Vinohrady CC 125/0 (10 ov)
Vinohrady CC won by 58 runs.
Player of the match: Chris Pearce
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VCC win the match by 58 runs

This has been a game that had been completely dominated by the Vinohrady CC. They batted really well and did well to restrict their opponents well under their target. They kicked off the chase in some fashion with the ball in hand as they took 2 wickets in the very first over and then took 4 wickets in total in the powerplay. The middle overs went well for the Prague Spartan Mobilizers, they still couldn't gather steam as they later lost wickets in heaps in the death and couldn't cope up with the big score in the end.

For Prague Spartan Mobilizers it was Naveen Purandhar and Al Mahmud who scored in double figures and saved some grace for them. They couldn't stand tall against the like of Siddhart Goud and Ritik Tomar who struck twice in their spells and put them under tremendous pressure to score the big totals.
Over: 10 | Summary: 4 1w 1w 0 1w 1 0 0 1w Bowler: Shubhranshu Chaudhary Score: 67/9
9.6 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Mani Paduru, back of a length outside off, the ball holds it's line to beat Paduru on his attempted late cut and that is that. Absolute dominance by Vinohrady from start to finish. It was sheer one-way traffic as Vinohrady CC beat the Mobilizers by 58 runs!
9.6 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Mani Paduru, WIDE! Slides one down leg on a good length and the game isn't done yet - officially at least!
9.5 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Mani Paduru, into the blockhole and wide outside off, just along the tramline as Paduru plants his front foot across looking to jam it out but he ends up getting beaten!
9.4 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Mani Paduru, full and in the channel, defends it back along the pitch 
9.3 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Al Mahmud, full outside off, mistimes the swing over extra cover; a single is all he can pick up 
9.3 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Al Mahmud, WIDE! Chaudhary dishes out another short one outside the tramline and Mahmud lets it through to the keeper again!
9.2 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Al Mahmud, full and in the corridor, brings his bat down to squeeze it back to the bowler
9.2 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Al Mahmud, WIDE! Dropped short and outside the tramline again, nothing there to force Mahmud into a shot as he leaves it alone!
9.2 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Al Mahmud, WIDE! Short and wide outside off, Mahmud fails to connect with his cut; Pearce lobs the ball away towards backward point but Mahmud decides to farm the strike!
9.1 Shubhranshu Chaudhary to Al Mahmud, FOUR! Pitched up in the slot outside off, Mahmud swings hard across the line and just about clears mid-on before picking out the ropes along the vacant grassy banks!
Shubhranshu Chaudhary will bowl the last over from over the wicket

2 wickets in the over for Ritik Tomar as the match approaches its end. PSM are on 58/8 after 9 overs as the final few formalities remain for VCC to win the game
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 W 0 W 1 1 Bowler: Ritik Tomar Score: 58/9
8.6 Ritik Tomar to Al Mahmud, fuller in length this time in the channel, Mahmud jabs at it and brings his bat down as he pinches a single through the covers
8.5 Ritik Tomar to Mani Paduru, back of a length outside off, dabs it late down to deep third man for a single
Mani Paduru is the new man in at the strikers end
8.4 Ritik Tomar to Kapil Kumar, OUT! LBW! Was it sliding down leg though? Back of a length and angling in, Kapil fails to get bat on the pick up as he plants his front foot forward; the ball strikes him on the front pad on leg-stump and seemed to do too much with the angle. The umpire doesn't feel so though and Kapil has to make his way back for a duck!
8.3 Ritik Tomar to Kapil Kumar, on a length outside off, looks to punch it through the line but the ball slips past the edge there!
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