Bengal Warriors Vs Gujarat Giants 12 November 2022

Bengal Warriors
Gujarat Giants
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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FT: Bengal Warriors 46-27 Gujarat Giants

When you give Bengal Warriors a second chance, Maninder would punish you. The Giants learned the lesson a hard way. They had the chance to inflict an all-out at one stage when the warriors were reduced down to two but Rakesh steps out of bounds without a touch to gift the Warriors a super tackle. That proved to be a big moment in the game as it revived Maninder and he started firing instantly. He picked crucial raids points to inflict an all-out in the 30th minute and gave his team an unassailable lead in the contest.

The Giants couldn't recover from the setback as they were ripped to shreds by Mani and Co in the final 10 minutes. It looked like an even contest in the first half but the Warriors turned up as a different team in the final 20 minutes, eventually, getting a massive 19-point win
Final minute in the match. Mahendra Singh Rajput takes out two defenders and tries to use his height to touch the mid-line but he's been dragged out of the bounds by the Bengal defense
38' Dong Geon comes in. Will he save the Giants from a second all-out? He was given the bonus but Shakthivel falls into his ankle before Balaji provides him the support. SECOND ALL-OUT

Bengal Warriors 42-26 Gujarat Giants
38' The Giants are reduced down to two and Maninder gets a touch point to make their situation bad to worse
37' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE WARRIORS. Deepak Niwas Hooda comes in and escapes from Rinku's loose ankle hold before taking out one more man on his way to the mid-line
35' Another tackle from Nada and he is in all smiles at the moment

Bengal Warriors 35-23 Gujarat Giants
35' Surender Nada tackles the big man Mahendra Rajput and it's turning out to be an one-sided tussle
32' It's a 10-point lead for the Warriors as Maninder gets a bonus before escaping from Rinku's ankle hold
Mahendra Singh Rajput comes in as a substitute and instantly gets a touch point
The Giants had an opportunity to inflict an all-out when the Warriors were reduced to two but Rakesh Narwal stepped out of the lobby without touch to gift a super tackle. This proved to be massive moment in the game
Maninder picks up a super 10. Remember he was tackled four times in the first half but he figured out a way to stop the Giants' defense, picking 7 raid points in the last 10 minutes
30' Super tackle opportunity but it's an all-out. Who else? It's mighty Mani, who evades from the challenge and takes out Ranjit and Manuj to make his way to the mid-line

Bengal Warriors 28-20 Gujarat Giants
Maninder takes out one more man to reduce the Giants down to two
27' Rakesh Narwal has been tackled with ease by the Bengal defense. He tries to leap but the chain from Shakthivel and Maninder was too strong to pin the raider down

Bengal Warriors 22-19 Gujarat Giants
The raiders from both teams are targeting the right side of the defense. 
26' YOU CAN'T KEEP THE GOOD MAN OUT FOR TOO LONG! Maninder gets three raids points in two raids as the Warriors take a two-point lead

Bengal Warriors 20-18 Gujarat Giants
Bengal Warriors are reduced down to two but Rakesh couldn't take that as an advantage as he steps out of the lobby without a touch point. It's a super tackle for the Warriors, and more importantly, Maninder is back on the mat
23' Rakesh Narwal escapes from Shakthivel's ankle hold before the Giants' defense blocks Kapre at the other end

Gujarat Giants 15-17 Bengal Warriors
A flurry of empty raids from both teams and here comes the do-or-die raid for the Giants
The second half gets underway. Rakesh Narwal takes the first raid but he's happy to return empty-handed
HT: Gujarat Giants 15-14 Bengal Warriors

Both defensive units have been quite in the first five minutes but once they started firing, the raiders had no answers to it. Maninder has been tackled four times by the Gujarat defense but it's good to see Shrikanth Jadhav shouldering the responsibility as he picked up five raid points so far.

It was neck-and-neck in the first half and we could expect the same in the final 20 minutes. With defense from both teams pulling off successful tackles with ease, the raiders were happy to strike in the do-or-die raids. Let's see if this could change in the second half
All three Warriors' raiders are off the mat. 
18' Deepak Hooda has been tackled by Manuj before Rakesh gets a running hand touch to send Shrikant Jadhav off the mat. The Giants take a lead now

Gujarat Giants 15-14 Bengal Warriors
Maninder is not having any answers to the Giants' defense
15' The Giants are reduced down to four here. But they tackle Deepak Hooda with ease as Chandran Ranjit takes him out with a stunning ankle hold

Gujarat Giants 11-13 Bengal Warriors
Defensive mistake this time from the Giants as Jadhav escapes from Manuj's loose ankle hold
14' DO-OR-DIE RAID! Balaji's dash was too late as Ranjit uses the lobby to get back to the mid-line
14' Deepak Niwas get his first raid point with a running hand touch on Rakesh Narwal
12' Maninder is desperate to get a raid point but his effort goes in vain as the Giants' defense tackle him for the third time

Gujarat Giants 9-9 Bengal Warriors
No Maninder on the mat, no problem. It's Shrikanth Jadhav, who is rising to the occasion as he gets another raid point
9' Maninder takes the do-or-die raid but Manuj pins his down with an excellent thigh hold

Gujarat Giants 7-8 Bengal Warriors
Shakthivel takes out Chandran Ranjit with a timely ankle hold to reduce the Giants to four
8' FIRST TACKLE POINT FOR THE WARRIORS! Rakesh Narwal has been blocked by Shakthivel. Looked like a mistimed block but the support comes at the right time to pin the raider down

Gujarat Giants 6-7 Bengal Warriors
7' The Warriors are down to four but Shrikanth Jadhav takes two players before Chandran Ranjit gets a hand touch on Balaji
HERE COMES THE FIRST TACKLE! Maninder has been blocked by Manuj before the support came at the right time to pin the raider down
5' It's all square again as Rakesh Narwal gets a running hand touch

Gujarat Giants 4-4 Bengal Warriors
We are yet to see a defensive tackle as the raiders from both teams are running away with easy raid points
3' Rakesh Narwal escapes from Shrikant Jadhav's loose ankle hold to make his way to the mid-line but Maninder restores Bengal's lead with a hand touch on Shakthivel
Maninder opens the account with a bonus point but Chandran Ranjit gets a hand touch to send Surender Nada to the bench. Both teams strike in their first raid
Here comes Maninder as the first half gets underway
Toss: Gujarat Giants win the toss and the Warriors will raid first
Bengal Warriors

Starters: Maninder Singh, Surender Nada, Sakthivel R, Vaibhav Garje, Balaji D, Shrikant Jadhav, Deepak Niwas Hooda

Substitutes: Ajinkya Kapre, Aslam Thambi, Parveen, Amit Sheoran, Rohit, Manoj Gowda, Ashish Kumar

Gujarat Giants (Starters): Manuj, Sonu, Chandran Ranjit, Kapil, Arkam Shaikh, Rakesh HS, Rinku Narwal

Substitutes: Sandeep Kandola, Pardeep Kumar, Vijin Thangadurai, Shankar Gadai, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Dong Geon Lee
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL 2022 match between Bengal Warriors and Gujarat Giants. 

Both teams find themselves in the bottom half of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 points table, with the Warriors marginally ahead of their opponents today by just 1 point. From 11 matches each, the Giants and Warriors have both won 5 games, while an extra tie for the Maninder Singh-led side sees them temporarily occupy 9th spot on the table. 

While Maninder hasn't really set the tournament alight as per his lofy standards, Gujarat skipper Chandran Ranjith has looked a pale shadow of his usually aggressive self, and the former Delhi man will need to step up and deliver to get his team back in the top half of the table 
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Sat, 12/Nov/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Gujarat Giants
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
Pro Kabaddi 2022