Bengal Warriors Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants 24 December 2021

Bengal Warriors
Gujarat Fortune Giants
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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FULL-TIME: Bengal Warriors win 31-28 over the Gujarat Giants!

A thorough performance from the defending champions, despite Maninder Singh picking up just 8 points. Bengal's substitutes did their job to perfection, with Akash Pikalmunde and Rohit pocketing 4 points each to keep Bengal's scoreboard ticking at all times. 

As for Gujarat, it was all about Rakesh Narwal, the raider notching up a Super 10 to his name for his efforts. Coach Manpreet Singh won't be a happy man though, with quite a few unwanted errors from the experienced raiders eventually bringing about their downfall. 
40' Akash Pikalmunde enjoys some time along the mid-line on the final raid, the Gujarat defenders don't even look to attack. Match over!
40' Rakesh hasn't been given a bonus, and Gujarat review! Poor effort from Rakesh, probably the pressure got to him. He's stepped on the black line, bonus unsuccessful. 
40' Maninder Singh is fuming as Girish Ernak goes early with an ankle hold, very close to the mid line. Easy point for Maninder! Maninder's limping away, hope that isn't serious.

Bengal 31 - 28 Gujarat
40' Rakesh has two points! Gets away from a frontal block of Darshan and also gets a tag on Rinku's ankle hold.

Bengal 30 - 28 Gujarat
39' Akash Pikalmunde comes in for the Do or Die raid, and his pace forces Mahendra Rajput out of the court! That could be the game!

Bengal 30 - 26 Gujarat
39' Rakesh takes just about 12 seconds to pick up a very quick bonus point. Bengal review the bonus! Review unsuccessful. 

Bengal 29 - 26 Gujarat
39' Nabibakhsh comes in and he's happy to run the clock down. Little more than 1 and a half minutes to go. 
38' Vijin Thangadurai's dash here is unsuccessful! Mahendra Ganesh uses his height well and gets across the mid-line in time!

Bengal 29 - 25 Gujarat
37' Rinku Narwal now off to the benches as Vijin Thangadurai produces a quality dash to shove him off!

Bengal 29 - 24 Gujarat
36' Maninder Singh gets away from a late ankle hold from Parvesh Bhainswal on the Do or Die raid! Ravinder Pahal is furious!

Bengal 28 - 24 Gujarat
36' Terrible from Rinku Narwal, who puts in a half-hearted thigh hold. Easy point for Rakesh Narwal.

Bengal 27 - 24 Gujarat
We've got another time-out now, and although the gap's come down to 4 points, it seems as if Bengal have the upper hand. 
35' Bonus point for Rakesh Narwal and he's registered a Super 10!

Bengal 27 - 23 Gujarat
33' Brilliant pace from Akash! Yet again hares to his left and reaches out to pick up a running hand touch! What a game he's having.

Bengal 27 - 22 Gujarat
33' Rakesh Narwal pushes Nabibakhsh into the Gujarat court as the Iranian puts in a weak frontal block, Rakesh too strong on that occasion.

Bengal 26 - 22 Gujarat
32' Mahendra Rajput comes in as a substitute and picks another bonus point.

Bengal 26 - 21 Gujarat
31' An advance tackle from Parvesh Bhainswal isn't good enough to keep Akash down. Another point to the debutant.

Bengal 26 - 20 Gujarat
31' Akash Pikalmunde strikes after the break with a touch point on Girish Ernak! A brilliant running hand touch

Bengal 25 - 19 Gujarat
Time-out called by the umpires. Some work to do for Gujarat with a 5-point deficit to their name. 

Bengal lead 24 - 19 with 10 minutes to go. 
29' Rakesh Narwal sends Maninder Singh off to the benches with a side kick on the Warriors' captain's face! What a strike!

Bengal 24 - 19 Gujarat
29' Abozar Mighani fails to latch onto Rakesh Kumar's ankles with an ankle hold. Point for Gujarat!

Bengal 24 - 18 Gujarat
27' Two point raid for Maninder! The Bengal captain wipes out the Gujarat cover combo by diving under the chain tackle. Top work!

Bengal 24 - 17 Gujarat
There's a bit of a delay because Maninder's receiving some treatment for a blow on his head. Seems fine and is walking around. 
26' ALL-OUT on Gujarat! Hadi looked to jump over an ankle hold from Rinku, but the left corner received enough support to pin the raider down on the mat.

Bengal 22 - 17 Gujarat 
26' Rakesh Narwal gifts a point to Maninder! An unwanted tackle from the raider, Gujarat now down to the lone man Hadi Oshtorak.

Bengal 19 - 16 Gujarat
25' Rakesh Narwal continues to deal in bonus points. 

Bengal 18 - 16 Gujarat
25' Nabibakhsh cannot be stopped! The Iranian runs in towards Parvesh and turns away in time to get away with a touch point!

Bengal 18 - 15 Gujarat
23' Super Tackle for Gujarat! Hadi Oshtorak comes in as a substitute and combines well with Parvesh Bhainswal to sweep Maninder Singh off the mat! Coach Manpreet Singh is rejoicing!

Bengal 17 - 15 Gujarat
23' A bonus point for Rakesh Narwal to keep the scoreboard ticking. 

Bengal 17 - 13 Gujarat
22' Nabibakhsh scores! The Iranian lures a false tackle from Ravinder Pahal and jumps away with a point. Gujarat now down to two men.

Bengal 17 - 12 Gujarat
21' Rakesh Narwal kicks off the second half with a bonus point.

Bengal 16 - 12 Gujarat
Back live now for the second half!
HALF-TIME: Bengal Warriors lead 16 - 11 over Gujarat Giants. 

An exciting half that's belonged to the defenders, with Bengal Warriors skipper Maninder Singh finding raiding duties slightly hard today. He's managed just 3 points, equalling Rakesh Narwal's points for Gujarat as well. 

Just a 5-point lead for Bengal though, and with Gujarat's defenders in fine form, this game could head either way. Stick around for what is sure to be a thrilling second half. 
20' Akash Pikalmunde scores a point on the Do or Die raid! An unnecessary advance tackle from Rathan K, Akash gets away with ease.

Bengal 16 - 11 Gujarat
20' Top effort from Rakesh, but he's just been kept away from the mid-line! The raider went deep into the right corner, Rinku puts in the ankle hold and Nabibakhsh comes in to sweep his arms away. 

Bengal 15 - 11 Gujarat
19' No points as the two teams put in back-to-back empty raids.
18' Super sub Rohit continues to make merry! First slips away from Girish Ernak's ankle hold and then gets a touch on the cover defender as well.

Bengal 14 - 11 Gujarat
17' Rakesh continues to mint points! Athleticism at its best as the Gujarat raider jumps all the way over a block from Darshan and picks up a point

Bengal 12 - 11 Gujarat
16' Girish Ernak is on fire! Maninder as absolutely blindsided by the left corner, who rushed in and shoved him away out of the mat!

Bengal 12 - 10 Gujarat
15' Rakesh claims a touch point and steps into the lobbies, and he's been granted the point. Looks like it was a touch on Abozar Mighani. Oh wait! It's a point each. Abozar and Rakesh stepped into the lobbies without any contact. 
14' Super Tackle! Rathan K comes in for the Do or Die raid, but Rohit's double ankle hold gets support from Rinku to keep Rathan down.

Bengal 10 - 8 Gujarat 
12' Nabibakhsh is going nowhere! Ravinder Pahal asserts his authority with a double ankle hold, Nabibakhsh's jump goes in vain.

Bengal 8 - 8 Gujarat
11' Akash Pikalmunde is thrown down on the mat! Girish Ernak comes in quickly and throws him down with a frontal block

Bengal 8 - 7 Gujarat
11' Wow! Rakesh produces a stunning dive over the cover, but Rinku and Akash did well to combine and bring him down.

Bengal 8 - 6 Gujarat
9' Predictable raid from Sukesh as he looked for the bonus, Ravinder was waiting low and produces a strong ankle hold!

Bengal 7 - 6 Gujarat
8' Maninder Singh is blindsided and that's an error from the Bengal captain! Ravinder Pahal dashes him away with disdain!

Bengal 7 - 5 Gujarat
8' A top dash from Rinku Narwal on Rathan as the raider is off to the benches!

Bengal 6 - 4 Gujarat
7' Sukesh Hegde picks up a bonus point.

Bengal 5 - 4 Gujarat
7' Rakesh Narwal pulls away from Abozar Mighani's ankle hold to score a point on the Do or Die raid!

Bengal 4 - 4 Gujarat
6' Maninder Singh comes in for the Do or Die raid and he sends Parvesh Bhainswal off to the benches! A poor advance tackle from Bhainswal, a gift for Maninder.

Bengal 4 - 3 Gujarat
5' Back to back empty raids now. 
4' Rakesh Narwal pulls back a point for Gujarat as he pauses just enough and jumps over an ankle hold attempt from Darshan.

Bengal 3 - 3 Gujarat
4' Nabibakhsh is here and how! A quick running hand touch catches Pahal off guard on the right corner!

Bengal 3 - 2 Gujarat
3' Rathan strikes on his debut raid! Gets away from the advance tackle that came from the left side.

Bengal 2 - 2 Gujarat
2' Maninder is off to the benches! Pahal has his say with a strong double ankle hold!

Bengal 1 - 2 Gujarat
1' Darshan has his first point tonight! A formidable frontal block that keeps Rakesh from getting away. 

Bengal 1 - 1 Gujarat
1' Maninder Singh strikes! Gets a touch on Gujarat's Girish Ernak. 
We're live!
Starting 7s - 

Bengal Warriors: 
Maninder Singh (C), Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Sukesh Hegde, Abozar Mighani, Darshan J, Parveen Satpal, Rinku Narwal.

Gujarat Giants: Sunil Kumar (C), Rakesh Narwal, Rathan K, Parvesh Bhainswal, Rakesh, Ravinder Pahal, Girish Ernak. 
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 9 of Pro Kabaddi 2021!

Defending champions Bengal Warriors will take on the Gujarat Giants in the final encounter on Day 3 of the PKL 8 season, with both sides coming into this contest on the back of convincing wins. Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh was the star of the show in Bengal's win over the UP Yoddha, with the Iranian all-rounder proving his worth with 11 points, including 3 tackle points - all earned by taking down one of PKL's best raiders, Pardeep Narwal. 

Gujarat Giants too started their season on a positive note, with the star-studded defensive unit proving too much to handle for the Jaipur Pink Panthers' raiders. Girish Ernak's 7-point debut stood out for Gujarat, and with cover duo of Sunil-Parvesh and Ravinder Pahal for company, the Jaipur raiders barely had any room to err. 

With both times in fine form, expect an absolute hum-dinger on the night! I'm Prasen Moudgal, and I will bring you all the action from tonight's encounter. Enjoy!
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Fri, 24/Dec/2021 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Gujarat Fortune Giants
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