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Rome Bangla Cricket Club won by 13 runs.
Player of the match: Ahmed Rajib
KEL won this match by 13 runs!!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Kent Lanka and Roma Bangla Morning Suns. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Bala signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
The equation came down to 28 runs needed in 12 balls and KEL surely needed to find boundaries in the final overs. Their batters did try their best to find the boundaries but were unable to do so as they kept getting caught right on the boundary ropes. 71 runs were just too much in the end.
KEL continued to find the runs as Hossain bowling the 2nd over for RBMS gave away a few bonus runs to KEL. The over in the end went on to fetch out 15 runs. Arachige took over the charge and found the boundaries, keeping his side in this match.
Coming in to chase a steep target of 72 runs in 5 overs, Sudarshana and Arachige came out to open the batting for KEL, they had the perfect start as Sudarshana found the boundaries straight away. Sudarshana lost his wicket in trying to hit the ball over the ropes one time too many.
72 runs, in the end, proved to be too much for KEL as their batters were unable to find the boundaries needed towards the end. KEL lost a couple of wickets in that last over as they tried to go slogging for the boundary ropes but were unsuccessful.
Over: 5 | Summary: 1 4 0 W 1 W Bowler: Ahmed Rajib Score: 57/5
4.6 Rajib Ahmed to Tikiriyadura Danushka, RUN OUT!! Full and on the stumps, the batsman hits that ball towards deep cover, the batsman tried to come back for a second and was unable to make it and loses his wicket
4.5 Rajib Ahmed to Mithun Buwaneka, full and outside off, the batsman works that ball along the ground for just a single
4.4 Rajib Ahmed to Arachige Shanka, IN THE AIRRRRR AND CAUGHT! Full and outside off, the batsman looks to SLOG THAT ONE!! Skies it high in the air does not get the distance, the fielder in the deep poches it
4.3 Rajib Ahmed to Arachige Shanka, full and wide outside off, the batsman has to go fetch for it misses, close call as it was near to that wide line. Down to 16 runs needed in 3 balls!
4.2 Rajib Ahmed to Arachige Shanka, FOUR!! Full and in the slot, the batsman works that one towards mid-wicket region and finds a certain boundary
4.1 Rajib Ahmed to Mithun Buwaneka, full and hit along the ground for a single. 20 runs needed in 5 balls now!
Rajib Ahmed comes on to bowl the final over
Over: 4 | Summary: 1 1 0 1lb 4 W Bowler: Dewan Rana Score: 51/3
21 runs needed from last 6 balls! Tough ask for KEL as they need 3 big hits for sure
Over: 4 | Summary: 1 1 0 1lb 4 W Bowler: Dewan Rana Score: 51/3
3.6 Rana Dewan to Arachige Shanka, length ball angling across the batsman, gets beaten with the swing. The non-striker is halfway down the track and gets sent back. He slips and falls giving no chance to get back
3.5 Rana Dewan to Arachige Shanka, FOUR! Length ball on top of the stumps, clears the front leg and hoicks it across the line to the mid-wicket boundary, one bounce into the pitch
3.4 Rana Dewan to Mhindukulasuri Sanjaya, steps down the track but the bowler bowls into him cramping the batsman for room. The ball hits the thigh pad and Shanka calls him through for a single
3.3 Rana Dewan to Mhindukulasuri Sanjaya, good length ball marginally outside the off-stump, swings hard across the line but makes no connection
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