SC Europa Cricket 70/8 (10 ov)
PSV Hann Munden 76/4 (8.1 ov)
PSV Hann Munden won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Asad Sangari
PSV Hann-Munden win by 6 wickets!
That brings us to the end of the day at ECS T10 Kiel. For all the latest scores and updates, follow Sportskeeda. This is Sudheesh, along with my friend and colleague Maanas Upadhyay, signing off. Thank you for joining us and goodbye!
For PSV, Asad Sangari the opener top-scored with 29 and got out just a run away from victory. He was ably supported by Imran Hafiz who made 22 runs and their partnership really took away any chances SCE had at the start.
The SCE bowlers never looked confident defending a low score. Other than Israfeel and Dawood Aryubi, everyone went for plenty of runs. Dev Rana went for 25 runs but got 2 wickets as well.
That's a dominant win from PSV Hann-Munden! Revenge for them after they lost the first match, but were professional in this one.
8.1 Hamza Muhammad to Amin Zadran, SIX! BANG! That will do it! Tossed up delivery outside off, Zadran holds his ground, gets into position and muscles that over the long on region for a maximum! The long on fielder was a couple of years inside the rope and had he been at the boundary, it would have been a simple catch for him. That will wrap up proceedings here as PSV Hann Munden beat SC Europa by 6 wickets!
Hamza Muhammad the new bowler.
Safi Awalkhan is the new batsman in to finish things off.
70 /4 score
cricket bat icon Asad Sangari *
29 (19)
cricket bat icon Amin Zadran
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Dev Rana
2 /25
7.6 Dev Rana to Asad Sangari, OUT! CAUGHT! Length ball outside off spinning in, Sangari clears his front foot and looks to launch that. The bat turns in his hand as he ends up playing that straight down the throat of the fielder at cover.
7.5 Dev Rana to Asad Sangari, SIX! BANG! Tossed up delivery on the off stump, Sangari waits for the ball, gets his front foot out of the way and sends that packing back over the bowler's head for a huge maximum! Scores level!
7.4 Dev Rana to Amin Zadran, tossed up delivery on the leg stump, Zadran works that towards long on for a single 
7.3 Dev Rana to Asad Sangari, low full toss on the off stump, Sangari mistimes the slog down to long on for a single. 
7.3 Dev Rana to Asad Sangari, tossed up delivery outside off, over the tramline and the umpire has adjudged that as a WIDE
7.2 Dev Rana to Amin Zadran, tossed up delivery on the fourth stump line, Zadran waits for it and drills it down to long on for a single 
Amin Zadran is the new batsman to walk in.
7.1 Dev Rana to Adeel Ahmad, OUT! LBW! Full ball on the middle stump spinning in, Ahmad holds his ground and looks to whack that away. Misses and is rapped on the back pad. A huge appeal for lbw and the umpire obliges!
Dev Rana to continue.
Just 11 runs left to get for PSV. Formalities remain.. unless SCE can pull off something special in the final 18 deliveries.
60 /2 score
cricket bat icon Asad Sangari
22 (16)
cricket bat icon Adeel Ahmad *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Abdul Wajid Khan
1 /9
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