SG Hameln 104/6 (10 ov)
1.Kieler HTC 69/10 (9.1 ov)
SG Hameln won by 35 runs.
Player of the match: Mudassar Iqbal
That brings us to the end of the coverage for this game. This is me, Farzan signing off on behalf of my colleague, Prashanth. Until next time, Goodbye!
SG Hameln won by 35 runs!

Being put into bat first, SG Hameln socred 104 runs for the loss of six wickets. Thanks to the knocks by opener Saran Kannan (33 off 23) and Mudassar Iqbal (47 off 16). The opener scored five boundaries and a six during his time in the middle while Iqbal scored fours boundaries and as many sixes during his knock. These two together ensure the team posts a challenging total on the board. In the first innings, Atif Latif picked up two wickets for 22 runs from his two-overs spell while Danish Zahid and Shiraz Hussain Shah got one wicket each to their name from their two-over spell for 22 runs each. Azeem Azam went wicketless but was the most economical bowler today conceding just seven runs per over. Saran Kannan and Bandara Chamila lost their wickets after failing to make it back to their crease on time. A total of 12 extras (2 leg-byes & 10 wides) were delivered during the first innings. 

In response, 1.Kieler HTC's openers Sadeequllah Shamwari and Chaitanya Pagadapoola contributed 12 and 15 runs, respectively. Later, bowler Atif Latif added 12 runs to the team's tally but the other batters failed miserably, which saw the team fall short by 35 runs. Thus, they ended up on the losing side. The credit must be given to the bowlers for their excellent bowling as they kept bowling at the right lien and lengths along with some variations in their pace. So they were easily able to scalp wickets at regular intervals and always kept their side ahead of their opponent. 

Rizwan Babar led the bowling attack with three wickets to his name for eight runs from just one over. Romal Barakzai, on the other hand, also struck thrice today in this two-overs spell for three wickets. Safi Rahman also got two scalps to his name while Mudassar Iqbal and Mudassar Iqbal picked up one wicket each. A combined effort from all bowlers saw SG Hameln merger victorious in this encounter. 
9.1 Safi Rahman to Danish Zahid, OUT! THAT IS THAT! Length ball on stump line, Zahid has pulled this one away once again to Bandara at the square leg fence and they complete a convincing victory to end things off.
Just one run coming off the final delivery this over. The batting side have lost one more wicket this over and requires six sixes to win this match from here on. Can we expect this from Danish Zahid?
69 /9 score
cricket bat icon Abdul mateen faizi
1 (3)
cricket bat icon Danish Zahid *
1 (4)
cricket ball icon Mudassar Iqbal
8.6 Mudassar Iqbal to Danish Zahid, nice shot, full length ball chipped over the bowler's head this time for a single to end the over.
8.5 Mudassar Iqbal to Danish Zahid, another swing and a miss, full and outside the off stump. Zahid wants to send it over mid wicket but he is getting nowhere close to it.
8.4 Mudassar Iqbal to Danish Zahid, swing and a miss, length ball outside the off stump and Zahid tries to pull it away but it moves away and beats him this time
8.3 Mudassar Iqbal to Danish Zahid, full length ball shaping away from outside the off stump, Zahid tries to play it over covers but does not make any connection
8.2 Mudassar Iqbal to Abdul Mateen Faizi, OUT! GOOD CATCH AT THE FENCE! Full and in the arc here again, Faizi does not get it off the screws. In the air for a long long time and the fielder at the ropes adjusts well to go low and take this one safely.
8.1 Mudassar Iqbal to Abdul Mateen Faizi, low full toss outside the off stump, with some shape away. Faizi does not make any contact this time.
Rizwan Babar strikes thrice this over to remove Azeem Azam, Atif Latif and Adil Safer. This is the game-changing over as the game has completely gone in favour of the bowling side. 1.Kieler HTC need 37 runs in 12 balls at 18.5 RPO. 
68 /8 score
cricket bat icon Adil safder
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Abdul mateen faizi *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Rizwan Babar
7.6 Rizwan Babar to Abdul Mateen Faizi, full length ball just outside the off stump, Faizi drives this one to the long off region and picks up a single to end the over
7.5 Rizwan Babar to Adil Safder, OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! Full and outside the off stump, Safder tries to take it over the long off fence this time and sends it straight up in the air. The bowler takes things into his own hands and takes it safely
7.4 Rizwan Babar to Atif Latif, OUT! CAUGHT! Latif departs now, full and at the pads. Latif tries to flick it away and times it well but finds the fielder at the ropes at the square leg region and he has to depart.
7.3 Rizwan Babar to Atif Latif, SIX! In the arc and out of the park. Full in length and Latif takes this one by whipping it away over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum
7.2 Rizwan Babar to Adil Safder, full length ball turned away to the square leg region for a single and he is off  the mark.
7.1 Rizwan Babar to Azeem Azam, OUT! CLEANS HIM UP! Full and angling into the batsman, Azam misses out and it hits the bad and goes back onto the stumps. With that probably the hopes for KHTC depart as well!
The batting side needs to step up and play the big shots as the asking rate surges up to 15 runs per over. With just 18 balls in hand, a difficult chase is on the cards!
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