THCC Hamburg 78/6 (10 ov)
SC Europa Cricket 79/4 (8.5 ov)
SC Europa Cricket won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Israfeel Zazai
That would be all from the coverage of this cricket match of ECS Cricket. This is Prakhar Sachdeo and on behalf of my fellow commentator Ankit Sharma, it is time to say goodbye! But please do stay logged on to Sportskeeda for all the live cricket action from around the globe! 
Thanks to Israfeel Zazai's 49 from 21 balls and Mohibullah Nayel's steady 16 from 23 deliveries SC Europa cricket cruised home by 6 wickets with more than an over to spare. But things were not that easy for the chasing side as they were reduced to just 6/3 after the first two overs of the innings. Angus Pickering picked two wickets in the first over of the chase to send jitters in the Europa camp. But thanks to Zazai and Nayel the early damage was taken care of and the team sealed the win. Earlier, Hamburg finished with a score of 78/6 in their first-ever outing in the ECS cricket. The team started slowly as they managed only 14 for the loss of 2 wickets in the first three overs of the Powerplay. But then came Angus Pickering. The batter played a good knock of 49 from 27 balls hitting 5 fours and 2 sixes. His innings infused some momentum in the innings. Unfortunately, the batter could not fetch his maiden half-century. Such was the struggle of the batters that no other batter could not muster double-digit figures. But credits to the SC Europa bowlers as they made the most against the inexperienced batting line-up of Hamburg. Israfeel Zazai and Muhammad Khan Oriakhel picked 2 wickets each. Sahel Darwesh and Wahidullah Amini also picked a wicket each. 

79 /4 score
cricket bat icon Mohibullah Nayel
16 (23)
cricket bat icon Bawar Atiqullah *
0 (0)
cricket ball icon Micheal Anderson
8.6 Michael Anderson to Atiqullah Bawar, wide ball to win the game. Full pitched delivery, goes swinging down the leg side and that will be the in for Europa. Umpire signals it and SC Europa win by 6 wickets. 
8.5 Michael Anderson to Mohibullah Nayel, third time lucky the latter. Good length delivery darted into the right hander who misses it completely. But the keeper fumbles an easy take and the batsman take a single. One run to win now!
8.4 Michael Anderson to Mohibullah Nayel, another good length delivery, goes past the inside edge this time, almost picking up an edge. 
8.3 Michael Anderson to Mohibullah Nayel, good length delivery from around the wicket, goes past the outside edge of a lazy shot offered by Nayel. 
Atiqullah Bawar is the new batter in! 
8.2 Michael Anderson to Israfeel Aryubi, OUT! CAUGHT! A little too late for this wicket but it has finally come. A quicker good length delivery outside off, that is miscued to third man. The fielder makes no mistake and takes a splendid catch. 
8.1 Michael Anderson to Mohibullah Nayel, good length delivery on the body. Nayel somehow manages to get some bat on it to his leg side and he scatters for a single. 
Michael Anderson to bowl. 
27 runs from the over. Well, any hopes that Hamburg had of winning this match were crushed by Israfeel Aryubi as he hit two back-to-back sixes. Aryubi just did not stop as he hit the penultimate ball of the over for the third six of the over before ending the over with another mighty maximum! Europa now need only 3 more runs to win the match. 
76 /3 score
cricket bat icon Israfeel Zazai *
49 (20)
cricket bat icon Mohibullah Nayel
15 (19)
cricket ball icon Rohan Phadhe
7.6 Rohan Phadke to Israfeel Aryubi, SIX MORE! FOURTH OF THE OVER! Short ball for Aryubi, who swings with the ball and middles it over fine leg where there is no man and it will go the distance yet again! Magnificnent over and this should be an easy win from here for Aryubi and co. 
7.5 Rohan Phadke to Israfeel Aryubi, SIX! SLASHED! Overpitched again from Phadke and Aryubi is showing no mercy. Picks his spot and dispatches this miles into the air and the ball sails over the boundary over long on comfortably. 
7.4 Rohan Phadke to Israfeel Aryubi, short ball that is mistimed, stays in the air for a second or two but falls safely, just in front of the sprinting bowler. Two easy runs for Aryubi. 
7.3 Rohan Phadke to Israfeel Aryubi, SIX MORE! Full toss in the arc for Aryubi who hammers this even better than the previous one over mid wicket region this time, for another maximum. 
7.2 Rohan Phadke to Israfeel Aryubi, SIX! In the slot and punished! Full pitched delivery, darted into the right hander who was half expecting that, and is gifted just that. Aryubi sends the ball packing over the man at deep square leg. 
7.1 Rohan Phadke to Mohibullah Nayel, yorker to start with, but Nayel digs it out really well towards short mid wicket for one. 
Rohan Phadke to bowl the next over. 
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