away, tries to go through the covers but connects only with the thin air
8.1 Sripal Matta to Najam Shahzad, length ball marginally outside the off-stump, swings himself off the feet but can't find any contact. It goes through the keeper's glove as well
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