Atlas UTC Knights CC 103/3 (10 ov)
Royal Strikers 64/5 (10 ov)
Atlas UTC Knights CC won by 39 runs.
Player of the match: Samuel Stanislaus
Right then, that's all we've got for you from this match as I, Suraj Jajoo and my co-commentator, Ankit, take your leave. Stay tuned for more live-action coming your way here on Sportskeeda. Till then, please take care and stay safe!
Since the wicket of Verghese, everything went away from the Strikers as wickets started tumbling and the scoring rate sort of stopped for a moment until Midhun Mohanan sent a couple of them out of the park. But that was too late and they were short of 39 runs in the end. A lot of credit has to go to the AUK bowling unit who bowled with utmost discipline, giving away no freebies. They kept on bowling those hard lengths, Salikumar played his part and was unplayable for a bit, ending with figures 2-0-8-2. 
Well, it's all over for the Royal Strikers as they fail miserably in the chase. 104 was never going to be easy for them but they failed to even make a mark. With the wicket of Savio Thomas, the momentum was already broken in the very first over itself as Sujesh Appu nailed his line and lengths. We knew Livin Varghese will be the key in this chase it proved out to be that case as he struck 2 sixes in an over against Sujesh Appu. Nithin Babu showcased his talent even in the bowling department by striking in his first over. 
64 /5 score
cricket bat icon Midhun Mohanan
14 (16)
cricket bat icon Sanish Mani *
5 (7)
cricket ball icon Vishnu Shaju
0 /9
9.6 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , a single to wrap up the game. Full on the pads, quick one too, as Mani is forced to play this to square leg. There should have been two runs there, but Mohanan runs the first run short. A comfortable win for Atlas UTC Knights with a margin of 39 runs. 
9.5 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , beaten! Full and pretty much straight, with just a hint of movement at the end to skid past the outside edge and onto the keeper. No runs. 
9.5 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , wide ball. Mani again missing his line as he bowls almost outside the pitch on the off side. 
This is not the first time we've seen a dropped catch near the boundary rope. Fortunately, it didn't cross the boundary rope. 
9.4 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , DROPPED! Shortish ball on the chest, pulled in search for a maximum. Miscued and straight into the hands of the man at deep square leg, who had it in his grasps but drops it eventually. 
9.3 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , full on middle and off, as the right hander drills this to mid wicket region for two. 
9.2 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , slower delivery, just outside off stump. Mani was looking to go big but is beaten for the lack of pace. 
9.1 Vishnu Shaju to Midhun Mohanan , full on the pads. Mohanan unable to make the most of the free hit and only tickles this away to square leg. 
9.1 Vishnu Shaju to Sanish Mani , no ball! Not the ideal start for Shaju. The ball slips from his hands and goes straight over the batsman's head without a bounce. A warning to the bowler and a free hit coming up! Ball slips past the keeper too for a single. 
Vishnu Shaju to bowl the last over.
Seems a consolation six off the last second ball as the match looks done and dusted for the batting side. They need 49 runs from the last over.
55 /5 score
cricket bat icon Midhun Mohanan *
13 (15)
cricket bat icon Sanish Mani
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Muhammed Jameel
0 /12
8.6 Jameel Muhammad to Midhun Mohanan , back to the swing and miss then! Quick and full, wide enough to beat the outside edge. No runs. 
8.5 Jameel Muhammad to Midhun Mohanan , SIX! A connection finally for Mohanan and he gets a maximum. Good length delivery in the arc of the right hander who latches onto it and smacks it all the way over deep point. 
8.4 Jameel Muhammad to Midhun Mohanan , fuller this time and the right hander does not connect again. Enough pace to go past the top edge of the batsman. 
8.3 Jameel Muhammad to Midhun Mohanan , this time he nails the wider line. Good length quite far away from the wild swing of Mohanan. No runs. 
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