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Malo CC Vilamoura 77/7 (10 ov)
Oeiras 76/7 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura won by 1 runs.
Player of the match: Zafar Ali
A double header between Oeiras and Lamo today wraps up the day, with the latter winning both the games. That's all from us for now, but do join us tomorrow for another action packed day in the ECS, as we bring all the live action to you! For now, I have been Ankit Sharma along with Abhinav Singh, as we call it a night! 
Malo too came under pressure in the final over, as they took too long to discuss tactics to prevent 11 runs, but they ended up taking too long and were charged a penalty of 5 runs. That brought the equation down to 6 from 6, but with only the tail left, it was going to be tough. Malo skipper, Mehmood took on the responsibility himself, and managed to restrict the batsmen from scoring 6 runs, and made sure his team emerged victorious. All credits to him for shuffling his bowlers well, and of course to hold his nerves in the final over. A very well deserved victory for Malo this. 
Had Oeiras managed to build just one decent partnership up top or in the middle, the result would have been different for sure. The succumbed under pressure of winning this game and have thrown the game away. Having already lost the first game in the day to the same opponent, they wanted to pick up the first points of the tournament but their batsmen just could not find their ground. But all credits to Malo, to have put pressure right from ball one on the openers, and continuously bowl tight lines to make life difficult for the batters. 
Oeiras having lost their first wicket in the first over, did not seem to have it in them to recover from there. Krut Patel was the most dangerous looking batsman, but he too, fell early after quickly scoring 11 runs, the highest in his team, along with his skipper Balkrisna. The latter came in quite late to bat, but was looking to be aggressive just as the situation required him to. He too, could not stay longer and was gone for a soft dismissal. None of the top orders looked comfortable out there, and there was too much pressure building on the new batters to come in and settle in. 
What a sensational game this has turned out to be. A low scoring thriller going right down to the last ball, where Malo have once again managed to defend their target against Oeiras, but this time by just 1 run. Malo needed a good start with the ball, and they got just that. An early wicket in the game to set the tone for them to pick up wickets throughout the innings. Barring Najam Shahzad, every bowler managed to pick up wickets making life really difficult for the batting unit. 
Mian Mehmood has held his nerves, under immense pressure to make sure the game does not slip away from them. A very tight over to restrict 6 runs against the tail enders of Oeiras. A cracker of a game, that has been won by Malo by just 1 run. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 W 5w 1 1 1b 1 Bowler: Mian Shahid Score: 76/8
9.6 Mian Mehmood to John Foster, OEIRAS MESS IT UP AGAIN! Low fulltoss on the legstump. John shuffles across from the stumps but the heavy ball hits him high on the bat and only balloons in front of mid-on where the bowler quickly races towards and collects the ball to stop the batsmen from coming back for a second run!
9.5 Mian Mehmood to Mohon M F Hussain, overpitched ball on the wide outside off line but within the tramlines. Mohon fails to make any contact but the keeper fumbles behind the stumps which allows the batsmen to come around for a single
9.4 Mian Mehmood to John Foster, short of good length ball on the offstump. John on the backfoot cuts the ball genty, gets an inside edge onto the ground. His partner Husain calls for the single quickly and both batsmen complete the single without any hiccup
9.3 Mian Mehmood to Mohon M F Hussain, short of good length delivery angling down the leg. Mohon who could have launched it anywhere gets a thick outside edge as the ball lobs to third man for a single only 
John Foster, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
9.2 Mian Mehmood to Kumar Rohit, OUT! CAUGHT! Overpitched ball on the offstump. Rohit charges down the track but ends up splicing the ball straight down the throat of backward point fielder who takes a good tumbling catch to send Rohit packing 
9.1 Mian Mehmood to Kumar Rohit, back of length ball on the offstump. Rohit with his legstump guard tries to hoick across the line but fails to make any contact 
Mian Mehmood, back into the attack. 5 penalty runs added. Well well, Oeiras have just been given a wild card. Penalty runs for the delay. The umpires are not having it at all. Just 6 runs needed now. 
A long discussion as to who should bowl the final over. Malo will not want to give this game away. 
Oeiras are still in this game, thanks to a no ball from Shahzad, with the extra ball resulting in a four. Rohit could be the hero for Oeiras who can take them over the last jump. Last over to go, 11 runs needed. Joujant has unfortunately walked off with an injury, but the game goes on. All down to the last over now. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 2 1nb 4 0 0 1 Bowler: Najam Shahzad Score: 0/0
8.6 Najam Shahzad to Kumar Rohit, overpitched ball on the offstump. Rohit moves across his stumps, turns the ball into a half volley and squirts it away to deep backward point for a single. Right then, we have a final over drama on our hands!
8.5 Najam Shahzad to Kumar Rohit, short of good length ball on the fourth stump line. Rohit tries to force the issue on this one, ends up losing his shape as the ball whizzes past his outside edge 
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