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That will be all from your host Abhishek as we bid adieu from the team of Sportskeeda. Two draws and one Haryana Steelers win is the story of Day 2. But don't go anywhere as we will be ready to entertain you on Day 3 tomorrow. 
Bengal Warriors 33-41 Haryana Steelers

Not exactly the kind of start Bengal Warriors would have wanted as they suffer an eight-point defeat to Haryana Steelers. The first half was even steven with Haryana ahead for the larger part of the game. However, it was Bengal Warriors who went into the break with a slim one-point lead courtesy of Girish Ernak's six tackle points. 

Nitin Rawal won a couple of 'Super Tackle' for his sides to ensure Haryana stays in the contest. After Bengal inflicted an All Out, they were hardly able to surge forward as Haryana's defense plugged the gaps while Manjeet picked points while going forward. Manjeet finished with the highest number of raid points as he collected 19 points from his 21 raids. 

Maninder Singh was just seven points away from completing 1000 raid points in PKL history. He did achieve that landmark but found himself on the losing side of the contest. The only shining light for Bengal is the performance of substitute Manoj Gowda as he picked up 8 raidpoints from 9 raids. 
30' Manoj Gowda wins a bonus and a touchpoint but that won't be fruitful as the referee blows his full-time whistle.

Bengal Warriors 33-41 Haryana Steelers
30' The tall Manjeet Dahiya gets three points as he turns and twists to escape from an ankle hold and two dashed attempts. Another 'Super Raid' from Manjeet.

Bengal Warriors 31-41 Haryana Steelers
30' Bengal gift a point to Manjeet in the Do-or-Die raid. Maninder wins a point for Bengal in reply. He completes 1000 raidpoints in PKL history.

Bengal Warriors 31-38 Haryana Steelers
30' One defender out of bounds. The lead is down to seven points. Haryana on a do-or-die raid now.

Bengal Warriors 30-37 Haryana Steelers
29' Maninder escapes from Joginder Narwal's ankle hold. Haryana coach Manpreet gets a green card as he thinks Maninder was inside the lobby before.

Bengal Warriors 29-37 Haryana Steelers
29' Meetu exhausts the full 30 seconds. Haryana want to wind down the clock.

Bengal Warriors 28-37 Haryana Steelers
28' Bengal Warriors get two points as one of the defenders is out of bounds while Maninder picks a touchpoint on Mohit whose attempted dash fails. They review for a bonus. Bengal are acting very greedy, and their review is unsuccessful.

Bengal Warriors 28-37 Haryana Steelers
28' Manjeet gets a 'Super raid' to his name as he gets not one, not two, but three touchpoints. The first one was an escape from the ankle hold as the two Bengal defenders trying to help also has to sit on the bench.

Bengal Warriors 26-37 Haryana Steelers
27' Manjeet picks a bonus and exhausts the full 30 seconds. Bengal wins a bonus as well. 

Bengal Warriors 26-34 Haryana Steelers
36' Manoj Gowda wins a point for his side upfront.

Bengal Warriors 25-33 Haryana Steelers
36' Manjeet makes the most of the 30 seconds. The intention from Haryana is clear now.

Bengal Warriors 24-33 Haryana Steelers 
35' Girish Ernak has to sit in the bench as Haryana win a raid point.

Bengal Warriors 24-33 Haryana Steelers
34' Maninder gets trapped with a double thigh hold. He runs straight into Monu.

Bengal Warriors 24-32 Haryana Steelers
33' Aslam goes into the lobby without a touch but gets a bonus. Haryana are running away with the game. They enforce an All Out.

Bengal Warriors 24-31 Haryana Steelers
32' Manjeet completes his 'Super 10' as he outfoxes Manoj Gowda's attempt of an ankle hold.

Bengal Warriors 23-28 Haryana Steelers
32' Manoj Gowda bags a bonus point for Bengal.

Bengal Warriors 23-27 Haryana Steelers
31' Manjeet gets a touchpoint as Girish Ernak's solo attempt goes in vain.

Bengal Warriors 22-27 Haryana Steelers

Haryana are in ascendancy and would like to maintain their momentum. 
31' Maninder goes for a touch on Nitin Rawal from the right and Mohit dashes him away from the left.

Bengal Warriors 22-26 Haryana Steelers
30' Manjeet gets his dangling hand past the mid-line to win two touchpoints.

Bengal Warriors 22-25 Haryana Steelers
29' Shrikant Jadhav gets tackled by five Haryana defenders. Jaideep almost crossed the mid-line on that occasion.

Bengal Warriors 22-23 Haryana Steelers
28' Maninder Singh gets out of the clutch of a hold to win a point for Bengal.

Bengal Warriors 22-22 Haryana Steelers
28' Manjeet wins a touchpoint for Haryana.

Bengal Warriors 21-22 Haryana Steelers
27' Shrikant Jadhav gets a touchpoint as Bengal equalize once again.

Bengal Warriors 21-21 Haryana Steelers
27' Manjeet extends his leg to win a bonus for Haryana.

Bengal Warriors 20-21 Haryana Steelers
27' Maninder Singh wins a bonus for Bengal Warriors.

Bengal Warriors 20-20 Haryana Steelers
26' Nitin Rawal gets a bonus but fails to get a touch in time. Bengal Warriors force an 'All Out.'

Bengal Warriors 19-20 Haryana Steelers
25' Nitin Rawal almost gets a 'Super Tackle' for his side. Was Vinay out of bounds in the struggle? The umpires think so as they deem the raider to be safe. The replays confirm so. Haryana Steelers lose a review. Vinay was not needed to get involved there. Nitin could have bagged a point with a solo tackle.

Bengal Warriors 16-19 Haryana Steelers
24' Bengal win a raid point. Haryana get a bonus.

Bengal Warriors 15-19 Haryana Steelers
23' A 'Super Tackle' enforced by Nitin Rawal as he gets support from Vinay to hold Maninder with an ankle hold.

Bengal Warriors 14-18 Haryana Steelers
22' Vinay wins a bonus for Haryana.

Bengal Warriors 14-16 Haryana Steelers
21' Maninder Singh drags a defender with him towards the mid-line as he wins a point.

Bengal Warriors 14-15 Haryana Steelers
21' Nitin Rawal gets the bonus and escapes from two defenders to complete a 'Super Raid.' Haryana regain their lead.

Bengal Warriors 13-15 Haryana Steelers 

Haryana entered the game by doing their homework on Maninder Singh and they have done exceedingly well in that department as 'Mighty Mani' has been able to pick up only one point. It is Manoj Gowda, on the contrary, who has returned with two raid points while their defense have scored the bulk of the points. Girish Maruti Ernak completed the first 'High 5' of this season and he got it done in just 11 minutes. With six tackle points to his name, Haryana need to come up with plan to escape his ankle holds.  

Manjeet Dahiya has made the most of his height to come up with five points in the first half. However, he has lacked support from the rest of the raiders. The defense have hunted in packs as all of their starting seven players have opened their account barring their captain Joginder Narwal. 

Can Haryana turn things around in the second half or Bengal maintain their supremacy? Don't go anywhere as action resumes soon.
20' Maninder finally opens his account as he escapes from an attempted dash. Bengal take the lead at the nick of time. Haryana are down to just one man now.

Bengal Warriors 13-12 Haryana Steelers
20' There's a self out because of a defender being out of bounds. Maninder yet to get off the mark. Jaideep the culprit.

Bengal Warriors 12-12 Haryana Steelers
19' Haryana win a bonus point.

Bengal Warriors 11-12 Haryana Steelers
19' Manoj Gowda gets out of an ankle hold to win a point for Bengal.

Bengal Warriors 11-11 Haryana Steelers
18' Ashish Sangwan wins a tackle point for Bengal Warriors.

Bengal Warriors 10-11 Haryana Steelers
17' Manoj Gowda comes on the mat from the bench for the Do-or-Die raid and wins a raid point for his side with a back-kick on Joginder. Straight on his chin.

Bengal Warriors 9-11 Haryana Steelers
15' Girish Ernak wins another tackle point with a vicious double ankle hold on Vinay who came forward in the Do-or-Die raid.

Bengal Warriors 8-11 Haryana Steelers
14' Shrikant Jadhav forays forward in the Do-or-Die raid and gets encircled by the Haryana defenders.

Bengal Warriors 7-11 Haryana Steelers
13' Girish Ernak completes his High Five with a splendid dash.

Bengal Warriors 7-10 Haryana Steelers
12' Haryana win another point courtesy of their disciplined defense. Maninder is taken down once again.

Bengal Warriors 6-10 Haryana Steelers
11' Manjeet wins a point on his Do-or-Die raid by getting the right corner defender.

Bengal Warriors 6-9 Haryana Steelers
11' Shrikant Jadhav enters the Do-or-Die raid. Only five active defenders as there is no bonus. He thinks he got a touch with a roundhouse kick but the referee deems otherwise.

Bengal Warriors 6-8 Haryana Steelers
9' Girish Ernak picks his fourth tackle point of the day by pouncing on the raider with a vicious ankle hold.

Bengal Warriors 6-7 Haryana Steelers 
8' Jaideep tries to win a tackle point by going solo but Shrikant Jadhav is too strong for him.

Bengal Warriors 5-7 Haryana Steelers
8' Manjeet Dahiya gets a running hand touch for Haryana.

Bengal Warriors 4-7 Haryana Steelers
7' Deepak Hooda forays forward in the Do-or-Die raid but he gets encircled in the corner.

Bengal Warriors 4-6 Haryana Steelers 
7' Girish Ernak makes a run from the blindside to usher out Meetu.

Bengal Warriors 4-5 Haryana Steelers
6' Ashish Sangwan makes an error in the cover position as he goes solo on that tackle.

Bengal Warriors 3-5  Haryana Steelers
5' Manjeet is ushered out of play as he fails to get his dangling hand back past the mid-line.

Bengal Warriors 3-4 Haryana Steelers
4' Shrikant Jadhav with a running hand touch as he enters the lobby to protect himself.

Bengal Warriors 2-4  Haryana Steelers
3' Two empty raids from each of the sides. Maninder for Bengal Warriors and Meetu for Haryana Steelers. 
2' Manjeet makes the most of his leap to bag a diving touchpoint. He picks a bonus as well.

Bengal Warriors 1-4 Haryana Steelers
2' Maninder gets dashed out collectively. He has to sit into the bench once again.

Bengal Warriors 1-2  Haryana Steelers
1' Bengal Warriors equalize. Girish Ernak with a vicious ankle hold on Meetu.

Bengal Warriors 1-1 Haryana Steelers
1' Maninder gets tackled as Mohit lunges with an ankle hold from the right corner.

Bengal Warriors 0-1  Haryana Steelers
Toss Update: Haryana Steelers won the toss and the first raid will be made by Bengal Warriors. 
Maninder Singh is just 7 raid points away from completing 1000 raid points in PKL. Can he etch his name in the history books? Let's find out. 
The previous match between Tamil Thalaivas and Gujarat Giants is still going on. Hence, we will have a delayed start to the much-awaited Match 6. 

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh, Girish Ernak, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Shrikant Jadhav, Ashish Kumar, Shubham Shinde, Balaji D

Haryana Steelers: Joginder Singh Narwal, Manjeet, Nitin Rawal, Meetu Mhahender, Jaideep Kuldeep, Mohit, Monu
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda for the live coverage of Match 6 of PKL 2022-23 season as Bengal Warriors lock horns with Haryana Steelers at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru. This is your host Abhishek, and I will be your eyes and ears for the contest. 

Bengal Warriors will be banking on the raiding prowess of Maninder Singh once again in this match. While in the last season, he was left all alone, this time he will have the likes of Deepak Hooda and Ajinkya Kapre to support him. Defensively, Girish Ernak and Shubham Shinde will have a lot riding on them as they were bought by the team in the auction. 

Haryana Steelers will be missing the likes of Mohammed Esmaeil Maghsoudlou and Amirhossein Bastemi as Iranian players haven't reached India yet. Led by Joginder Narwal in the defense, he will be aided by Jaideep Dahiya and Mohit Nandal. In the raiding department, they have the likes of Manjeet Dahiya and K Prapanjan whom the franchise roped from Tamil Thalaivas. To go further deep, they have veteran Rakesh Narwal on their side who will be gearing up to face his former side from their title-winning season. 

Sit back and relax as live action resumes from 09:30 PM IST. 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Sat, 08/Oct/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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