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Royal Parma Cricket Club 134/6 (10 ov)
Cricket Stars 125/2 (10 ov)
Royal Parma Cricket Club won by 9 runs.
Player of the match: Mehmoor Javed
Cricket Stars falling short by just 10 runs in the end! So close and yet so far in what was a brave effort in this chase from them after having lost their captain as early as in the very first over. It was Sultan Hassan and Suraj Prakash then then who did stitch together a useful partnership in the middle to keep them in the hunt but they failed to accelerate when they really needed to. They may not have lost wickets but it was the rate of scoring that was the issue for them throughout the chase. 

A brilliant fighting fifty from Hassan but it needed more than just that for them to have scaled the total down. Not enough support in terms of hitting from the other end and Prabhjeet did join the party, but at that stage where it was certainly over for them and wouldn't effect the outcome of the game one bit. 

A effort with the ball by RPCC to come out and defend that score keeping the scoring down and the final scorecard might suggest that it got slightly close towards the end but they were always with the upper hand right from the start till the end of this chase with the way they bowled making sure things never went out of hand for them. 

Should be a pleasing win for them, with some good performances both with bat and ball that will give them confidence going ahead but if there's one area that will need to address from this game, it will be their fielding and they will look to fix it in the games to come, lucky enough they got away with it in this game, but they will surely have to spare some thoughts on it! 
Too little too late from Prabhjeet Singh as the Stars fall short eventually in this chase. A brave effort from them though, with Sultan Hassan being unbeaten on a well made 53 but it just wasn't going to be enough to get them past the line. RPCC then emerging victorious on the back of some good bowling, holding their nerves to seal the deal! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 1 1 0 6 6 Bowler: Hardeep Singh-2 Score: 125/2
9.6 Hardeep Singh to Prabhjeet Singh, SIX! HOW ABOUT THAT FOR COMMITMENT! The game is done but Rajmani shows tremendous commitment at the cow corner fence! Full and in the slot on off, Prabhjeet clears his front leg and lofts it high into the air, Rajmani back pedals and takes the catch off his outstretched right hand but fails to put the ball back in on time as some part of his fingers was in contact with the ball while he landed! Incredible effort off the last ball! Alas, the six doesn't make a difference for the batting side though - Royal Parma CC win by 9 runs!
9.5 Hardeep Singh to Prabhjeet Singh, SIX! Too little, too late sadly! On a length in the channel, heaves it into the leg-side over cow corner for a maximum! 16 needed off the final delivery! Not going to happen for the Stars in this game!
9.4 Hardeep Singh to Prabhjeet Singh, fuller outside off, Prabhjeet gives himself room but fails to connect as the ball goes past the edge; Sultan is down the track but has to return before he is caught short of his crease!
9.3 Hardeep Singh to Sultan Hassan, Short on off, pulled over the top as the ball drops short of Rajmani who doesn't want to run in and make a meal of it. He knows now that the game is in the bag!
9.2 Hardeep Singh to Prabhjeet Singh, on a length at the stumps, pulled towards deep mid-wicket. This is not going to suffice for Cricket Stars
9.1 Hardeep Singh to Prabhjeet Singh, angling away on a length wide outside off, steps out to reach for it but misses out on getting bat on ball on his attempted pull
Sultan Hassan has been batting well out there doing everything he possibly can to keep his side in the hunt. Just not enough though, with no support from the other end really and this had to be a massive over for them to really get close. He's fighting it out in the middle though, gets to a brilliant FIFTY as well. Can they have a miracle finish though? 

24 off the final over!
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 6 0 0 2 4 Bowler: Rajmani Singh Score: 111/2
8.6 Rajmani Singh to Sultan Hassan, FOUR! JUST PAST THE FIELDER! Slaps a shortish delivery outside off aerially, goes just past the outstretched hand of the cover fielder to his left before crashing into the ropes. Brings up fifty for Sultan! A fighting innings but 24 needed now off the last 6!
8.5 Rajmani Singh to Sultan Hassan, DROPPED! Rajmani bangs one well into the pitch and Sultan has a tennis-swat over the leg-side; ends up top-edging it over the keeper's head as fine leg fluffs a simple chance near the ropes! Poor effort again!
8.4 Rajmani Singh to Sultan Hassan, OOH! Goes for the yorker outside off, Sultan walks across and looks to heave it over the leg-side, ends up chopping the low full toss onto his boot off the inside edge. He's stubbed his foot here and will require some medical attention!
8.3 Rajmani Singh to Sultan Hassan, WELL BOWLED! Banged short of a length outside off but takes pace off on it this time, Sultan looks to pull but can only chop it off the inner half of the blade back to the bowler
8.2 Rajmani Singh to Sultan Hassan, SIX! MUCH-NEEDED MAXIMUM! Dropped short outside off, Sultan walks down the pitch and slams a pull way over the mid-wicket fence! Brings up the 100 for Cricket Stars!
8.1 Rajmani Singh to Prabhjeet Singh, JUST SHORT! Banged short and angling in, Prabhjeet plays all over it as he simply pokes at it and the ball lobs off the edge towards third man
Some poor fielding continues from RPCC and they will need to get a lot better at that. It's Sultan Hassan doing all the striking at the moment and giving the Stars some hope in this chase now, excellent batting and this game is getting interesting as we get to the end! 

37 off 12 needed
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 1 2nb 4 4 4 0 Bowler: Attiq Ur Rehman Score: 98/2
7.6 Attiq Ur Rehman to Sultan Hassan, swing and a miss! A dot ball to end an eventful over!
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