ISL Today Match Score: Hyderabad FC vs Kerala Blasters FC Live Score

Sahil Tavora 88'
69' Rahul KP
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Awards! The Club Award goes to HFC for winning the final and the Hero of the Match goes to the one and only Laxmikant Kattimani for his incredible performance during the penalty shootout.
Distribution of medals! First up, the referees collect their medals, they have done a superb job throughout this season. Now, the runners-up of the season, KBFC walk to collect their medals. And now, the new champions, HFC, walk up to the stage to collect their medals. Also, the fireworks go off now, as Joao Victor collects the trophy and carries it towards his team before the HFC start their celebration.
Season awards! It is time for the season awards now! First up is the ISL Emerging Player of the Year award which goes to Naorem Singh of BFC. The Golden Glove of the season is won by Prabhsukhan Gill for his exceptional performance between the frame of the goal. Bartholomew Ogbeche wins the Golden Boot Award for being the leading goal-scorer of the season. Last but not the least, Greg Stewart wins the Hero of the League Award for his exceptional performances throughout the season.
Hyderabad: GOAL - HFC 3 - 1 KBFC

Absolute joy and elation for HFC. Halicharan Narzary sends the keeper the wrong way and slots it home. HFC WIN 3-1 ON PENALTIES!
Kerala Blasters: MISSED - HFC 2 - 1 KBFC

Laxmikant Kattimani is on fire! This is incredible. Jeakson Singh puts it to the right bottom corner but applies no power on it. Laxmikant Kattimani dives to his left to keep the ball out.
Hyderabad: GOAL - HFC 2 - 1 KBFC

Khassa Camara shows his class here. He jogs slowly towards the ball and sends it to the left of the keeper. Prabhsukhan Gill was rooted to the line.
Kerala Blasters: GOAL - HFC 1 - 1 KBFC

Ayush Adhikari keeps his head calm and beats Laxmikant Kattimani with ease by tapping it into the right top corner
Hyderabad: MISSED - HFC 1 - 0 KBFC

Javier Siverio fires it over the frame of the goal, even after sending the keeper the wrong way.
Kerala Blasters: MISSED - HFC 1 - 0 KBFC

Laxmikant Kattimani saves another! Nishu Kumar kicks it to the right of the keeper, Laxmikant Kattimani makes a sharp stop.
Hyderabad: GOAL - HFC 1 - 0 KBFC

A perfect penalty by Joao Victor! The keeper, Prabhsukhan Gill goes the right way but the shot was thumped into the roof of the net, no chance for the keeper!
Kerala Blasters: MISSED - HFC 0 - 0 KBFC

What a save by Laxmikant Kattimani. Marko Leskovic kicks it to the right of the keeper. Laxmikant Kattimani guesses the angle and makes a sharp save.
AET: All square! Nothing to separate the two sides yet! We have seen 120 minutes of breathtaking action but it all boils down to who can keep their nerve from the spot.
120' End of the second half in extra time! After 120 minutes of football! It is HFC 1 and KBFC 1. It all depends on the penalty shootout now.
119' Not much time! With less than a minute on the clock, which side will get the final burst towards the goal? Well, it is HFC that win a corner kick in the final minute of this half.
117' Heavy touch! Halicharan Narzary tries to sprint to the byline but a KBFC player slides in to put it out for a throw-in. Nothing comes off the long throw-in this time for HFC.
114' Straight at the defender! Chencho Gyeltshen gets the ball inside the box on the left side. He cuts to his right and shoots at goal. An HFC defender stands tall and takes a blow on his body to clear it away.
111' Substitution! A change for KBFC as Vincy Barretto comes in for Alvaro Vazquez.
109' Goal line clearance! HFC are putting a good amount of pressure on but KBFC are responding well. Halicharan Narzary gets away from his marker and pulls the ball back for Bartholomew Ogbeche who is standing at the edge of the box. He thumps it through to the right of the frame but Marko Leskovic stationed himself on the line to clear it away.
106' Good keeping! Alvaro Vazquez whips a cross from the right wing but the keeper reads it well and comes out of his line to collect it.
105' Resumption! We are back underway for the second half of the extra time and it will be HFC who get us underway!
105' End of first half of the extra time! No goals were scored in the first half of the extra time and now we go for the final 15 minutes.
102' KBFC right on top now!Another chance goes abegging. KBFC knocking at the door now. Adrian Luna sends in a great ball from the corner kick at the near post. But HFC defender does enough to head it out for another corner, nothing comes off it though.
101' Dangerous ball! KBFC were inches away from the goal yet again in this game. They meet the post for the second time tonight. Adrian Luna whips in a beautiful cross at the near post. Jeakson Singh gets the final touch on it but only sees the ball deflecting off the crossbar. Heartbreak for KBFC.
98' Substitution. A change for KBFC now. Ayush Adhikari comes in for Lalthathanga Khawlhring.
97' This is close! A long throw-in comes in from the right side inside the box. It finds Bartholomew Ogbeche at the far post, but the ball is over him. Bartholomew Ogbeche goes for the overhead kick but does not connect it sweetly but still it ends up sneaking past the pole. KBFC seemed to have shut down there for a moment. They cannot afford to do that right now.
96' Foul! Sahil Tavora gets fouled on the left flank from behind by Chencho Gyeltshen. HFC take a quick free kick, and earn a throw-in on the right side.
94' Chance! Halicharan Narzary with a chance now. He charges on the left flank and is in a good position to have a go but his curler is well away from the far post.
91' Substitution! KBFC makes a change as Chencho Gyeltshen comes in for Jorge Diaz.
90' We are back underway for the first half of extra time.
90' Full time. So, for the third time in Hero ISL, the final goes into extra-time. We all thought KBFC would get over the line after taking a surprise lead in the second half, but Sahil Tavora had other ideas.
90' Are we heading into extra time? With not much time left on the clock. We might as well have to go the distance here. This final is turning out to be a thriller.
90' Added time! The referee indicates 4 minutes of added time. Meanwhile, Adrian Luna on the left flank puts a lovely ball on the back post. Alvaro Vazquez is hanging there and he powers one but it goes just over the frame of the goal.
88' GOOALLLLL! Clearly a goal of the year candidate! Sahil Tavora, you beauty! The HFC fans are roaring now! Game on! Halicharan Narzary puts in a delightful ball inside the box. A KBFC player leaps the highest to head it outside the box. Maybe KBFC thought they would be able to have a breather but did not think it would be after conceding a goal. Sahil Tavora charges towards the ball and volleys it to the right of the keeper and beats him with a late dip as well. Can HFC find a late winner now?
86' Substitution. Double change for HFC now. Aaren D'Silva and Khassa Camara come in for Yasir Mohammad and Juanan. Will they be able to find the end product for HFC.
84' Foul! KBFC now have a chance to get the cushion goal! Akash Mishra fouls one of the KBFC players at the edge of the box. It was a clear chance of scoring but the referee just gives a free-kick. Adrian Luna lines up and he hits to the right side of the keeper. Laxmikant Kattimani makes a good save and luckily for him the ball bounces back to Marko Leskovic but this time the keeper pouches it.
82' Substitution! The goalscorer, Rahul KP comes out and he will be replaced by Nishu Kumar.
80' Time against HFC! We are into the final 10 minutes of the normal time. Will HFC be able to find the equalizer? Can Bartholomew Ogbeche be the saviour for them?
76' What a save! A save worth million dollars from Prabhsukhan Gill. Bartholomew Ogbeche stands behind the free-kick. He hits it under the wall and tries to be cheeky. Sends it to the right of the keeper but Gill puts a full stretch dive that side and gets his golden arm to it. It goes back in the dangerous area but KBFC defenders were on their toes to clear it away. Prabhsukhan Gill living up to the standards he has set for himself in this season. KBFC still ahead here, all thanks to their goalkeeper. HFC now have almost 14 minutes and added time to get a goal back.
74' Foul! Looks like a harsh decision and HFC have a chance here. They get a free-kick at a very promising position as one of the HFC player tries to score a volley but Rahul KP comes charging in and fouls him instead.
72' Free-kick! Yasir Mohammad is behind the dead ball and he lobs the ball near the front post. Akash Mishra gets to the ball first but the linesman across puts his flag up, offside.
71' Substitution! HFC need a goal now, badly, and they bring on Sahil Tavora and Halicharan Narzary for Sauvik Chakrabarti and Aniket Jadhav.
68' GOOAAALLLLLLL! KBFC break the deadlock. Out of nowhere, Rahul KP comes out with a moment of inspiration to put his side ahead. There were questions raised about him after the first-half performance. But he has certainly come back stronger in the second half. Jeakson Singh wrestles in the middle to win the ball and finds Rahul KP to his right. The latter sprints towards the goal. The HFC defenders keep moving back which left Rahul KP with ample space in front of him. He decides to go for glory and rightly so. Rahul KP shoots it with power and gets it to dip in front of the keeper's effort. Laxmikant Kattimani does get a hand on it but it still manages to sneak inside the goal.
65' A crucial block! The throw-in works really well for HFC. Bartholomew Ogbeche cuts it square outside the box to Javier Siverio, who has a go first time but a KBFC defender does well to put his leg in between and put it out for a corner. Nothing comes off the set-piece.
63' Good tackle! Yasir Mohammad tries to set Javier Siverio with a smart through ball in the free area, although a KBFC reads the situation really well and puts it out for a throw-in.
59' No end product. Alvaro Vazquez does well to win the possession at the half-way mark. He sets Lalthathanga Khawlhring free from the centre, who sprints a long way towards the goal. He wants to be on the headlines it seems and rather than choosing any options on the plate, he ends up shooting it wide of the goal. The frustration is clearly visible on the KBFC bench.
55' Over the goalpost! Normally, you would bet your house on Bartholomew Ogbeche to score from such positions. He is very disappointed with his effort. HFC have managed to keep KBFC on the back foot since the start of this half. Bartholomew Ogbeche takes a lovely first touch to burst inside the box and gets away from his marker as well. He looks to pull the trigger but ends up firing the ball over the frame of the goal.
52' No trouble. HFC continue to attack. This time it is Aniket Jadhav who puts in a ball inside the box from the left flank, but it goes out for a goal kick, as he could not find the run of Javier Siverio and ends up putting the ball over him.
49' On target! HFC have started the second half on the front foot, with two chances in quick succession. Joao Victor gets the ball outside the box and he pulls the trigger without having a second thought and forces a save from Prabhsukhan Gill at the left bottom corner.
46' Resumption. So, KBFC get us underway in the second half. They looked to have more control in the first half but HFC did find their feet after the cooling break. The second half has a lot to offer, after how the first half ended.
45' Half time! The referee blows the whistle. It remains all square at half-time after a riveting half of football!
45' What a chance! Javier Siverio comes the closest to score in this half. HFC with a golden chance in the closing moments of the first half. So, this proves that the stats don't lie. Javier Siverio makes a brilliant run to find Yasir Mohammad's delivery from a set-piece. No KBFC defender reads his run. Javier Siverio gets a free header, which he aims at the near post. Prabhsukhan Gill smartly expands himself and makes an incredible save.
45' Added time. The officials have added two minutes into the end of the first half.
45' Foul! What a run! Asish Rai shows his abilities, as he sprints down the right flank. He puts Adrian Luna's effort to dust and later earns a free-kick by getting fouled.
43' Can Siverio be the difference? Javier Siverio has got 4 goals and 1 assist after making an appearance as a substitute for HFC. Can he be adjudged as the super-sub yet again for HFC?
39' Off the crossbar! A golden chance for KBFC! It comes out of nowhere, to be honest. Adrian Luna puts in a delightful ball deep inside the box. Harmanjot Khabra chests the ball down, turns and lays a beautiful ball for Alvaro Vazquez at the edge of the box on the right side. Alvaro Vazquez steams in and has a go first time and he couldn't have connected any better. It goes like a missile but only to come back into play off the woodwork.
39' Substitution. A forced change for KBFC. The injured Joel Chianese makes way for Javier Siverio.
37' Nice chance! HFC asking the right questions now. Bartholomew Ogbeche sets up Joel Chianese on the right flank. The latter manages to beat his marker by cutting to his left. He later whips in a ball at the far post but it evades Bartholomew Ogbeche's run.
36' Cleared away! Yasir Mohammad puts in a rare ball inside the opposition box from the right flank. Although he fails to find Bartholomew Ogbeche, as a KBFC defender heads it away with ease.
35' Overcooked! HFC get a free-kick at the half-way mark. Their player stands behind it but overcooks his delivery and gives away the possession instantly.
30' Too ambitious! Adrian Luna finds the ball in his area outside the box. He tries to go for a dipping shot at the bottom right corner, but the keeper pouches it with ease.
27' Under control! KBFC enjoy the most possession of the ball, with a ratio of 63:37, HFC haven't been able to flow freely so far.
23' Nice movement! Lalthathanga Khawlhring gets the ball on the left flank. He skips past Sauvik Chakrabarti with ease and passes the ball forward to find Alvaro Vazquez. The HFC defenders were on their toes and did not let the ball sneak behind the backline.
20' Just a free-kick! Adrian Luna receives the ball off a throw-in. He passes it back to the thrower, but Joel Chianese is already into his challenge from behind. The referee stops the play, but no card is shown this time.
18' What a pass! Alvaro Vazquez with a nice chip this time from the left side of the field. Rahul KP makes a good run across but fails to get the ball. KBFC are in the driving seat at the moment.
16' Winning the ball! KBFC are doing really well to win the ball in the attacking half but their passing is keeping them down from creating a proper chance.
14' Half-a-chance! Harmanjot Khabra whips the ball inside the box and Asish Rai is caught wrong-footed but luckily for him that Jorge Diaz did not get much power to his header and the ball rolls well wide of the post.
11' Player down. Prabhsukhan Gill is down. He tried to sweep the ball early and looks like he hurt himself in the process. Not much to worry about though as he is up and we are ready to resume.
8' Positive start! KBFC are not pressing hard but they are keeping a compact shape and are looking to win the ball upfront while HFC have the ball and are trying to play from the back.
5' Yellow card! Sandeep Singh is the first man to get into the booking for making a silly foul. The referee is not holding back at all. He is making it clear to the teams who is in charge here. We see a first yellow card within five minutes into the game. Will we see any red card in this high pressure game?
2' Adrian Luna from the left flank puts a ball at the edge of the box but the defenders of HFC defend it well.
1' KICK-oFF!
HFC (Starting XI): Laxmikant Kattimani (GK), Chinglensana Singh, Juanan, Akash Mishra, Asish Rai, Joao Victor (C), Aniket Jadhav, Yasir Mohammad, Sauvik Chakrabarti, Joel Chianese, Bartholomew Ogbeche.
KBFC (Starting XI): Prabhsukhan Gill (GK), Sandeep Singh, Ruivah Hormipam, Marko Leskovic, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Harmanjot Khabra, Adrian Luna (C), Jeakson Singh, Rahul KP, Jorge Diaz, Alvaro Vazquez.
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6 FOULS 14
10 SHOTS 12
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Jamshedpur FC 20 13 4 3 21 43
2 Hyderabad FC 20 11 5 4 20 38
3 ATK Mohun Bagan 20 10 7 3 11 37
4 Kerala Blasters FC 20 9 7 4 10 34
5 Mumbai City FC 20 9 4 7 5 31
6 Bengaluru FC 20 8 5 7 5 29
7 Odisha FC 20 6 5 9 -12 23
8 Chennaiyin FC 20 5 5 10 -18 20
9 FC Goa 20 4 7 9 -6 19
10 Northeast United FC 20 3 5 12 -18 14
11 SC East Bengal 20 1 8 11 -18 11
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Tournament Indian Super League
Match time Sun, 20 Mar 2022, 07:30 PM
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