Brno Rangers 80/4 (10 ov)
United CC 73/3 (10 ov)
Brno Rangers won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Rahat Ali
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Brno Rangers win the match by 7 runs

This has been an excellent match out in the middle. The game seemed to be changing with every delivery being bowled and kept us glued to the game. In the end, the side that committed a mistake less rightfully takes home the bragging rights of the game and heads back with a win. While it's party time for the Brno Rangers, kudos to the United CC too as they put up a fighting effort despite being down early in the chase.

the start to the chase was a dreaded one for the United CC as they lost the wicket of Abhimanyu Singh early in the chase. Rhuturaj Magare was taken off the field as he was hit in the cheek by the ball. Ayush Sharma and Piyush Baghel batted out in the middle and strung a good partnership among them. The latter fell looking to accelerate and gave away his wicket. Ritesh Khanna and Sharma threatened to take the game away from the Rangers but Rahat Ali held his nerve in the last over and defended 11 runs as the United CC ended on 73/4 after 10 overs.

Rahat Ali was the pick of the bowlers in the chase as he took 2 wickets conceding only 4 runs and also did the job of defending 11 runs off the last 6 deliveries. Somsuvro Basu also picked a wicket and aided Ali took to keep the batsmen in check.
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 2 W 0 1 0 Bowler: Rahat Ali Score: 73/3
9.6 Rahat Ali to Mustafa Nawab, RANGERS CLINCH VICTORY IN THE FIRST MATCH! slow, length delivery bowled outside off. Nawab tries to attempt an agricultural hoick over the extra cover region but fails to get anywhere near the ball. After a momentarily scare in the field, Rangers manage to scrape through a victory!
9.5 Rahat Ali to Ritesh Khanna, yorker length ball bowled wide outside off. Khanna throws the kitchen sink at this one and gets a thick outside edge down to third man. However, in a rather quizzical manner, Khanna refuses to come back for the second when he had all the time in the world. 7 required in 1 ball
9.4 Rahat Ali to Ritesh Khanna, fuller length ball bowled outside off. Khanna tries to dab the ball to third man but fails to make any contact 
9.3 Rahat Ali to Ayush Sharma, CAUGHT! IS THAT THE MATCH FOR RANGERS? Short of good length ball on middle and legstump line. Sharma cleared the front leg, opened up his hips and tried to thump the ball over long off but the ball against the wind landed straight into the lap of the fielder who took a snorter of a catch 
9.2 Rahat Ali to Ayush Sharma, fuller length ball bowled on the fifth stump line. Sharma makes some room for himself and lobs the ball behind point and collects an easy brace to keep the chase alive 
9.1 Rahat Ali to Ayush Sharma, short of good length delivery bowled outside off with some extra zing. Sharma deep in the crease tries to reach for the ball but in the end misses it by a country mile 
Rahat Ali will bowl the all-important 10th over of the chase. Can he defend the total and help his side go past the finish line
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 1 6 0 1 0 Bowler: Naveed Ahmed Score: 70/2
14 runs coming in the over and the game has changed in a matter of a few deliveries. Ayush Sharma and Khanna smash a six each in the over and bring the equation down to 11 runs needed in the last over. We are in for a humdinger here
8.6 Naveed Ahmad to Ritesh Khanna, tossed up ball bowled wide outside off, away from the batsman's arc. Khanna throws everything at it but fails to get any suitable connection. DOT to end the penultimate over 
8.5 Naveed Ahmad to Ayush Sharma, tossed up ball on middle and legstump. Sharam on the frontfoot lunges forward and eases the ball to long off for a single
8.4 Naveed Ahmad to Ayush Sharma, flighted ball bowled outside off. Sharma tries to drive the ball on up but gets beaten 
8.3 Naveed Ahmad to Ayush Sharma, SIX! DEPOSITED! Flighted ball bowled outside off. Sharma seized the length early, moved across the stumps and slapped the ball over long on for a maximum
8.2 Naveed Ahmad to Ritesh Khanna, tossed up ball bowled outside off. Khanna deep in the crease lobs the ball over the bowler's head down to long on for a single 
8.1 Naveed Ahmad to Ritesh Khanna, SIX! FETCH THAT! Low fulltoss angling down the leg. Khanna gets inside the line of the ball and smokes the ball powerfully over square leg for a MAXIMUM!
A good 8th over from Basu as he picks the crucial wicket of Baghel and puts the batsmen under pressure here. United CC need 25 runs in 12 deliveries 

Naveed Ahmad will bowl the 9th over
7.6 Somsuvro Basu to Ayush Sharma, back of length delivery bowled outside off. Sharma tries to tucks the ball behind square but fails to get any bat on ball 
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