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Trentino Aquila 95/5 (10 ov)
Royal Cricket Padova 88/5 (10 ov)
Trentino Aquila won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Atif Saleem Raza
That's all we have for this game as my co-commentator, Pratyush Rohra, and I, Lavil Saldanha take your leave. Do check Sportskeeda for all the live match coverage and the latest sports-related news articles. Until then, its good bye from our side, SEE YA!
Trentino Aquila win the match by 7 runs

A good game of cricket for both sides here as the side that did a mistake less to the game to their name and ended the match with a win next to their name. Trentino Aquila begins their ECS sojourn with a win against one of the most successful sides of the ECS Venice league. 

Chasing 95 runs would be a walk in the park for any side. But the Aquila bowlers stood up and took the challenge to defend the paltry total. They took the wickets of the openers early in the chase and derailed the chase early on by not allowing the batsmen to gather any momentum. They began bowling the stock deliveries that stayed in the pitch and deceived the batsmen for pace, not allowing them to score at a good pace. The pick of the bowlers by Atiq Saleem Raza who returned with 2 wickets in 2 overs, conceding a mere 12 runs in his spell.

 TheRCP batsmen failed to gather any momentum in the chase as they couldn't get the wheel rolling and were always behind the 8-ball. Only Nishanka Kumarasinghe could cross the 20 run mark and kept the hopes of his side alive in the game, but unfortunately couldn't lead his side to a victory
Over: 10 | Summary: 3 1 1 1 4 0 Bowler: Zeeshan Javaid-Muhammad Score: 88/5
9.6 Zeeshan Javaid Muhammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , low full toss on the off-stump, Kumarasinghe drives it towards long-on,but the single is not enough for them.

Trentino Aquila beat Royal Cricket Padova by 7 runs.
9.5 Zeeshan Javaid Muhammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , FOUR! Fullish delivery outside off-stump, Kumarasinghe throws the kitchen sink at it and gets an outside edge that flies over short third man, for a boundary
12 needed in 2 now, one mishit here and the game is gone
9.4 Zeeshan Javaid Muhammad to Lahiru Thommage, full delivery on the stumps, Thommage goes for the heave but gets an inside edge onto his pads, for a sharp single. Two sixes needed now!
9.3 Zeeshan Javaid Muhammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , full delivery angling into the batsman, who ca only work it towards mid-wicket, for a single
9.2 Zeeshan Javaid Muhammad to Lahiru Thommage, back of a length delivery angling in, Thommage gloves it towards square leg and scampers through for a single
9.1 Zeeshan Javaid Muhammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , back of a length delivery into the batsman, who pulls it towards deep square leg and some poor fielding allows them to come back for the third, because of overthrows
18 runs needed in the last over. This match has gone down the wire here and now will need some huge hits here if the Trentino Aquila can script a come-from-behind win. Zeeshan Muhammad will bowl the last over the match 
Over: 9 | Summary: W 2nb 6 1b 6 4b 1lb Bowler: Aqib Mohammad Score: 78/5
8.6 Aqib Mohammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , good length delivery crashes into the pads, the batsmen scamper through for the single though. Direct hit and Kumarasinghe was a goner!
8.5 Aqib Mohammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe, FOUR BYES! Full delivery following the batsman goes through him and beats the keeper as well! Crucial runs!
8.4 Aqib Mohammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , SIX! BANG! Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Kumarasinghe clobbers his pull shot over square leg for a crunching six!
8.3 Aqib Mohammad to Lahiru Thommage, back of a length delivery outside off, Thommage swings and misses but the keeper makes a mess of it too, allowing the batsmen to sneak a single
8.2 Aqib Mohammad to Lahiru Thommage, SIX! Full delivery in the slot, Thommage clobbers it back over the bowler's head for a towering six!
Lahiru Thomage is the new man in
8.2 Aqib Mohammad to Nishshanka Kumarasinghe , NO BALL! High full toss on the stumps, Kumarasinghe pulls it towards square leg, only for a single
8.1 Aqib Mohammad to Kalubowila Gunasekara, RUN-OUT! Back of a length delivery outside off, Gunasekara swings and misses and his partner forces the single, to leave Gunasekara in no man's land.
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