153/7 (20)
156/7 (19.4)
BLK won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Fidel Edwards
A hard-fought win in the end for the Bhilwara Tigers. The first nail-biter of this competition. It was a pleasure bringing all the live updates for you through the course of this game. So until the next time, this is Arya Sekhar Chakraborty signing off on the behalf of my fellow commentator and good mate Pradeep. Ta-ta!!!
Irfan Pathan (Captain, Bhilwara Kings): Yusuf played a brilliant innings. I have done captaincy for Baroda. I was holding my nerves. We lost the momentum after a great start. Things would have been different had Yusuf stayed there. The way he (Kaif) was playing, even when he came out to bat he had a clear game plan. The way Sahu and Kaif batted, it almost took the game away from us. I was preparing for the losing speech to be honest.
Harbhajan Singh (Captain, Manipal Tigers): I think we had quite a few runs, just wasn't enough, we tried our best, the best team won and the kind of start they got, they deserved this win. Kaif is very hard working guy, just want to give his 100%, just glad that he was there till the end, may be 10 runs short but whatever runs we got, it was because of that partnership with Sahu and Kaif. It's always a pleasure playing with one of the role models of the game, him, Kapil paaji and Sachin Tendulkar, thanks to this league to have such player, people are sharing rooms with them, they're going to learn a lot.
Fidel Edwards has been adjudged the Legend of the Match! Here's what he has to say: It was always good for us to get off to a good start, that was the plan. It was good for the spectators in the end, they saw some thrilling stuff, just good for the game. (About Tino Best) I'll stay away from him (chuckles)
Bhilwara Kings beat Manipal Tigers by 3 wickets (with 2 deliveries left)

Yusuf Pathan 44 (28) | Fidel Edwards 4/30 (4)
Mohammed Kaif 73 (59) | Ryan Sidebottom 3/38

The Bhilwara Kings was pegged early during the run chase as Naman Ojha was trapped right in front by an exceptional in dipper from Ryan Sidebottom. William Porterfield was also sent back to the pavilion early as Chris Mpofu cut him in half with a delivery that jagged back sharply after pitching. From there on it was a good stand between Nick Compton and Tanmay Srivastava which got the Bhilwara Tigers back on track. Compton was dismissed by Harbhajan and it was followed by an animated send-off. 

Srivastava played some nice shots but his dismissal didn't help the cause. Muralitharan and Harbhajan Singh bowled good lines and took us back to the years when they used to weave their magic. Murali bagged the wicket of Rajesh Bishnoi and finished with impressive figures. Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan struck some big blows to bring the equation down. 

The two quick wickets of the Pathan brothers tilted the scales in favour of the Manipal Tigers. However, Tino Best had other ideas. The muscular man came out all guns blazing and smashed 14 of just 4 deliveries in the last over to see his side over the finishing line. 

Earlier in the day it was a incredible comeback from the Manipal Tigers after being put into bat by Irfan Pathan. They reached a respectable score of 153 from 15/4 ad it was largely possible due to a great knock from the Tigers' skipper Mohammed Kaif. He scored 73 of 59 deliveries and got some good support from Pradeep Sahu. 
An incredible finish from Tino Best as he smashed 14 of only 4 deliveries in the final over to take the Bhilwara Kinmgs home with a couple of deliveries to spare. When Yusuf departed, it looked done for the Kings but Best had other ideas. A swangsong in the end as a six and a couple of fours take them over the line.
19.4 Chris Mpofu to Tino Best, FOUR MORE! THAT'S IT! Bhilwara Kings get over the line, what a cameo in the end from Tino Best. Change of pace, length delivery on the off-stump, Best lunges and lofted it wide of the mid-off fielder to his left, runs away down to long-off for a boundary to seal the game.
19.3 Chris Mpofu to Tino Best, FOUR! Short into Best, he swivels to pull but he's got the top edge, flies over the keeper's head and down to fine-leg fence for a much needed boundary.
Tino Best is taking the Bhilwara Kings home. A streaky shot which goes over the keeper's head. 10 of 3 and just 2 more required of the last 3 deliveries. 
19.2 Chris Mpofu to Tino Best, short into Best, bangs it into the track, goes just over the batter's head as Best ducks under it, through to the keeper.
Tino Best has made me look silly here. Not a good ball from Mpofu and Best swings across the line hard and connects it to perfection. Sails well over the deep square leg fence. 
19.1 Chris Mpofu to Tino Best, SIX! BAM! Ridiculous hit from Best, what a shot under pressure. Length delivery on the off-stump, Best down on one knee and POWERS it over deep square-leg fence, just manages to clear the fielder and picks up a maximum.
A good comeback from Sidebottom after conceding 10 runs of the first two deliveries. The big wicket of Yusuf Pathan coming here. Christopher Mpofu should defend 12 from the last over unless Best swing away and make good connection.  
142 /7 score
cricket bat icon Matt Prior
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Tino Best *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Ryan Sidebottom
3 /38
18.6 Ryan Sidebottom to Tino Best, back of a length on the off-stump, Best down the track looks to pull but mistimes it down to long-on for just one.
18.5 Ryan Sidebottom to Tino Best, length delivery on the outside off, Best shimmies down the track and throws kitchen sink and misses.
18.4 Ryan Sidebottom to Tino Best, back of a length delivery, angling it across right-hander, Best gets beaten by the pace, through to the keeper.
Tino Best, RHB comes out to the crease. 
It's a bonus wicket for the Manipal Tigers. They could just find a way to beat the Bhilwara Kings here. Yusuf Pathan was the dangerman who could have single-handedly taken the Bhilwara Kings over the line. This will be a trick chase from here on. Still 13 required of 9 deliveries. 
18.3 Ryan Sidebottom to Yusuf Pathan, OUT! JUGGLES BUT TAKES IT ON THE SECOND ATTEMPT! Is there still hope for the Tigers? Full toss and Yusuf whacked it straight down to long-on, runs forward and pops out but then takes it on the second attempt.

Yusuf Pathan c R Powell b R Sidebottom 44 (28b 4x4 2x6)